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We had quite a few requests for this review and here it is.

Top 4 on the Billboard charts for Tech N9ne. Not bad for an independent artists with his own label. Tech N9ne has been around for a minute and has a history of putting out quality albums. This one it seems is no different. Check out what Dead End Hip Hop has to say about Tech N9ne’s successful album All 6’s and 7’s.

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Jeff Leung says:

Its yelawolf, not yellow wolf. Royce was and still is most likely the most successful of the four, and while he is not the leader, per se, since he was the only one of them who managed to sell 100,000 in the first week with an EP, I’m pretty sure they listened to him. Yelawolf PUBLICALLY ADMITTED that Radioactive was his fault, in both interviews AND songs (Rhyme Room, possibly 1 Train). And Em isn’t the best, but he’s okay. Look at 50. And there’s the fact that Em’s PR guys are frat boys.

The Pope Mobile says:

Crooked had a pretty awful verse. The Gucci shit annoyed me. Joell did ok.

The Pope Mobile says:

Talk shit after hearing the album. Did you dismiss hell: the sequel because lighters was garbage? Also, Eminem lets people do what they want but he lets them in on his opinions. He knows how to make hits nowadays. That shit is easy for him. He’ll force them to make a hit record but he’s not going to influence the whole album. However, I do agree with them being better on their own. I would say royce is the best rapper in slaughterhouse.

allan fulton says:

Tech is the best rapper alive


All 6’s and 7’s is straight classic, I’m proud to be a Technician !!! MCL

kevin nelson says:

@theotanalega 100% agree

SlickthaMC says:

Review Something Else!!

vice2vursa says:

@mykectown he’s getting there, hopsins views are now over 4million. he just needs to keep building his way up. one thing though is that I really do not think he sounds THAT much like early em, he only sounds a LITTLE like him interms of how he flows but one of the main things people seem to miss is that hopsin doesn’t really rhyme like how early em did, hopsin rhymes sound more like how techn9ne rhymes. ems rhyming style is a lot more distinct than that.

Sketch_the_BF says:

I’m glad feefo wasn’t in this.

Evan says:

Promised Land hook is so damn catchy

The Pope Mobile says:

That’s actually true. The production on hell: the sequel is what sort of makes it corny. Their label would be frustrating as hell to deal with because dre and jimmy would fuck around their roster a lot. It also seems based off of the past projects they don’t care if it’s not em. It feels like em is trying to change that because em’s going to retire soon so he wants to elevate who he thinks deserves it. Also, I don’t know. Their mix tapes in my opinion are equal and royce edges him out in albums.

kevin nelson says:

I just thought about that can u imagine Tech N9ne on a track with Eminem AND slaughterhouse…..eargasms pause

SlickthaMC says:

Review Tech N9ne’s new album called Something Else

Jason Crownover says:

7:45 i thought my laptop was bout to Transform or something
Then i replayed the video, and figured out it was in the video

jbone says:

his influence on the slaughterhouse is evident and that album was terrible

Jesusaintdead says:

review Tech’s new project Something Else

john berry says:

@theotanalega really? because i remember tech has his on record label and thats how it should stay mane.

The Pope Mobile says:


killerflipflop says:

album was fucking trash

Jacob B says:

@wokkaflokka81 Em was supposed to be on the “So Lonely” track but couldn’t record a verse in time.

ColdProductAisle9 says:

Tech won’t go mainstream, mainstream will go Tech! Technician!!!!

TheNewBCW says:

@theotanalega Trust me he doesn’t lol have you seen his house and everything THAT NIGGA IS RICH!

projectmanhunt700 says:

Best shit ive ever heard in my life….SHADY AFTERMATH

HandsDown3003 says:

He’s A Mental Giant ^_^

Eyad Madani says:

the album that got me hooked. late, am I not? well I didn’t know about him before that but thank god I did.

Jeff Leung says:

Em fucks up nobody. Interscope fucks up the artist. Eminem tries to save them, Interscope doesn’t let him.

Em Dee says:

Something Else by Tech N9ne

Takman Klan Killa 187 says:

Still 0 dislikes? …wow that’s amazing

Jeff Leung says:

Eminem had barely any say on Yelawolf’s album. Yela made the album (his own choice, he even apologized) then gave it to Em to mix and throw in a verse. Slaughterhouse album…Em was more hands on. But, once again, it was Royce the Fuck Up who chose to go in a commercial direction.

Chris 'i' s McCormick says:

i thought there was just the right amount of songs and they were all fucking great tech n9ne to me is the greatest rapper of all time and strange music are the best label of all time he shouldn’t sign to anyone plus he is 100 times better than anyone on shady, 10/10

usudu123 says:

Something else by tech n9ne

Patrick Lynch says:

i just unlocked Tech N9ne on Mortal Kombat

Vlad says:

best album by tech n9ne easily

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