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Shabazz Palaces was a heavily requested review by the viewing audience and subscribers. For that, we had to deliver. Knowing Shabazz Palaces, this definitely has the potential to get a little crazy with their particular musical soundscape. So here it is folks! The Dead End Hip Hop review of Shabazz Palaces’ “Black Up”.

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Keith Karosive says:

yes it IS a good album to smoke weed to. you hit that on the mark brodie =]

trailerhero says:

This joint was….different

goclbert says:

Damn Rod used to go crazy with the zoom

Chinmay says:

damn, didn’t know Ken was into avant-garde jazz like Ayler and Dolphy. have new found respect for him.

Nate Pallasigue says:

Bruh, the bass on like all of the songs on the album are ridiculous. This is the definition of riding music Myke!

Osama Bin Wheelie says:

Whoaaa close ups

Lamont Williams says:

this album is fuck in awesome….if you are a real hip-hop head…and you have a open mind to music…you will love this joint….this project is out of this world but yet aggressive and dark….

Hannibal Savage III says:

This is some very intriguing music. I am still learning about Shabazz Palaces as we speak.

Jakob says:

Very straight forward, yes, but nearly every word has a deeper meaning to it. One could spend forever trying to analyse their songs.

surprisetier says:

>beats by dre

Max Peters says:

when kinge took off his glasses it got me thinking of stringer bell haha

SuperMario16bit says:

This is the guy from Digable Planets? That is sick love Reachin’ and Blowout Comb. Glad most of the guys like this, unlike Death Grips however heheheheh.

MrsPlaidpants says:

Stringer Bell with the dramatic look away.

unclesallybone says:

What’s so hard to understand about Shabazz? The lyrics are pretty straight forward.

MrConshunce says:

I subscribed off the strength of this one video. I love the idea that you guys flesh out every point and the mention of Def Jux was definitely appreciated. Let me get to the other videos!

Sulfuric Acid says:

c-town is right… this is an excellent album for cannabis consumption.

dark field says:

brings me back to when hip hop was fearless and could go anywhere and do anything.

mttpdgtt says:

‘you just kanye’d the fuck out of me’ hahaha

Trill Swayze says:

The record label definitive jux lead by El-P the reason why he mentions them is because of there different approach to hip-hop with having a experimental old school hip-hop meets electronica type production to and mostly a different take on hip-hop throughout the whole label.

Dhyan Patel says:

Beezy looks like Akon and Kanye West mix.

Verty says:

>he owns beats by dre
What a foolio.

Dan Citi says:

It is definitely hip-hop, but very much outside of the box in all the right ways.

Baku Takamine says:

I love this show because it reminds me stupid of me and my cousins, the way they bitch at each other for interrupting and other stupid shit like that haha it’s great, it’s real shit.

Rajay Visavadia says:

I love how the actual album is playing quietly in the background

Michael Puro says:

I think it bumps in the whip

DigiFrat says:

This was one of the best albums I’ve heard Ever!
I just wish this was one of those 20+ minute episodes.

Track 2 slams in the whip soo good.

dmcintosh85 says:

now why there isnt a videogame critics group that ‘s so well like ya’ll, keep doin ya’ll thing god bless

Trill Swayze says:

anytime man

poorbuffalo says:

this album is unbelievably good in my opinion. comparable to nothing.

Eziokilla9595 says:

Fans of Madvilliany are going to love this shit.

Jakob says:

Lovin’ this album. Definitely one of the deepest records I’ve listened to.

BrothaAbstract says:

As soon as i found out that Ish aka Butterfly was involed, i copped.

25bdizz says:

This was like Death Grips, but easier on the ears

Matt Jefferson says:

what the hell is Kinge talking about half the time

somekidfromtexas says:

Shabazz Palaces is dope. It’s a spaced out hip hop album. Definitely worth the listen.

Flyingnumbat says:

too bad there aren’t any other artists

Gadamer says:


Sulfuric Acid says:

very good album for that

JoeyTones says:

Feefo was speechless lol.

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