Scorpion Album Review, First Impressions & Discussion

Dj Felli Fel, J Cruz, Dj E-Man and Noah Ayala sit down in one room to review and discuss Drake’s latest album ‘Scorpion’.
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BussDown Luther says:

It wasnt hot at all

Jay A Howard says:

That was Plies at the end of the song saying oh you big mad!! Lol

Travis NEWgod says:

You can’t review an album this fast you losers!

Tekk Luthor says:

If you’re Pusha T…. you DROP the last nail in the coffin, word on the street was that surgical summer was exposing Drake having surgery

J.T.R Qusay Alsaabi says:

Well when there were rumors about a drake/eminem beef ,he brought em on the stage in the D to perform forever and called him the goat ,so the jay z feature for me falls in the same category,drake don’t want no beef with no goat ,he already got an L he doesn’t need another one

Kyle Smith says:

The dopest first in hip hop this year goes to that wack ass Jay-Z verse??What the hell is j Cruz talking about

Naki Gross says:

How come nobody did this for cole album ?

Takem Olga says:

Any credibility from scorpion is THANKS to Pusha T

moumou_ hit_emup says:

I’m sorry but u guys dick suck drake and hate on him more then pusha did Jesus give the man a break

Good Music says:

Yall lost me at ratchet happy birthday being best on album, it’s the worst on the album. Also the jay z song weak af, he had 1 nice line, boring flows, and shitty mixing

Cheese Please says:

Blackface Drake takes the biggest L, King Push with the W,803

Rich Needsadolla says:

This album felt like it was missing a certain type of song or two. What they said was right this needed more “Nice For What’s” or like a “One Dance.” More uptempo cuts. I haven’t listened to it thoroughly tho, I still need to give it the car test but I will say from what I’ve heard so far it seems a little depressing more of a sob story from Drake than anything. Not too sure yet tho..

Nicholas Grey says:

Calling this anything less than trash is a disservice to any real hip hop fan . There are maybe 4 tracks worth a damn out of 25. The rest of it is garbage. Pure garbage I’m so thoroughly disappointed in drake for this

Kamsky Sigrah says:

All you niggas are corny

Kaizen says:

Best Album

Frank Wave says:

There’s more songs for the club like blue tint, and in your feelings. I think ratchet happy birthday will be played in the club too but for laughs because it’s a stupid ass song lol.

Erik Juarez says:

I just was hype for side b cause I thought he was gonna Rap at the end of every track again,


Which one is ebro?

Classick 89 says:

They always find a way to come at the Boi. Pinchis pendejas

Taneka Bellamy says:

Emotional Ass album it is garbage

King Amir says:

I jus think Drake is that Artist that is hard to understand by the typical, closed minded, I want to hear a diss track person

Kamsky Sigrah says:

Hella corny

Classick 89 says:

Saken la cokaina pendejas

Lopro Entertainment says:

haha hes like” i didnt even know that you liked girls” hahaha swerve

Mohamin cfc says:

The responses or reviews from this album reminds me of when take care came out. Now look at what peoole say about take care #classic. Give this a year and everyone will be on it.

Young Bandit TBM says:

One of the worst album reviews i don’t think these dudes really listened to the content

Shadow_The Ghost 89 says:

Tic Tic Tic

lifafever says:

The album lived up to the hype for me I love every song in there but the ratched party song maybe il grow to it

j d says:

Album is trash, Styles P G-Host is my favorite album this far in year

Red Durag says:

Trash album

I 2000 says:

Ya’ll gotta do some research… push found out about it because those tracks were already going to be on the album. Read a little

Ran Hinds says:

Jay and Drake are business men…..we dont know what goes on behind the scenes….these 2 geniuses could making millions together for all we know

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