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The Saga Continues is the fourth compilation album by Wu-Tang. It was produced by Mathematics and released on October 13, 2017. The Saga Continues has features from Streetlife, Sean Price, Redman, Hue Hef, Chris Rivers, and more. Here’s our review of Wu-Tang’s new album.

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khordkutta says:

What’s better, this, or Wu-Massacre?

Nyne Walker says:

What’s the difference between wu-tang and Wu-tang clan

Jody Breeze says:

I need meth to drop a solo album by next year atleast.

Roseface Killah says:

Although it’s not an official Wu-Tang album I still really enjoyed this. Loved: Lesson Learned, Frozen, People Say, If What You Say Is True, Pearl Harbor, Fast & Furious. Wasn’t too big on most of the other tracks. And the skits felt forced and it sucks that the worst tracks we’re at the end. So in total really solid 2/3’s of an album don’t regret buying it at all.

djwarzone1 says:

thanks for reviewing a Wu project again

amon tri says:

this album was not that good after the first track it started loosing ground not hating i really wish rza would of made at least half of the beats this is not a wu album its a mathmatics album

Marcus Evans says:

Lecrae Review

JoBananas says:

To me this album felt like a Wu Tang Meets Indie Culture calibre project tbh. Its a compilation. Killah Priest and Ghostface are more interested in Wu Goo bars right now. RZA sounded cool id be interested in a new Bobby album if he raps like that.

Haaziq Silver says:

I assume redman is the unofficial member of Wu Tang. Ppl saying he is in tho..

veksone77 says:

No matter what Wu does people find something to complain about…

JoBananas says:

I want a method man and redman album produced by DJ Muggs or Madlib or something along those lines.

Demsky83 says:

Meth crushed every verse he had on this album.

Jody Breeze says:

I only bought the songs that Meth was on (well besides Pearl Harbor).

Real Fake Doors says:

Nutty with the bars, that’s a payday

william wright says:

Yup. It was like a meth and red feat Wu tang album

Zechi Gonzalez says:

Review IDK’s IWASVERYBAD! Its an amazing album with great story telling

Mrarcher15 says:

I thought I was the only one who just thought it was ok

ToroidalVortexLove says:

It’s interesting that Feefo liked it the most cos he missed the original Wu movement and doesn’t know how it used to feel. But it’s impossible to sound like they’re in the slums when they’re not in the slums. And if they gave us the original sound wed say “it’s not been mixed and mastered”.

S.I.N. Survival In Negativity says:

I figured u guys as Wu heads would’ve known already that whenever they bill an album as a “Wu-Tang” project it means its normally a compilation produced by either 1 person or 1 group.
Examples being the Chamber Music album & the Legendary Weapons album which follow the same formula. They’ve done it a couple times b4.
Granted….still average tho

Braymisunderstood Genius says:

liked mathematics beats, meth killed it. theres some issues wit no appearance from Ugod & that 1 small verse from Gza, Masta Killah not even knowing the album was coming out. Listening to the album i felt the same way Beezy & Myke did about how Meth killing every track & Ghost & Rae not delivering like im used to hearing them. I thought Ghost sounded diff when 1st heard but i figured its just age. The album wasnt bad at all, overrall i like the album but its disappointing when you know its politics behind it that stopped it from being the solid great return. i say its a Good album, B grade

randomassname says:

I wanna pick this up still

Johnny L Dukes III says:

Redman stated in an interview that the album was originally supposed to be a “Mathematics Vs Method Man” album. Mathematics stated he tried to get an dirty sound but used more modern equipment.

Corbin Thomas says:

I feel like if this wasn’t presented as a Wu Tang project, it wouldn’t get some of the criticism it’s getting.

Takyon says:

I agree with Feefo, 36 chambers was a long time ago let Wu tang do whatever they want.

Tudo Man says:

Yo y’all should review Lute west 1996 part 2

SJW 4LIFE says:

As a listener I think I’m a part of the problem. If Wu had put this out in the early 2000s I would’ve shitted on it, but now a days I’m so thirsty for good content and so tired of smelling stink from wading through all the bullshit out right now, that I fully give this album a pass. It bumps in my whip even though I know it isn’t “WU”

Sean BARnes says:

Feefo I see you trynna hide the apple earphones with the hoodie. You not foolin me bruh lmao

JZA says:

I think this is a controvertial conclusion on one area you say you love the beats and the lyrics but u down grade the album because more people wasnt on. It sounds a bit off… I mean if its sharp is sharp. Just grade it with Meth and Math. I think you guys just want another 36 chamber and wont take anything else.

P.Casso says:

Again another great review guys! I just wanted to say how grateful I am that ya’ll put out other artists that aren’t that well known like the cunninglyguist’s cuz they are freaking amazing and i’m so glad ya’ll introduced me to them in that review, keep up the awesome content and much love from Chicago!

Blast This says:

My god Beezy ‘ill disrespect anyone… even the Wu

Edwin J. Morais Jr. says:

With fefo

Tyrone Brown III says:

Feefo hella high lol

TheFunkytownGotcha says:

Thought Beezy was reading a Wu eulogy in the end. lol

Spooky Martin says:

Bruh, after hearing this and their last album; Im no longer interested in that million dollar album or whatever it was, lol.

Mohammad Kh says:

But dat Big K.R.I.T review tho??

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