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Watch Myke’s Solo Review of Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD here:

Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD was released on August 3, 2018 by Grand Hustle Records. ASTROWORLD is the follow up to his second album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. ASTROWORLD has features from Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, Drake, Swae Lee, Nav, 21 Savage, Migos, The Weeknd, James Blake, and more. Production was handle by Mike Dean, WondaGurl, Tame Impala, Thundercat, and more. Here is our review of Travis Scott’s new album ASTROWORLD.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Kevin K says:

This album does not sound the same at all. You guys are tripping

dwash510 says:

They didn’t even mentioned Stevie wonder’s appearance on this album

Prince Iroanya says:

“Addition by subtraction” damn that was a dope point feefo

Marlin Tisdale Jr says:

Travis stated somewhere that he doesn’t consider guests on his albums “features” they are instruments or components to the song so he credits them in the liner notes but not listed as featured artists

Jacob Pagel says:

You guys doing Denzel Curry?

Michael Lacey says:

100% co-sign Beezy. Astroworld sounds like one LONG ass song.

Tharsan J says:

This is his first look Travis reached a new level.

Solitary says:

Hope y’all listen to *Ka’s* new joint project.
_Hermit and the Recluse album_ …. *Orpheus & The Sirens*

Hyosube Korobokkuru says:

slime Language

Danny Jones says:

This Album is fire y’all be tweaking and shit when y’all do your reviews frfr do y’all be even listening to the albums or skimming through the songs and shit

SHADYBOY 9 says:

Album had 4-6 really good songs especially Stop tryna be god, cant tell, sicko mode. But it has 17 songs man.. others are just really like a one long song

MrJgormley says:

Big up to Ken for giving the album a chance..

B looks bored, I would like to assume he’s on his phone looking at things pertaining to the album, but…..

RaShann Finger says:

DEHH not even mentioning birds in the trap like that album didn’t happen. Savage.

John Stancil Stancil says:

Lol I know myke listened to beat king astroworld I lowkey wanna hear his review of it.

Fiouce says:

swae lee not drake from rip screw

Curt James says:

Feefo that’s swae Lee not drake

Scott Bartram says:

Decent album I like it

DIego Hernandez says:

This one of travis worst albums

Matteo C Taddei says:

When did he bring in drake in RIP screw? Cause I def didn’t hear it

Super Saumon says:

Loved all the nods at classic 90s dirty south material on this: Goodie Mobb, Three 6, DJ DMD, Screw…

Wil G says:

Not gonna lie this review is wack af. Not because of their opinions on the record but I feel like nobody really did their homework or talked about specific moments on the record thoughtfully

dammy ayorinde says:

Loool how do people not fact check before they get on YouTube and give misinformation. Drake ain’t on rip screw, and this aint the first album travis had done where he dosent list the features. He didn’t list any for birds in the trap.

Ghetto. Nerd. says:

please review Nicki Minaj “Queen” & Denzel Curry “TABOO”

Chris Dill says:

Why is Feefo rockin the Hitler ‘stache ??

Keisha Brown says:

Most of the songs sound the same to me

REM Stage 5 says:

I’m sorry but today is not the day ignorance slides.
Ken: Travis Scott was 12 and still jerking off when College Dropout dropped. He was still in HS trying to get some when MBDTF dropped. You make yourself look like such a hater and kind of stupid with the Ye hate.

Thando Mvana says:

are yoll seriously reviewing this album two years after it came out ???

Super Saumon says:

1 minute in and the old heads already talking non-sense. Travis sounds NOTHING like Ye.

James Jackson says:

Y’all don’t do any research at all huh? Drake is not on RIP Screw. Travis does not write all of Kanye’s songs. He did address the transphobia controversy. Smh

Will Rowe says:

Review Orpheus vs the Sirens (please)

Donte Hundley says:

yall wack for reviewing this before Ta13oo

Mesus says:

They always find away to talk about kanye

Retcon says:

TA13OO when tho?

Dominique Ballou says:

Album is whack….. Dope beat, same flow every song, no content, and overly auto tuned vocals.

Cozy Vlogs says:

this album is amazing

TheBoi Rusty says:

This review was great but its almost like BITSM was omitted from their minds. Cuz that album didn’t show features either.

Nicole Jones says:

I’m so confused on how Drake came in at the end of R.I.P Screw. Like it’s just not true at all…

TheAverageGamer25 says:


Erik Musta says:

He didn’t put the features on birds in the trap sing McKnight

Daniel Domijan says:

I’m really confused how “sicko mode” and “wake up” sound the same…

WaRio CODYT says:

Beezy the most boring reviewer

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