Pusha T – DAYTONA Album Review | DEHH

Pusha T vs. Drake Convo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RvxOz3cExI&t=3s

Pusha T released his new album Daytona produced entirely by Kanye West. The song features the Drake diss “Infrared” which lead to Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle” diss track. Here is our album review of Pusha T’s new album ‘Daytona.’

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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@DEHH what is the title of the background music at the end of the review ?

Freddie Adams says:

Cool with a short album I hate filler songs no need for those just give us the best ones…im so good with that

Tre Sucune says:

She didn’t die in that bathroom

Renecide says:

Lmao at ModestMedia’s laugh hahahahahaha

MayneH says:

What review is he from lol?

Fancy Me says:

Omg. Y’all talking. Do the REVIEW, ALREADY! Omg. It’s not a traditional review. How disappointing. Bypass, guys.

Daniel Risen says:

Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this album

Sonny Higham says:

DEAD END HIP-HOP! Could you please review Black Thought’s latest EP: Stream of Thought Vol.1?
Thank you!

i_am_gohan92 says:

Man these dudes are dickriding this heavy lmao, it’s ok bruh.

Henry Sadlo says:

Ken is back with his mini TV tablet

Avalon Fatal attraction says:

Kanye so damn nuts n cray as bat diarrhea he’s genius.

Reedorm Mc . says:

Easy money king push is the best ?

Drip Jay says:

I think the cover was dope

Baba Awawu says:

darcwonn looks like beezy in 2040

Qleverett says:

that wasn’t the bathroom she died in…
stop lying

Brandon Nevil says:

…Agreed lol

CLBMG says:

Would love if you guys at DEHH would watch my Pusha T album review on my page

Potato says:

Overhyped album…if you can call it an album

vidul7498 says:

I swear like 50% of DEHH videos are just them laughing

matt M says:

These beats are not that fire y’all

The Real Legend says:

Kanye’s production on Common’s “Be” made me excited for his production on “DAYTONA”. I know that was 13 years ago but I knew Kanye could channel that and put it in a new way.

Nil Nil says:

Darc one was in the 1999 review right? Shit someone already said that.

jermainewill16 says:

He definitely made beats like this since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Are they forgetting MNIMN? Nosetalgia, Numbers on the Boards, Lunch Money, Who I am?

endemicplants says:

feefoo a cornball

Duke Rakmore says:

Kinge reppin the UK deadend tee, go Kinge, peace from the little island!

setondriveable says:

How did y’all notice the Madlib influence and not mention that the beat from Hard Piano was in Quasimoto’s The Unseen

Too Classical says:

yall chemistry is amazing, keep up the hardwork.

Kiesha Fierce says:

I love this show . but dam they laugh too much. keep it cool

?& says:

I dnt like rick ross either he can rap but i dnt like him hes a sucka

TheYojo11 says:

Beezy + ken = Darcwonn

Cornbread says:


Michael Okorodudu says:

Santeria sample is Lil Kim but is Also Pusha T back in the day with Re Up Gang // Ultimate Flow. It’s such a good use of self referencing Pushas own work through Sample

Fionn Mc Causland says:

This shit is a veritable insta-classic idgaf it’s incredible

_ Nuit says:

That picture was before Whitney died

JhonDaAnalyst says:

On Ironman, Ghostface had Daytona right??? I’m your Ghost and Rae……..

TorranceJPlaylist says:

This album whew brilliant to make a 21min album

?& says:

Ur favorite punk of a rapper got destroyed like his pockets bout be after child support kcks in lmao drake u better jus be wit that dirt bag bitch haha its cheaper to keep her haha fuckdrake2018 the movement….take rap back to the street for the struggle

Marco Herrera Chico says:

yo is Coca Cola paying Feefo lmao

Amarna Mousa says:

the cover photo was taken years before whitney died

Bent World says:

He’s on the money I felt the same way with hard piano that’s a terrible transition and it especially sticks out because all the other ones were so smooth

tim tale says:

Now I’m curious what polar bear piss smells like

Mad Villain says:

Kinge’s ipad lookin like a damn AppleBee’s menu

Beverly McFadden says:

Great Interview(s)… I Respect All These Brothers Prospective & Opinion(s).

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