Webisode 9: Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers Album Review | Dead End Hip Hop

This webisode features the Dead End Hip Hop album review of Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers. We all know that Wiz Khalifa blew up off of “Black and Yellow”. We heard “Roll Up”. The DEHH crew even questioned Wiz Khalifa’s future in Webisode 2 with Skyzoo. Well it’s showtime and just like we did in our review of Lupe Fiasco’s “Lasers”, we take Wiz Khalifa to task on “Rolling Papers”. Check it out and let us know what you think! The video is just the beginning of this Dead End Hip Hop Conversation. Take it to the comments below. Trust me, you will hear from us.

As always, B brings you the latest on the hip hop minute. Keep it locked!

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Hamza Ib says:


MrJordan3023 says:

Kinge went off lmao

Steph Deadalus says:

Holy shit 9th wonder looks like mos def lol

bananajoelikesbanan says:

great review

Prophet1121 says:

Back when Ken still tried to have a hairline

TriStar says:

Man feefo you didn’t have to retract your argument. I was agreeing with you the whole time. You’re right, the album was pop/radio influenced a lot! Roll up was disgusting and so was on my level. It was not a wiz joint. Sure, not all the tracks were pop sounding but I’d say most. His mixtapes were way better. Feefo stop agreeing with the others so easily and stay true to what you actually believe in.

Armando Ramirez says:

Never thought  much of Wiz. Very one track rapper.

matthewjamal says:

for some reason i think that car is either modest’s or feefo’s lol

Me says:

I thought I was the only one who thought Kush and OJ was his best shit!

leekiz2flyy says:

WAT THE FUCKIN FUCK FUCK!! LMFAOOOO Ken y was you so mad bro?!


He don’t fuck with Wiz saying cabin fever trash. Is does belong go listen to prince of the city 2

Rick Sanchez the intergalactic Hellspawn says:

I liked rolling papers alot. and I like music all across the board. this one has some good songs.

Don AGL says:

The new video brought me here

narmaK says:

9:56 Kinge goes off. omg that was priceless

0194D says:

Super lyricism? XD

Make another funny comment please.


Its been got to the point where rappers mixtapes are better than their albums. Wiz Khalifas Rolling papers is jus yet another example a lackluster effort in my opinion buy thats what happen when you go mainstream. I will alwayz love Wiz earlier work.

csoldier s says:

wiz khalifa used to spit man songs like oh no , remember the rain, get some he dumbed hella down

Cracks Ware says:

I enjoyed it, wasn’t bad but I don’t say it’s phenomenal. Just an above average mainstream album. 7/10

Mark Hamliton says:

you must be rich as fuck, because thats all he ever raps about on what I heard from O.N.I.F.C

mikejpete says:

The thing with Wiz is that he started from super lyrcism and dumbed it down.

TheRealTLD says:

“Wiz Khalifa can’t rhyme! He can laugh his ass off, WTF R U ALWAYS LAUGHING AT!?” Ahahahaha lmbo Dead End Hip Hop crazy xD

0194D says:

Oh okay I can see what you are saying now.

JrFlip500 says:

I think he got a studdering problem lol

Arran Chander says:

lol King killed Wiz ithis video hahaa, Wiz Khalifa is so overated, he cannot rap well

Beautifuck says:

i nutted


Wiz is a One Trick Pony !!!

jwoahlnt says:

cabin fever was dope fuck that shit

Major Woodie says:

woah, what was that song before the review started?


First time watching this video. #Classic

Thelonious One says:

Ken going off 9:50 – 10:20

ninetythree says:

ross only talks about cars lol

Arran Chander says:

Wiz Khalifa is so overated, just like Rick Ross, Kid Cudi, and 50 Cent !!!

Yung Femz says:

“what the fucking fuck fuck are you laughing about” imma put that in a song

Mr. Unbound says:

I agree with everyone you listed except for 50 Cent. That dude has been gone for awhile to be overrated. I agree his first 2 albums were on some game changing Hip Hop stuff but the dude hasn’t dropped an album in like 4 years. O_o

Matthew Warren says:

I wanted to hear wat c-town had to say

Nick Biv says:

DEHH has come a long way since these days

Fabio0 says:

I don’t think we’ll ever see Kinge get so fired up in a video nowadays!

Jash Jhaveri says:

You guys should do a comparison between Show and Prove and other wiz albums… That would be a cool video

kjl; says:

damnn would’ve loved to hear c-town trash this album

mikejpete says:

He can rhyme on his early ass rhymes. He used to sound like Camron.

evilduckdogers says:

11:42 i what that ringtone!

Jossie Zambrano says:

DAMN!! DEHH been around for a minute!!!! I found them in like 2013/2014

Mr. Unbound says:


Jay Aura says:

Do a review on wiz first album “Show and prove”

mikejpete says:

lol. that did sound kinda dumb. What I mean is he sounded like Camron 2.0. Then just started singing cheesy hooks and raking dough.

d3v says:

Wiz can’t rhyme but his tracks smooth. You can dig an artist that cant rhyme lol

dfjr1990 says:

What fuckin fuck fuck are you laughing at lmaoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!


Review is trash saying wiz can’t spit is foolish

kjl; says:

LOL that beginning scene sounded like Nikbag’s remix

alexanderjs11 says:

Wiz is more of a mixtape artist . Trust me he does way better on his tapes

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