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Now that we’re across the halfway mark for 2017, it’s time for us to drop our top 5 hip hop albums of the midyear. As usual, we sit down and give you our favorite hip hop albums of the year so far. We also discuss some upcoming projects that caught our attention. Those of you that’s been with us for a while now know that our Top 5 albums are based on what we’re playing the most and less on what is recognized as the best. Let us know what your top 5 favorite albums of 2017 are in the comment section below.

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Rellevated TV says:

Midyear 2017 Picks

1. Joey Bada$$ – ALL — AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ (CLASSIC!!!)
2. Kendrick Lamar – Damn.
3. The Underachievers – Renaissance
4. Jay-Z – 4:44
5. Freddie Gibbs – You Only Live 2wice (Tie)
5. Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory (Tie)

Peyton Leonard says:

No run the jewels????!!!!!

William Clements says:

damn , wins and losses, big fish, my moment, never story

Ocean Sage says:

My Top 5 Hip Hops Albums of the Midyear 2017
1. Jay-Z – 4:44
2. Gorillaz – Humanz
3. Kendrick Lamar – DAMN.
4. Damian Marley – Stony Hill
5. Tyler, The Creator – Flower Boy

travis ross says:

Everyone forget about culture or just don’t think it’s on that level

Reggie Crosby says:

2017 top 5 albums:
1. The never story-jid
2. All Amerikkkan BadA$$-joey badass
3. Damn-Kendrick Lamar
4. 4:44-jay z
5. The Golden Age 2-dizzy wright

EliteBlackSash says:

Most slept on album… Killa Kyleon – Lorraine Motel

S.C. says:


no but seriously
1. Flower Boy
2. Damn
3. 444
5. Ctrl (if that counts but if not then idk I haven’t listened to any other rap/hip hop albums yet)

ben kuru says:

5. Jidenna: the chief
4. 2 Chains: Pretty girls like trap music
2. Tyler the creator: Flowerboy
1. Kendrick Lamar: DAMN

All about replay value to me. Each album has its own direction and they’re all dope in their own way. Ik SZA is R&B, but holy shit the album was beautiful. Jidenna is underrated imo. Listen to Long live the chief and you’ll understand why I say that. The entire album was good. 2 Chains might seem out of place on here, but he delivered a great project. I was never a big 2 Chains fan but it caught my attention and it was great. I just related to Tyler the creators album in a way I can’t for most projects. Only reason why it’s 2 instead of 1 is cuz of replay value. Like yeah I can relate to what you’re saying, but I don’t want that to be what I listen to all the time. That’s why DAMN. Is first. I’m constantly playing it and I still catch onto new things. It’s a great project

lando ash says:

Could you guys review SZA’ s CTRL?

Lewis Sinclair says:

_Big Fish Theory_
_The Autobiography_
_The Never Story_
_At What Cost_
_The Iceberg_ / _(508)-507-2209_

RAER says:

So RTJ3 didn’t make on anyones top 5?….. OK.

majinbull17 says:

RTJ3 dropped last christmas but the release date was in 2017!!!! You guys fuckin up!!!!

Vladimir says:

Big K.R.I.T is bout to be in yalls top 5!!!!!!!!!

-Sir WESLEE- says:

Yo who is this Roc Marciano nigga and why not do a review of his project for people to check him out

vishwesh ghalke says:

gangs signs & prayers

Marcus Dessaso says:

5. Dj Green Lantern x Conway- Reject On Steroids
4.Big Ghost LTD x Hus Kingpin-Cocaine Beach
3. Smoovth & Giallo Point-Medellin
2.Your Old Droog-Packs
1.Joey Badass- All American Badass

WhoaNellyJake says:

SZA definitely in my top 5 so far

sackboy15 says:

Why not
5. Brockhampton – Saturation
4. Kenny – Damn
3. New Gen – New Gen (everybody sleeping on that one)
2. J Hus – Common Sense
1. Stormzy – Gang Signs and Prayer

2017 is a ridiculously good year so far

Roman Apollo says:


Robert Isaac says:

My top 5:
5. Andy Mineo & Wordsplayed: Magic & Bird
4. Flower Boy: Tyler the Creator
3. Sir the Baptist: Saint or Sinner
2. Kendrick Lamar: Damn.
1. Joey Badass: All Amerikkkan Badass

youngboii22 says:

As long as scum fuck flower boy is top 5 by the end of the year I’m good

ehoc42 says:

Are y’all not counting Run the Jewels?

chelsea6671 says:

i totally agree with everything Myke said. I couldn’t get into Chill, Dummy on first listen, then it really clicked.

Christoff Wilhelm says:

Im sorry but you all get L’s for snubbing Joey like that. AABA was better than that Oddisee album 4:44, and that new Freddie Gibbs tape from a lyrical, production, and overall message standpoint. Cant believe it didnt make on 1 of y’alls lists.

Arthur van der Hoek says:

Where RTJ 3 tho?

Floyd Clifton says:

No Run the Jewels 3?!

Noah Rogers says:

Hip hop is dead judging by this list lmao

YouYouYou!!! Artist Album Marathons says:

So DAMN is on everyone’s list. Yall should group total at the end and include the camera man’s list

WGW says:

5. Nyck @ Knight
4. DAMN.
3. 4:44
2. All The Beauty In This Whole Life
1. Big Fish Theory

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