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Better late than never right. Saba is a rapper out of Chicago. His second album, CARE FOR ME, was released on April 5, 2018 by Saba Pivott, LLC. Here are our thoughts on the album. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Cruz Ochoa says:

Saba discography:
Get Comfortable (mixtape)
Pivot Gang – Jimmy (Group mixtape)
Comfort Zone
Bucket List
Care for Me

Len VDL says:

Lets be real…chicago got the best hip hop scene right now

So much talent in that city…

Vic mensa
Mick jenkins
Joey purp
Kembe x
Jamila woods
Kweku collins
Supa Bwe/Hurt Everybody

Shit is crazy

TuskTheOtaku says:

I think Bucket List was better, but this is still nice

Carlos Folsom says:

He was on Angels by Chance…that introduced me to him then I checked out Bucket List. He’s definitely one of my favorite artist right now !

Zelinc says:

I’m sure everyone knows this by now, but Walter was his cousin and basically his best friend who got murdered. It definitely makes you think into the lyrics more.

MJNation says:

I’ve never heard of Saba.

Jinjur Jiant Media says:

good stuff b!

Quinn B. Jones says:

This album covered his feelings of the death of his friend. Great review, get to know this artist and dig deep into his story

rubberbans fou svn says:

yea finally let’s go

Catema Moffatt says:

Hope freddie gibbs review is next.

Sman349 says:

Project was mehhh, in my opinion

Vseslav Botkin says:

Saba sounds nothing like Chance to me, production-wise, flow, tone, nothing.

Catema Moffatt says:

Where’s myke at?

Jason Petteway says:

Smino blkswn

trumpetking11 says:

I really want Beezy to unwrinkle is shirt so I can read it!

Chris J says:

Yall gotta check out Sylvan Lacue’s Florida Man, dude has always been underrated.

Kendrick Lamar's Subconscious says:

You know niggas are old when they describe something dope as “tight”.

Henry Sadlo says:


Tevin Robertson says:


evas em morf lleh says:

I was lucky enough to be at Saba’s first sold out show outside of Chicago, and I really only went because a friend of mine from high school was opening. It was a great live experience, and I highly recommend seeing Saba live if anyone in this comment box (or at DEHH) gets the chance

ECLIPSE Productions says:

I guarantee Saba is gonna see this review and be happy. He saw the needledrops review

Jordon Brewer says:

Saba was in “Angels” by Chance the Rapper. Also he did a song with J.I.D.

J Garner says:


Malcolm Brown says:

This album was great. I still take Bucket List over it though.

Zelinc says:

That Sims shirt on Beezy

MM2001 says:

I wish Myke was in this review. I wish life was perfect…. 🙁

Ivan Sabess says:

Album of the year thus far. Very honest content, great production, overall great album. My favorite song is Busy/sirens

Marcel Martinez says:

review nick grant dreamin’ out loud

Paul Pheonix says:

My prayers have been answered. Hallelujah!!!

coriontatereed says:

And still no ski mask the slump god…

BOOM! idc Tv says:

Chance Noname Saba Mick

Coach Pettigrew says:

DEHH getting so out of touched. No one here has heard of his yet he’s featured all over the place and this album has been rated on basically every publication.

Tyler Hayes says:

i just hope yall know yall are not at yall full potential when one of yall is missing

Zemar Qazi says:

This album ain’t even good

Will Kummer says:

thank you DEH for putting me onto this album, been rockin it non-stop

Sam Schneider says:

Comforzone is his mixtape before Bucket List. Definitely worth a listen as well

Marco Herrera Chico says:

this the album of the year

fafiade says:

The last song on the album heaven all around me is about Walter as a ghost. Saba raps from Walters perspective after his death.
“Yelling at my mother like I know you hear me
get a little closer, repeat
Bus driver pass me up, don’t see me”

And the chorus goes on to Walter saying that there’s heaven all around him

Dr. Carnival says:

This review was cool. But I’m still waiting for y’all to peep that new Saba album. Shit is fire

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