Royce Da 5’9” – Book of Ryan Album Review | DEHH

Fresh off the release of Prhyme 2, Royce Da 5’9” is back with a new solo album. ‘Book of Ryan’ was announced back in 2016 after he dropped Layers. It took longer than expected but it was well worth the wait. Here is our review of Royce’s ‘Book of Ryan’ album.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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DashingRhymes says:

Do the Flatbush Zombies album

Adrian i says:

How do you do a 37min review on 1 song (This is America) and a 19min review on a Whole Royce ALBUM ?

Elvin Barrera says:

Review care for me by SABA!!!!

Rannie McCall says:

the problem is eminem isnt it you guys. hes not jordan. jordan cameback 3 rings left again cameback averaged over 20 points per game. just saying eminem maybe mediocre and now you see it because hes not the exciting white boy in a African American dominated field

Muhammad Patel says:

This is the best album after KOD in 2018

westside1233211 says:

I hate eminems flow, voice, and delivery. Lyrics are on point as always. Go listen to “The Way I Am” again to remind yourself just how FUCKING MUCH we are lowering our standards. How do u go from that, to that? It’s almost fasinating

Ouas Imako says:

I was waiting for this review. I agree with y’all.

André BM says:

Y’all didn’t mentioned Logic’s verse

regirayquaza says:

One thing I noticed was there were subtle hints for Em releasing a new album on Caterpillar, so I started getting hyped for a dope Em album. Then I realized that Royce said the album was done when Layers was released. Oh god, Em was trying to hype up Revival.

Alpha Omega says:

Royce is definitely a top 10 rapper.

E.o.T says:

Been Waiting For This !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TrapStar.k Efo Perso says:

Great album indeed ! I’m so glad I listened to my friend when he constantly tried putting me on Royce’s music. I made a perfect choice.

rainman says:

Amazing review, I absolutely loved this album. It’s been a joy to see you guys start from the bottom to now, keep up the great work!

bobbyw223 says:

Bang. Great album

Malick says:


Malick says:

B took over this review

ssj bijuu says:

The album is amazing but why does myke keep saying bad meets evil 3 when there has only been one bad meets evil album is there another bad meets evil project aside from the hell sequel ep if anyone knows let me know


eminem is so corny….

roc314 matrix says:

Album stay on repeat.

Savva Savvage says:

Up there for album of the yr

SRMR93 says:

Now Royce has two certified classics for me. This and Death is Certain.

I got a BALD HEAD says:

This was my favorite album so far this year.

Crashme222 says:

Whenever I see you guys put out a new video of a discussion I’m aware of, or an album I’ve heard, I get so excited! You guys have some of the best chemistries, and dynamics out there, so thank you and I appreciate this new speed for releasing videos lately. Only disappointed that you guys didn’t review Trial By Fire by Yelawolf, and Last Call by Rittz last year, but besides that you guys are killing it! <3

Adez_ Texan says:

Weird seeing this channel on my feed. Definitely missed you dudes

Chris Bennick says:

I just listened, DAMN.

Shikamaru Nara says:

Royce pissed off the rap bloggers. Kendrick hasn’t. That’s why the internet ain’t shutting down because of a Royce project.

Matthieu Lacourse says:

Man whole album is fire. I could talk about it for a fucking while but one of the highlights to me is Ashley Sorrell. She killed that track.

Lachlan Sword says:

If y’all don’t know who Boogie is at this point you got a lot of catching up to do!

Jordan Casella says:

royce has been absolutely killing it the last couple years.

Nahuel Ibarra says:

Thank you for reviewing this album!!! Easily the album of the year so far and the most underrated project since R.A. the Rugged Man’s Legends never Die! Thanks for drawing some attention to this! Would give two likes for this if I could 😀

coriontatereed says:

Y’all always reviewing some rappity rap shit, review some fun shit, review that new ski mask the slump god….

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