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This month I start my classic hip hop album review with Outkast “Aquemini”. Check it out as I go down memory lane and talk about the importance of this album and my original experience listening to this classic.

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jason pierre says:

Good work.

Edward Chan says:

Aquemini is in my personal top 5, helped introduce me to hip-hop. I feel you on the title track…Andre coming in at the end w/ the “My mind warps and bends…”, gets me hyped every time.

aDUCKproduction says:

Loved the review. It’s nice to get a lot more knowledge of the production side of things. Hope to see more!

Sober Hippy says:

Why dosen’t DEHH do classic reviews anymore

jujurightnow says:

Very dope review! Love this album too. So many albums of this era need to be revisited.

Sean Calliste says:

jay z the blueprint

Sharukh Saleem says:

This is a really great in-depth review man. Always like the perspective that you bring. I’m sure you get this question a lot, but would you ever review any of Slum Village’s albums?

AyeeRockyy says:

Good shit Beezy

ism519 says:

Thank you for doing classic reviews Beezy! Can we get some classic albums that aren’t well known?

Geron Fletcher says:

Ok ok!!!

TruMusic89 says:

hey Beezy, you mind doing an 8ball and MJG classic album review? i feel like they’re super underrated when it comes to southern Hip Hop legends

Nikhil Bhagat says:

Aquimini is in my top 5 rap albums of all time.

Adam Phillip says:

Love Auamini but prefer the first 2.

A Tucker says:

well….. didn’t know 3stacks helped produce the bulk of the album….makes me want to pull it out and listen to it

Trevor Fox says:

5. Speakerboxx/The Love Below
4. Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
3. ATLiens
2. Stankonia
1. Aquemini

Jay Pickett says:

I dig the MPC poster

Loneliest Monk says:

I’m going through some of OutKast’s albums and I just listened to this one. It was an amazing album but I still prefer ATLiens. Great review! (I also have the same favorite tracks as you)

Michael Copeland Jr. says:

Per Aquemini – BigBoi second verse.
“missed a lot of church so the music is our confessional”
man i forgot how much BigBoi grew on this and you see how he can hold his. Had gained a lot of respect for his rhyming .. don’t get me wrong, 3000 did the damn thing and got more seasoned, but BigBoi had a lot of stand outs on here. .

Alexander Smith says:

he does realies that big boi rapped of this album

Jordan Brackin says:

nice review man I was just looking for aquemini reviews and it’s weird that u just so happen to do it. have a good one

Oscar Garcia says:

Do Madvillainy by Madvillain

Xavi R says:

Always love to hear Beezy thoughts on classic albums. In this aspect of hip hop purism, Beezy is the best of all crew, with his memories, details that he can take from the production, the lyrics.

Yo beezy, you have to continue with this type of videos man!! 🙂

Totem Pole says:

How did i know which songs beezy would and wouldn’t like before listen to the review.

Harry Verolme says:

Kinda weird hearing you talk so much in comparison to DEHH. Love it though!

actionbraxton says:

People say they don’t like Mamacita, but that song was killer. Dre’s verse was insane!

Kunga Sagar says:

I’m surprised Mamacita is so disliked. Andre’s verse is aggressive as fuck and I love it. Maybe its the hook that turned people off. I personally think it’s dope. I think the problem was placing it right after Da Art of Storytellin. I would have placed it before it or maybe at the end of the album right before Chonkyfire.

Live Eternal says:

Slight correction: Too Short & the Dangerous Crew used live instrumentation before OutKast popped. Not saying Dangerous Crew was the 1st to use live instruments, just saying that they did. This is still my fav OutKast album too

Hayden Eden says:

Ok so I know its not a “classic” because its not that old yet, but if you review Reloaded by Roc that would be sooo sick

Abz T says:

I ain’t like it.

LMN Tree says:

Thank you for the review. This is definitely my favorite Outkast album minus mamacita lol but I also appreciate the knowledge you add to the music. From a fellow Detroit native, Beezy be on point.

TruMusic89 says:

currently on a 90s Hip Hop binge, Outkast are always a highly suggested group, i liked Aquemini, Mamacita is also my least fave track on that album lol

Cody Urbina says:

You need to review Binary Star – Masters of the universe

MyNameIsGhost says:

beezy, ik this is a hip hop channel but can you review some George Clinton era albums for classic reviews.
Sly & The Family Stone – Stand
Parliament – Mothership Connection
Funkadelic – Maggot Brain

HominidX says:

only song that sucks is “Mamacita”

Nuttso88 says:

Do a Bone Thugs-n-harmony album

Aaron St. Louis says:

The DOOM song was Gazillion Ear. Its the second beat, he references Dilla right before it switched. Jay Electronica also rapped over it (DMT).

Gamex Simmonds says:

You need to review Das Efx-Straight Up Sewaside

Wheel Smith says:

this album is still ahead of the time

Melina Blah Blah says:

My first album I brought was Atliens and Aquimini…best albums to date for me still

Nuttso88 says:

Lol bro I loved your review, but you pronounced 3 common things. Big Rube (not Robe), SpottieOttie is pronounced like sporty, similar to the way Big Boi said in the beginning of his verse. And then, Baduizm is pronounced like her name: “Bah-Doo-ism”, not bad-ism. Dope review though. I go back & forth with Aquemini and ATLiens too. You did help me realize that this album had more content though.

K.Bates films says:

Is that a J-dilla toy in the background?

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