Woolly Reviews: Eminem – Revival (Album Review)

In this edition of Woolly Reviews The Granddad talks about the new album from hip hop legend Eminem entitled “Revival”! The album is out now!

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Pegasus Tyranitar says:

Revival is an instant classic. Like “The Room” type of classic, not “The Godfather” type of classic.

internetmaster1 says:

I mean I’ve been waiting so long that with this kind of shit even if I only like 2 songs, it’s a win win for me with albums. I kinda fucks with it. It’s good but not even close to what he did before. Still glad he’s back tho.

William Clarke says:

Rant time: this album is one of the worst of the year along with Macklemore and yachty but not encore bad(even encore had songs I sorta liked); it is the epitome of why I don’t like new Em: bad beats, terrible hooks, always putting technical skills over crafting songs and rambling. he owes my ears for what he did to I love rock and roll sample hes out my top ten of MCs and ruined his GOAT status I think hes done those 4 songs you said were good but not worth coming back

Ed win says:

I just dont understand why this album is getting all this hate. I personally think this was his best album since Eminem Show or maybe Relapse. Not saying Recovery or MMLP2 was bad, i thought the same thing about MMLP2 but this album took its spot. For me my list is 1. MMLP 2. TES 3. SSLP 4. RELAPSE 5.REVIVAL. 6. MMLP2 7. Recovery 8. Encore 9. Infinite… Castle and Arose are already pending Eminem classics in my eyes. He has a bit of everything for every fan. You want Relapse or SSLP? Framed. You want TES? Castle. You want Recovery? Tragic Ending. You want MMLP2? Heat. You want straight rap? Offended. You want something new? Chloraseptic. Only sucks he hasnt really made a song with a MMLP vibe for years…

Carlos Chavez says:

Eminem forgot what real hip hop is .

mcimpala says:

funny and sad at the same time.. “he does have some moments”.. the hole Album should be a moment. don’t want a technical skill proof album but may I get into it. I’m just a drunk german my english is low ya understand meee? dre makes beats again..so there’s a mmlp3 in 2 years ha?

Paul Pheonix says:

This album made Relapse sound like a masterpiece.

Keto Wolf says:

This was a surprisingly good review with good points, perspectives, and wrapped up with good suggestions for what and HOW things could be improved. Great honest review, with good analysis to back up your opinion!

Afro Shinobi says:

Lol man this album was painful to listen to. Idl what Em was going for but it ain’t work. Hate the production, you can hear Rick Rubin’s influence all over this thing. Never was a fan of his work with Em. Features did nothing for me and that Phr3sher guy is the most pointless feature I’ve heard this year lol. Content wise i give it credit but this easily Em’ worst album and thats sayin a lot considering he made Encore.

Daniel Hill says:

This is easily the worst album I’ve heard in two decades from a rapper of his caliber. This was a very bad project but it wasnt disappointing for me because I didn’t expect it to be anything but what it was. Em hasn’t had a solid project front to back for me in 15 years. I will never in life return to this album

R J says:

Nigga you know fuck all about rap .

NotRealMusic says:

Hated this album, the beats were either bland piano ballads or cringey Papa Roach tracks.

Also, would you ever be up for a collab video? Either an album review or something else related to hip hop?

Backhand Things says:

Eminem is garbage. No replay value

Tony67215 says:

I just don’t understand why he’s still chasing hits. Like you said, he’s Eminem. He doesn’t need to do it at this point in his career.
I also hate that choppy robotic flow he does. It’s cool that he likes to mix things up but that just sounds awful.

BlackFlame450 says:

Judging from the thumbnail I see you’re disappointed of the album. Eminem could have done much better job if he had better style of production, some ACTUAL rap features, and maybe some different content because he was too late in the F’d Trump party train. I like Eminem no matter what but im gonna pass on this album and go back to listen his older but much better work. Thanks for the review Granddad.

noturaveragewatcher says:

Beats sucked and no hooks. But worst of all most of the song sounded like it was all written in the last year and was rushed. Way to much pandering and trump

ERICK CH says:

Do re-review of KRIT’s new album just cause this is too trash and a waste of time

Backhand Things says:

Eminem will never go hip hop. His first album was the closest we got

Naimon Valley says:

This album disappointed me and I was expecting more than this. I 100% agree of what he needs to do, though. If he drop another album, I don’t want more features from pop artists, I don’t want more production from the same producers. But what he needs to do is to team up with some legendary producers (Premier, Alchemist, 9th Wonder, etc), feature some MC’s (Kendrick Lamar, Royce 5’9, etc) and it would have come out good. Like I said, I was expecting more than pop features and weak production, and I think this album is Eminem’s worst. That’s all I have to say.

paul banks says:

this album is 100% garbage.

David Rowe says:

That thumbnail is too accurate lol. Even from someone who liked MMLP2 I thought this album was trash.

Isaiah Townsend says:

I’ve had to stop last Jedi training too listen to this crap granddad I respect em long run in the game but it’s time to hang it up at this point.

Nate DiGuardi says:

Y’all just not true Eminem fans.Yall rather listen to Gucci gang and shit.Eminem is the G.O.A.T. No one will ever compare or come close. Fags.

JohnnyZBeatZ says:

It’s mostly his beat and the hooks he sounds good and rap good but it’s the beats and hooks on this album that r bad hooks and beat r bad his flow good

Sheng Long is back!!! says:

F.O.C.A you picked songs that spell Focker.lol

Jon Mccann says:

Funny asf love em but he needed to retire before this shit

Shawn Orjiakor says:

Yeah, the album is trash.

Wesley Rocco says:

Man this album was very disappointing. I wasn’t expecting a classic but this shit is like Recovery mixed with the worst tracks from MMLP2. I have the utmost respect for Em as a lyricist and an MC but this is just Pop Radio bullshit!! I will admit some songs were off putting at first (Remind Me & In Your Head) but I quickly grew to like those tracks specifically for the fact that the sampling was good. I love how Eminem opened up about his near fatal overdose but I just hate the fact that I have to sit through a WHOLE HOUR of Pop Rap Tracks to get to it. I think lyrically he’s hit and miss but the topics and content he brings gets repetitive and just plain dumb. Overall I think this album was bad and I hope he gets all this mainstream pop shit out of his system and he goes back to the roots of what made Early Eminem Excellent

MisUnderStood DayDreamer says:

His most uninspired album to date. Even Relapse and Encore are much more enjoyable in my opinion. They were definitely weaker projects for sure, but they were still pretty good. This album just had no clue what it wanted to be. I couldn’t agree with you more about the hooks, they were such a low point, but not just that the lyrics were the worst he’s ever jotted down in my opinion. You remember when Eminem used to rip Popstars to shreds? Then you see the tracklist for this and realize he’s a pop star… Disappointing man.

Mr. Black Culture says:

Most of the reviews gave a thumbs down

Carlos Chavez says:

6.5/10 #emsnotinspired

K LeGrand says:

The problem is he said in an interview is that he tried to do a little something for everyone. He tried a few for his early Slim Shady fans and then his recovery era/pop star fans. Thats why the album was messy. He should stay away from Rick Rubin. Those rock beats don’t work. I hated all those songs. He also said Dre just did the mixing on this album because he was taking a break while this album was made. Most of the beats sucked. Em did say that he has 2 Dre songs he would probably revisit. Hopefully he will since this isn’t getting great reviews. And finally, I think this album was forced out (Interscope). His manager Paul Rosenberg is leaving for Def Jam in January. Could be coincidental?? Idk

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