OutKast ‘ATLiens’ Album Review by Dead End Hip Hop

21 years ago today legendary Atlanta group, OutKast delivered their 2nd studio album, “ATLliens.” Find out what the crew from Dead End Hip Hop have to say about the iconic project.

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Cameron Brice says:

Dude wit dreads is closed minded af.

Gerald The Terrible says:

Not gonna lie, every time Feefo said ATALiens an audible F bomb escaped my lips. Couldn’t help it. Still like you Feefo.

Cory Harton says:

ATLiens truly a timeless work of art. Songs with serious subjects like Decatur Psalms a cautionary tale of the street life or Jazzy Belle, Growing old etc really show the love & respect they had for their audience.

Eddie Neloson says:

Lol master p ghetto d and 400 degrees juvenile should be done

Kevin Hill says:

Review common’s “Be”

SSJ Chicano says:

Can we get a UGK – Ridin’ Dirty Album review??

jamandmarmelade says:

“Mainstream” is one of the best songs of all time imo. Good review guys, as always.

Dont Know says:

I agree with Myke on Big Boi and Andre 3000. I feel they were still on par with each other, it’s just Andre’s subject matter got way more mature

SlimmCutta says:

Outkast, EightBall & MJG, UGK, Geto Boys, TRU, Three 6 Mafia, and Poison Clan southern hip hop always had something to say niggas from everywhere else just didn’t want to hear us at first and late to the party, but hip hop is bigger than where you from anywhere, it’s more southern states than it is east coast, southern hip hop is the most diverse in hip hop history… Think about it

Kevin Hill says:

Review black on both sides

Dont Know says:

Babylon is easily my favorite song on the album

Jon Turner says:

1.gkmc 2.ready to die 3.illmatic 4.aquemini 5.mdtbf JUST MY OPINION

donkor thomas says:

I liked Big Boi’s verses on this album alot more than Andre’s on this Album.

404 Nightz says:

This is my favorite Dead End Hip Hop review.

marcus Thompson says:

They missed Mr. DJ is apart of Earthtone3 with outkast. The sound on “wheelz of steel” is incredible. The way that bass guitar moves the body was crazy, the way they lead with the bass guitar in the mix is what seperates them.

hellhammer101 says:

I like how that dude is wearing Carcass t.. m/

Eddie Diaz says:

From NY; I remember the video for Elevators and the title track but I never heard this full album. First Outkast album i copped was Aquemini shortly after I completed USMC boot Camp in ’98. Southern dudes were hyping it up and it didn’t disappoint!

Zod Magus says:

Representation matters @MykeCTown

Pats Ballin Out This Year says:

*One of my favorite Hip Hop albums its in my Top 5*

IJ Rogers says:

Though, Earthtone is an production crew that consist of Andre, Big and Mr. DJ, the story of Q-Tip producing most of Tribe’s joints applies to Andre as well. Andre is the creative genius behind those joints where Earthtone is credited. Whether he’ll create from the drum machine or telling the musicians what he wanted by doing the sounds with his mouth. He’s the mastermind behind those productions.

George Kush says:

They should review comin out hard by 8ball and mjg.

chiyosukemgm says:

Dope that yall mentioned Earthtone. Ultimately they became Earthtone III (which included Mr. DJ). A severely underrated production troupe

aaron winder says:

I was just listening to this album earlier and thought it would be awesome if you did a review on it then I log onto youtube and sure enough you did one. In my opinion it is a classic hip-hop album without a doubt.

streets buchanon says:

The dude from Florida not sure which part he was from but in Ft.Lauderdale Florida EVERY car was bumping Atliens this was the soundtrack to my childhood

Realnigga Turner says:

Elevators video was so deep and ahead of it’s time …..Outkast dropped mad jewels 🙂

Diego Velazco says:

Review Mistic Stylez from three 6 mafia

Kevin Hill says:

Or review either 36 chambers or iron man

James Releford says:

Atliens will always be my favorite OutKast album. I remember the day I bought it and popped it in and riding to my cousin house. I remember calling all of my boys after I finished the album and telling them I just listened to one of the craziest albums I have ever heard. This came out when It Was Written and Fugees The Score dropped. 1996 was one of the greatest years of hiphop.

Kevin Hill says:

I remember as a kid checking out that album just because the album cover was fucking fire

John Murray says:

ATLiens is my favorite album of all time…

clhound says:

Honestly, this album put me off OutKast and I never really got back into them. I respect Andre as an artist though.

Headcase says:

ATLiens is the southern rap equivalent to Illmatic.

tmotivate says:

Earthtone 3 was Dre, Big & Mr. DJ

Emanuel Nicholson says:

Earthtone III was Big Boi, Dre and Mr. DJ as producers.

Mo Betta says:

There was actually a preview tape before ATLiens came out. The hype around this album was so huge in Augusta and Macon. My favorite…… 13th Floor/Growing old. Gave me new perspective of it all.

Andre 3000 actually got rhyme of the month in the source for his verse in Babylon, Track#8.

poppa rich says:

Myke hit it on the head. Big Boi in the GOAT conversation with Andre. He just chose not to change his style. Aquemini he showed he can be a poet as well

King2084 says:

I remember being in middle school when this dropped and being blown away by this album and I grew up on a lot of east coast hip hop especially 3000 verse on 2 dope boys in a cadillac

Tyler Blair says:

Elevators is my favorite OutKast track (probably). It’s so fucking lowfi and nice. Andre 3000 sounds so god damn slick on it too, it’s nuts.

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