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Jason Wall says:

Back in our day labels would develop artists. Now artists get signed from SoundCloud and Instagram. No money spent on developing talent. It makes disposable artists with 0 longevity. Now X is actually talented, but he needs development. Not programming. Nothing to change him, he just needs development of his raw talent.

El Player21 says:

Mess with that Golden Knights hat bro!!

Meli Sejas says:

“Typical clubby poppy song” exactly but…. even as a person who speaks spanish and listens to spanish music IT BUMPS

Mustard138 says:


Wammu Awaken my niggas says:

Yo nice golden knights hat, just peeped that #vegaspride

newnew390 says:

Yo the way you guys reviewed this was great because I can tell y’all really understand how to review songs that’s why I think y’all one of the best to react/review songs on YouTube. Regardless of the genre y’all try to find the meaning of the songs that’s what I like.

max mizell says:

Going down is his trolling side bro he has 3 different voices he uses when raps lmao

Andy Brizendine says:

Could you react to Trivium. I really have wanted to here you guys listen to them, I thing Broken One is a really good song by them. If you could I would appreciate it.

emelton99 says:

Great review as always guys!!! It would be awesome to see a Gojira album review. Their album “The Way Of All Flesh” is dope!!!

xXchNLXx says:

Pls do a R.I.P.C.D by Flatbush Zombies reaction

Jose Castillo says:

React to BT2 !

Brandon Scharf says:

Y’all the best reactors no question

UltimateTroll Real says:

If you hate songs and love listening conversation this is the video for you

P1cky says:

Don’t quote me solely, but I believe X posted on his Instagram story, saying that all proceeds from “Hope” will be donated, not entirely sure what charity foundation though…

Neo kirby says:

Keep it up guys ✌

Blueberryking says:

Do bad man-blues saraceno

Ulises Cruz says:

You guys are sooooo good at deciphering music! I actually try deciphering the music as it goes before you two do it!!

Michael Barnes says:

Guy’s I’m happy your doing albums now, i think you should do Sunny Side Up by Paolo Nutini

Jose Diaz says:

Hey you freethinkers…. Greetings from Tijuana!! If you ever do another album review, give a try to Disturbed and the album immortalized!! I think its a great album to listen!! Hope you consider this suggestion! Saludos amigos!!

Berleezy's Boner says:

React to Vice city-xxxtentacion first song of his

Varun Sharma says:

Have you heard or reacted to Joey Bada$$’ “All-Amerikkkan bada$$”?

Love you guys, you’re always making great content, keep it up! ❤️

Linwood Howard says:

With how much you enjoyed the song Master of Puppets, I figured that would be your first album review. You should get around to it. My favorite song on there is Disposable Heroes. I really want to see how you guys feel about it.

And of course: react to Prehistoric Dog by Red Fang!

Collin Shepherd says:

If you guys do decide to do more album reviews you should do Kid Cudi’s Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven all you see on youtube are people bashing this album but it is soooo underappreciated

Ishimwe Yannick says:

One of the albums of the year?
One of the best newcomer artist?

Bli tz says:

They talk to much

genderlessperson says:

If you’re doing album reviews now, please react to:
Pain of Salvation – Remedy Lane
One of the best prog metal albums I know. It’s incredibly emotional music amd the album’s best heard in full. PoS is really an album-to-album band. Listening to just one track doesn’t do them justice. Especially as they’ve got these large stories in their albums.

Tallyca Hamulhetru says:

How about a review of the first heavy metal album to go into the Library of Congress in 2016, for the significance of its genre & its sheer brilliance. Master of Puppets~ Metallica 🙂

Jeremy Weller says:

I would like to request Pond Creek Road by Ryan Upchurch.

SuNy x Bandz says:

React to bobby tarantino 2. Love your videos

BlueJayy says:

Do NF album

Eric Ugarte says:

please react to ab-soul D.R.U.G.S

Tyler Brindisi says:

Love the album review! Would definitely be a cool thing for you guys to do. Also DO FLATBUSH ZOMBIES- MRAZ

Israel _L says:

Can’t believe I just stumbled across this channel for the first time. This is the realest reaction I’ve seen on this project and it kept me entertained the whole way through. Will definitely check more of ya’lls vids out. Great work keep it up!!

sezitoo22 says:

this video took 3 days for me to finish

prza79 says:

I never heard of this kid until about a month ago so I had no xxxpectations. After watching your review it made me want to give this album a try. Only a handful of track snippets really had me wanting to hear more but I must give credit for creativity and willingness to try different things musically. It is refreshing to see a young cat not wanting to be pigeonholed into just one genre of music. He kinda reminds me of Kid Cudi without a distinct sound. You guys did a great job of breaking it down and shedding light on the lyrics. I can’t say I will buy this album and it sounds kinda like a blueprint of what’s to come from the artist. I could see him becoming more polished and finding a better direction in the future. Great job once again fellas

Michael Payton says:

If you’re doing album reactions, do Lateralus by Tool

And Frances the Mute by The Mars Volta. Y’know why?

Because “Cygnus… Vismund Cygnus” is on it.

Ashner Santana says:

really great review!!

Henry Silva37 says:

“I Get It Though”

Liam Genus says:

Please react to Tory Lanez – Memories don’t die. Love the video and keep it up.

Enrique Flores says:


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