Wu-Tang Clan – Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Classic Album Review

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Here we are, back at it again with another Classic Album Review! As we’ve said before, without your patronage, doing these extra videos wouldn’t be possible. Thank you guys!

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CORC says:

I cringe everytime Feefo reiterates the same bullshit over and over regarding classic rap albums. I like the dude but he sounds like a god damn broken record at this point.

hiphophead555 says:

When beezy gets excited he turns into Chris Tucker lol

Clark Townsend says:

Ralph needs to stop worry about offending. We get why you dont get hyped over these older albums. i like your perspective of someone listening to it now.

king vegeta says:

This is the one everyone’s been waiting on. I wish somebody would’ve voted in “E.1999 Eternal”

Kryptic says:


Jay TheJet says:

Westside Gunn & Conway have that Wu sound… they keeping it alive to me

Clorox Bleach says:

Masta Killa murders his verse on Chessboxin’

Magnificent Man says:

Mate, I’m a white kid from England who’s only rap experience was TPAB and MM…FOOD this album (as well as those two) got me into rap. This album has aged.

B Lew says:

Been waiting on this one!

Law .Genesis says:

I fucking looooove this review! Wu is my fav group. I was like 13 when this dropped. When you guys mentioned the seasons thing. I immediately thought about how Lupe Fiasco structured his album Tetsuo & Youth around fitting into the different seasons.

timbo Squeeze says:

I don’t believe it’s dated I’m 17 and I went back and listened to wu for the first time and I loved it

DonPabloe says:

Not hating, but Feefo always saying (no matter how early the album was released) that he too young for shit! Like Damn Feefo you don’t have to be born during the release to understand how genius Wu is

Frederick Davis says:

This album brings back memories listen to it with my uncle back in the day he put onto Wu Tang

RaiJin says:

Im 23 and this album gets me hype.

Sean Kelly says:

I agree with everything y’all said about this album I think it would be cool if y’all did the blueprint album review

Gambit Wilson says:

I know we bumped that Wu down here in Alabama from the jump!!!

Jean Herold Jean Leger says:

Raekwon and Ghost solo projects

William Finkbonner says:

Ghostface catch the blast of a hype verse my glock burst leave in a hearse

trey savage says:

No Tupac all eyez on me album review??

Big Pump says:

I don’t think this album is dated. It’s aged like a fine wine. I went back and gave this album a first, thorough listen this year, and I wished I had gone back earlier. Nobody had that gritty sound before they did. Wu had that run from 93-97 where everything was classic like that. Aged well, and you can tell that it came out in the mid 90s, but between RZA’s Production and the whole clan’s bars on razor point, it doesn’t feel like I can’t still put on Bring da Ruckus, or Cream, or Tearz, or Method Man, or 7th Chamber, holy FUCK how did y’all not mention 7th Chamber at all? “Old dirty clan of terrorists, coming at ya ass like a sorceress” Every verse on point. 10/10 album honestly. And thank you Rod for giving us these classic reviews now as a Christmas Gift.

Our Founding Liars says:

WU TANG: World Underground Tyrannical Attacking Necromancing Generals. Investigate the Clan

midnightmarauder3 says:

how is 36 chambers dated??? j cole average ass still uses beats that sound like they come straight outta 1994-95

MC COOKE says:

Can you guys review The Infamous by Mobb Deep please?

TheSethcast says:

It wasn’t just black people watching Bruce Lee kick people’s asses. That was something we all enjoyed lol.

King Emman .O says:

You guys should do a classic review for get rich or die tryin

Will Carlson says:

Are y’all gonna do revival or was it too shitty

Daniel Hill says:

Can we get a classic 2pac Me against the world review or Jay Z Blueprint (without Myke for Blueprint lol)

Brandon Langfeldt says:

I listened to this a few months ago I’m 18 and it is definatly not dated

So Cal says:

So the question of the day is….Does this bump in the whip?

jamps says:

always notice at 0:09 when ken says “nominate” he sounds on beat for like a second

hiphophead555 says:

One of the most important and iconic hip hop albums of all time.

Beardless Muta says:


Juan Gonzalez says:

I remember in middle school I was watching a skate video on YouTube with a Ghost face track as the background music and then that’s how I found Wu Tang back in 2009

Ralphie Brothaman says:

So i heard this when i was 16 along with biggie, nas, mobb deep, big l and atcq so i had a a field day with this.

How come no one mentioned protect ya neck? That is probably the best song on here.

Far as the free comment goes, to me the only other groups that have matched that aura of freedom as been Odd Future and Brockhampton

Great review as always and thank you guys so much for giving these out for free. 2018 Patron gang

Demetrius Williams says:

Bruh this album goes so fucking hard in the aux listen to this back and forth all day everyday.

jason vazquez says:

would love for these guys to review chino xl here to save you all!

Turntables Two says:


swaggyp21 says:

Five seconds in hoping this isn’t another review with 15 minutes of Feefo talking about how he didn’t hear it when it released.

Jacquez Jackson says:

Is he is he is he dead?

Dallas J says:

Im wating for Makaveli

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