The Weeknd – My Dear Melancholy, EP Review | DEHH

Another better late than never review. We should just make this a series…

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Erik says:

This shit is so out of place but I love it

Philosopher King says:

The Weeknd is 28 and Selena Gomez just turned 26. They are 2 years apart. 26 really ain’t that young. It’s not 18. She can’t help that she looks young that’s DNA. It’s not R Kelly and Aaliyah stop it.

nata says:

i didn’t expect this

Henry Sadlo says:

I really am all for more and more reviews even if it is only two guys in the video. Glad we got this, would love to see more of this

Cranberry_The_XVIII says:

Dead End Hip Hop Great review! I hope you guys cover that Quentin Miller album… I wonder if after all the ghostwriter business he’s someone to actually pay attention to or if he just got lucky writing some hits…

jp says:

selena gomez is gorgeous. she definitely does not look 15 lol.

Joseph Bergeron says:

We need to analyze the symbolism of the straw being put in the cup, and taken away.

Andrew Sanchez says:

Review Buddy – Harlan & Alondra

Whatever says:

Selena Gomez is 26 lmao

Nick Guden says:

How come every time a YouTuber is “under the weather” they rocking the hoodie?

Black Soap says:

How tf is Bella Hadid only 21??? Thought she was near 30 x0….And Selena 26 but look like a teenager …

timbo Squeeze says:

Keep having the backlogged reviews it’s the best way to keep up uploads when you not doing it full time

If It Ain't XO Then It Gotta Go says:

Finally! Thank you for uploading this.


How do you review the WEEKEND, and not Miguel’s War&Liesure

Philosopher King says:

The Weeknd should just get with Camila Cabello she’s the new Selena Gomez.

bodying dummies says:

I want to see yall do the reviews outdoor again

Thanos says:

I like poppy Starboy Weeknd more personally. “Reminder” one of the best songs of that year.

Yori B says:

Hey DEHH. Can you guys please do a review of the Jean Grea and Quelle Chris alvum ‘Everything is fine”? its such so underrated but an incredible album in so many ways. Thanks and keep up the good work.

CKdine says:

This shit bumps in the whip

Matías de Araujo says:

Thank you Myke and Feefo for taking your time to review this EP. It means a lot coming from a The Weeknd fan, keep up the great work guys!

Hip Hop & Rap Videos says:

Myke and Feefo on the casting couch lmao

Orest B. says:

Guys, do late reviews of Kali Uchis and Janelle Monaé!

BroderHugos says:

Since you do late reviews I think the crew should try some UK grime again. Wizville by Ocean Wisdom is a great banger packed album.

David Tumusiime says:

Thanks for the heads up, checking it out. Running from all the snorting and throat clearing. Get well soon!

J.T.R Qusay Alsaabi says:

Every time I think they’re late ,they drop another review redefining what late is

Wait …Selena is 25 right ?and she’s super fine I feel u weeknd

Lxxvfy 516 says:

Better late than never. This probably ranks top 3 in my favorite Weeknd projects. Thanks for the review y’all!

Terrell Hayes says:


Craig 4rmFriday says:

Good thing u said this was recorded earlier. I was about to say feefo is crazy as hell for wearing a hoody during the summer lol

Crashme222 says:

Trial By Fire-Yelawolf review? 😀

Mathieu Arsenault says:

Check out Harlan & Alondra album from Compton kid named Buddy. Very good mix between signing and rap

Garvel St.Fleur says:

The Album about Bella Hadid as well

Aah Aar says:

You guys can’t miss the new Denzel album

LJMarte8 says:

Kissland is his best project to me. People don’t mess with it because it’s a Rock & B album. The people i know that rank that album last are casual Weeknd fans that like him primarily because he “kinda sounds like Michael Jackson”

ChrisJ Fox says:

Who dem peeps walking around in the background?

flyer3110 says:

Y’all should do a classic review of House of Balloons. Love to hear y’all thoughts on that project.

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