Reason – There You Have It Album Review | DEHH

Finally got a chance to check out TDE’s newest member Reason with his album There You Have It. Check out our thoughts on the project and let us know yours in the comment section!

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Simpel Music says:

I feel like he flow more like DMX

Nick DiSalvo says:


Blair Nagle says:

One of the issues with the editing I have is how it ‘ping pongs’. It’s jarring to see a cut every time someone else starts talking and instead to time the cuts slightly ‘off-beat’ when someone is mid sentence is actually easier to watch, it’s pretty common practice when cutting together interviews and I think it makes it feel smoother

MrGrouch86 says:

I wanna give Feefo props, his explanations have come a long way from the beginning of this channel. Love all ya’ll.

dccashville1 says:

Just went to the Jay Rock Redemption tour with Reason, in Nashville, Tennessee. Great show. #WinWinWin

KingTone says:

Wasn’t that the same situation as Isaiah rashad with “Cilvia Demo” except they made the “shot you down” remix posse cut ?

Rayyan Sayeed says:

The Camera switching fucked up the video and made it nearly unwatchable for me.

0odp says:


muti bacon says:

Out of all the albums dropping lately I didn’t expect you to review this one lol. Appreciate every review tho.

Brandon Hill says:

Very glad you guys decided to review this album!!! Reason is on his way up in the league . Great job DEHH

Iz you seyi Iz? says:

Killers is a reference to the first one from J. Cole killers. He kinda use it as a Temple.

Kendrick Lamar's Subconscious says:

“Bumps in the whip” Feefo

Dr. Carnival says:

Yo… Them new camera angles tho

ShutYoMouth says:

My man is getting to excited with the different camera angles. It’s unnecessary. But I respect the hard work that goes into editing. The camera angle jumps are distracting though. Kind of a headache

Chris Adams says:

Review uk trap artist
Headie one
The one two

Chinua Emeana says:

I think for a TDE collab, Isaiah Rashad would be the best feature, Two world weary storytellers and all that.

00ABBITT00 says:

TDE is boring AF.

Lee Miller says:

i am surprised they didnt mention that coloured dreams is part 2 to j coles killer song

Sidar Kesen says:

Situations has one of my favorite samples. It sounds so good

David Johnson says:

Review curren$y & Freddie gibbs, Alchemist fetti album.

mustapha muhammad says:

They don’t even know that all the beats were from YouTube

TrillyThough says:

Tde actually pumched up and remixed/mastered the tracks on this version.

Prince Ade says:

Reason has a super dope voice. I can listen to it all day.

Grave Or Die says:

You know how action movies are always better with less jump cuts? Yeah… go back to the old style. This editing ain’t it bruh.

Dope It’s Will says:

Reason the truth

My parents named me Martin says:

I couldn’t finish this album

Didier Hernandez says:

Hope to hear yalls thoughts on Fetti and FM

Ben Willis says:

Why was there never a Smino blkswn review? Top 10 album of 2017 for sure. His sophomore drop at midnight tune in

Amir Khalil says:

React to: Mick Jenkins – Pieces of a Man.

Adrian Estorga says:

This Album is def a TOP for me this year

Tim James says:

I reallllllly enjoyed this album. We need dudes like Reason in the game rn

Tristan Films says:

I think you guys should set up a wide shot angle of the whole group to “bump” to if you need to make a jump cut or transition between people but otherwise keeping your main camera like before works for me.
Thanks for all you do guys!

Ayman Alrsheed says:

I know this is a Reason album review and all, but dont y’all find it funny how Mick Jenkin’s new album is called Pieces of a Man, so close to Isaiah’s Pieces if a child.. he also said that he took The Healing Component name from a friend of his that did not approve but he used it anyway

Shot By Nolan says:

I see you Modest go awf with the angles.

It’s very solid debut TDE got another one on the roster.

In Rob’s Opinion says:

let’s start a gofundme for Ken & the barber he needs.

MistahTee says:

I’m surprised they didn’t talk about the drive slow song and the soul flip at the end cos that nearly blew me off my chair, this guy could be something special fr

Hugo Fast says:

Pls review masta ace he deserves it think it’s his last Project

John Moore says:

What’s wrong with being a black man in America ?

Jose Romero says:

you guys should review the new Apollo Brown and Joell Ortiz album Mona Lisa

Eyad Madani says:

Reason is cool and there’s potential. Nothing too special, just yet. Especially in comparison to his TDE mates. Familiar but cool concepts and punchlines, and to echo Myke, his words are definitely heartfelt. We’ll see where he goes from here.

mountnstream says:

Just by his feature on the song Seasons from the Black Panther album, I knew Reason was a guy to keep an eye out for. Especially now knowing he’s part of TDE.

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