Roc Marciano – RR2: The Bitter Dose Album Review | DEHH

Roc Marciano is back with the follow up to Rosebud Revenge. Rosebud Revenge 2: The Bitter Dose was released on March 9th, 2018. The album has features from Knowledge the Pirate and Action Bronson. The album has production from Element, Don Cee, Animoss, and Roc Marci himself. Here is the Dead End Hip Hop album review of Rosebud’s Revenge 2: The Bitter Dose.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Wayne Kerr says:

I’ll peep this, I’m usually with Myke and Beezy, but when it comes to Roc Marciano I’m with Feefo, just can’t get into dude.

bipin samsohang says:

throughout the video feefo has positioned himself as an outcast.

Sir Robinson 22 says:

Doesn’t matter what you guys review, I always love it! Lol Thanks for another one!

Sandman_007 says:

The singing on that Power track reminds me of Robert Blair and the Violinaires

SeriousBeats says:

This album is too dope. My only problem with roc is his vocals, I feel like they’re too low sometimes. Keep the same quality and mix just bring up the vocals just a little more on some tracks

d3v says:

open up the bass and ride on this, it bumps man, and you feel cool AF riding to this!

Fe Mon says:

Motherfuckers spend 40 dollars a week on some Starbucks whackabullccino but think buying an album that you get to keep, enjoy, and live with for the rest of your life for 20 bucks is asking for too much money. Albums that might tell you something about the world, or reveal something you didn’t know about yourself. Get the fuck outta here.

ParshRex says:


slick1hit says:

Review Planet Asia “Golden Buddah”

Stunting on a Richards says:

I can’t get into Roc either. He just to dry for me(not a bad artist)

doncarrera 601 says:

It takes a special playa type nigga to feel Roc. If you a “bump in the whip” ass nigga you not gone be into Roc.

OH HI MARK says:

Corniche bumps watchu mean nigga

ilovefatpussy11722 says:

Long Island finest

Sir SPeakz A Lot says:

I look at the waveform and if its art or represents *hard-earned work,* then it’s Gold!

This is my problem with people who get into Electronic music (hear me out) and think they’re on sum shit but its nothing but 2-strings of synths (technically speaking) that just so happen to be played on top of each other and finally exported.

The point is knowing there’s at least a craft into it all. I can’t wait to listen to this, hopefully spark me up again.

Paul says:

Lupe too @ 13:45

Kyle Hall says:

What are the odds of getting a review of the new Quelle Chris & Jean Grae?

Darryl Miller says:

I guess I am going to attempt to get these guys to review Skyzoo’s album. That album can not go ignored by the hip hop community.

kold win_ says:

Lol y’all said fuck or fuckin or MF at least 200times in this review

L says:

The part on the drums is 100% on point. Roc Marciano’s instrumentals are not doing any justice to the lyrics or his voice and that’s why people, me included, stopped listening to him. Lullaby after lullaby after lullaby… I got the same feeling with Alchemist’s beats. They used to bang in the past and now there’s almost no drums anymore. Anyways good point from Feefo!

A Name says:

“Well laid-out argument for the merits of an album”

Feefo: But do it bump in the whip?

Salahudeen El Rahim says:

bout time,Salute!!!!

Biopath says:

This album takes that Phryme album out to dinner and then beats it to a pulp and leaves it outside in a fucking ditch.

vaibhav rathore says:

Please do The Weeknd’s new EP, My Dear Melancholy.


y’all gotta check out camp lo 2015 album i just heard it yesterday. yall probably already heard it but if not check it out i think yall going to like it, and yeah roc rocks off yo hard but i was looking for a ka feature on there peace greeat vids

B Kearney says:

I know streaming doesn’t give artist much money but if you want to stream music….
Tidal pays artist way more than any other service. Apple Music also pays more than most service except Tidal. Don’t use Spotify because they barely pay the artist. I personally have Tidal and Apple Music and both services are dope.

King Napz says:

I’ve been waiting for this joint!

Kazzy Kaioken says:


Clark Townsend says:

I get people who need snares and hi-hats but this album has drums just kickdrums. thats it.

Will O. says:

There’s a huge wave of underground rappers doin’ Roc’s style, or at least taking huge inspiration from him in rhyme style and beat selection, dudes like Griselda, Mach-Hommy, Hus Kingpin, Tha God Fahim, even Bronson.

Christopher Johnson says:

I hope ya review the new czar and mf doom album its dope

KIA: KMH says:

I want a review of CzarFace & MF DOOM- Czarface meets Metalface next. Hopefully.

khordkutta says:

THE SAUCE !!!! Roc is on a Doom-esque roll!!!!

Sharde says:

I respect this channel. Roc Marc is monstrous! Much love keep going you are vital to this!

Chuck Pee says:

Y’all better not leave that CZARFACEDOOM project out.

superarisu says:

1:18 *pan to Ken facepalming*

I cracked up

vgambit says:

Bohemian Grove definitely bumps, but even though this is my favorite album this year, as a whole, it certainly does not go hard in the whip. Not like, say, Traveling Light.

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