The Game ‘The Documentary’ | Album Reviews by Dead End Hip Hop

On January 18, 2005 The Game released his debut studio album, “The Documentary”.

The guys at Dead End Hip Hop break down the project as if it were to come out today. Does the album make it on your list of most iconic albums?

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Jason Schaumkel says:

What about snoop he was holding it down till game came out

TinyMontgomery204 says:

Honestly, I think the whole notion of Game “putting the west coast back on the map” was started by Game himself. He even mentions it on this album, on the track The Documentary: “I take all the credit for putting the west back on the map”. Sure, eyes were put back on the coast, it was cold for a minute. But let’s not pretend someone like Kendrick benefited on a mainstream level from Game or the attention this record brought to California. “Put the west back on the map” rhetoric predates Kendrick. If Game didn’t drop, Kendrick still would, and so would his other contemporaries, as would the ones in future generations.

Ryan Evanson says:

YG, ScHoolboy and Jay Rock have Game baby attributes

city 2007 says:

“The dream of Eric Wright that’s what I’m giving you, who walked through the house without a business suit, Compton had Jheri curl drippin on Ronald Reagan’s suit” -the game

Mesut Ozil says:

So happy for this!! Was bumping this yesterday

calVILLAIN says:

you could argue YG is a ‘game baby’ ..

Jake Irons says:

Even if it’s not necessarily iconic, it’s still a classic

Elijah Salahuaddin says:

Game inspired the entire west. He’s the one who made bloods popular

Nas Escobar says:

Game is such a great rapper! One of my favorite rappers when I was only like 7 years old. Can’t wait for his next project, he’s been on a sick run with these last 3!

95Andyyy says:

Just listen to Game and Kendrick on “the city”. Game pushed Kendrick where ever he could.

Eye says:

Big L lifestyle of the poor and dangerous

Sean STROMAN says:

Great Album

Alex Fdez Palacios says:

One of my favorite albums! The Game is great man

Omari_X 65 says:

ICONIC? I’ve honestly never thought it that way. I mean, I guess but at the same time idk . . . It’s great but ICONIC? Hmmm

Lui_Vee says:

I feel like you guys have had this argument before about the game and his influence and who got inspired after.

PrettyboyPo RMF says:

Myke is right Game didnt move the coast at all ppl focused on Game not the coast..guys like Glasses Malone and other west coast artists were nothing..Jay Rock was nothing until TDE got poppin..Game dont inspire others cuz hes not an entity hes a fan himself..he even says hes this rapper and tht rapper in 1..he learned how to rap by taking other flows from Nas etc

Daniel Hill says:

What you guys also forgot to mention is the timing that this album came out. I think the main thing that held back the west from really coming back was the fact that it came during the same year when the South really gained momentum and took over hip hop in terms of mainstream. 2005 was the year the south began to take over from Jeezy to T.I, to Wayne, the list goes on and on. Especially Atlanta. Had he came out with this album maybe a year or two earlier, he might’ve had more of an impact bringing back the West. But by 2005, people weren’t even checking for the East anymore, let alone the West. The attention drifted to the south mainstream wise

MayneH says:

this is a classic album

Joshua Ortiz says:

“Dreams” is one my favorite songs all time

larsthaman says:

early gang whutup

TheArtunism says:

Game rocked with Kendrick, Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, and Nipsey before they became big

ShowTime says:

Doctors Advocate album was a lot better than Documentary. It had more of a westcoast feel to it than the Documentary did.

sdghv lvhgngv says:

reason game didn’t put the west as a whole back on the map is cuz he didn’t come out with his own crew or have features from less known west coast rappers.. he did have kendrick, jay rock and all them on those skee mixtapes but those tapes weren’t really pushed like that

Mo Naqvi says:

This was the best West Coast album of the decade of 2000-2010, so hell yeah it’s iconic.

BigDul says:

Game solidified the return of West Coast Hip Hop when he single handedly destroyed 50 and the Unit ‼️.

xenophontiacicidationarionism says:

I always felt like Jay Rock sounded similar to The Game. So I think that could be argued… even though I think Jay Rock built his own hype regardless of The Game.

TimTharealdeal Harris says:

On July 26 can yall do Jeezy Thug Motivation album

MistahTee says:

I think you could argue that Jay Rock, YG and Nipsey Hussle are Game babies

Compton Animator says:

As someone who is from Compton, I know for a fact that a lot of the newer artist first time getting big eyes on them was when they were on mixtapes of the game. From guys to like Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick and all TDE to even someone like Tyler the Creator. They all had a backing from The Game. The Game documentary is Iconic. It pushed a new wave for West Coast hip-hop. West Coast hip-hop is always going to be the same sound because that is the West Coast but game brought that sound back to the main screen as a new artist.

MrVIP1993 says:

50 got the Game hot, people don’t like to admit it, but it’s true. 50 put Game in the game.

Joseph Bailey says:


Della Yassine says:

I see where y’all are coming from, but it’s still a classic the way I look at it. Shout out to DEHH.

King Kylek says:

Can y’all do a classic album review on Get Rich or Die Tryin?

DJ Star says:

Game didn’t bring shit back.

The South > west coast in 05 and beyond

TheLuiscelaya says:

Might be a dumb question but what is the difference between iconic and classic? Couldn’t an iconic album be considered a classic?

John Turner says:

Westside Story is one of the best opening tracks on a hip hop album ever idc what anyone says.

In Rob’s Opinion says:

Why Kinge yelling???????

ChawletMelk says:

Odd Future and TDE put the West back on at the same time in two different ways. It’s crazy seeing how both sides have grown so much and how they keep expanding and putting other artists on. The Game did ignite LA on a local level, though, I can’t speak about anywhere else. He did bring other rappers out.

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