Yelawolf – Trunk Muzik Returns Mixtape Review | Dead End Hip Hop

If you saw our Radioactive review, you know what the general consensus was on how Dead End Hip Hop felt about that album. Since that time, Yelawolf has released a few projects between then and now ranging from his EP with Travis Barker and Ed Shareen. With those out the way, he put together this 10 track mixtape Trunk Muzik Returns and we have the review. Take a listen to what we think of Yelawolf’s latest effort and leave a comment below.

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ninjamonkeybird says:

2:34 i just realized why its called “radioactive”

termiater says:

Catfish billy is my favorite song from the album because of the turrets verse where he goes fuck fuck fuck shit goddamn pussy cunt bitch suck a cock that makes me laugh when I hear it

mskittles288 says:

Nicely said 🙂 Mike is amazing at everything he does!

SixIsaac23 says:

Black Fall is a excellent project also. 

gbphantom says:

That beat at the end is NASTY… anybody have info on it?

anghelo rosalino says:

you guys need to review 50 cents new album animal ambitions

Th3xUnkn0wn says:


Muzzy12 says:

Check out The Life and Times of Jonny Valiant by the homie Rittz. You guys will LOVE that shit! One listen and you’ll wanna do a review of it. (And I post this because you’re the best album reviewers I’ve read or heard so far).


Yelawolf is so dope… I just think he made the wrong decision signing to Eminem. Him & Eminem are just complete 2 different rappers. Love Story was dope because Eminem wasn’t all over it. Yelawolf shoulda signed to Ludacris or somebody.

Kentainmb says:

Shit what’s the beat in the intro? At the tip of my mind but can’t remember

envisageCP says:

As a huge Yelawolf fan, I think Heart of Dixie is his worst overall project.

dibs0equiped says:

yela is the best rapper prolly right now and this tape is good, much better than some logic

Vin15 says:

good review good discussion good shit guys

Jay Miller says:

Yelawolf needs to leave Shady & go to Strange Music with Tech, because Tech would let Yela, be Yela. Can you guys do a review on Rittz White Jesus? I know it’s a older album, but I think you guys would like it.

Justaneet says:

This might be a stupid question:
But what’s the difference between EP LP and mixtape?

Joe Farnelli says:

Yelawolf re-released Tennessee Love on “Love Story” and I am very glad he did. Might be my favorite song on there

amanda hobbs says:

album Mixed by Matthew Hayes of Supahotbeats…. He deserves the recognition

Keith Darman says:

Do the Rittz album! Please!

Thebagel Isbuttered says:

Love Story will be dope, best believe!

SoulOfTheSouth says:

That’s the reason why Busta Rhymes left Dre because Busta said that he left cause of the business side, which was Interscope. That’s why Raekwon got dropped too. Dre said he wished that they would’ve kept Raekwon because they made so many songs together.

DeeDiZeL says:

I mean Indicud

Cory McDermott says:

that shit is reall

envisageCP says:

I liked BoF. Shake N Bake, Victory Circle, Box Chevy pt. 1, I’m The Shit, etc….

TheBigAppleNYC says:

Yes, I completely agree with you – this dude has so much potential.

dudewhyfi says:

lol flipping out over paul wall

TheAnt147 says:

radioactive had a couple dope songs the album wasnt all bad

HopeOfHipHop says:

Great review! You guys don’t just shit on artists, you actually discuss the songs and what they’re about! And i love that!!!

SoulOfTheSouth says:

Correction. It wasn’t Aftermath that was controlling the album. It was Jimmy Iovine of Interscope. People gotta realize that Eminem and Dre has a boss that’s over them.

Justin Eagle says:

Yes, Heart of Dixie wasnt the greatest project, but the Song Fathers Day completely redeemed that entire mixtape!

ridlem3this says:

review black fall yelas new mixtape

Heidi Elliott says:

Follow the YELAWOLFPACK on facebook and twitter @YELAWOLFPACK thanks

Alejandro Ocampo says:

Hip-hop has been ruining kids’ futures and neighborhoods since the 70s. I have never met more uneducated groups of people than those of the hip-hop culture. It’s a disgrace! I don’t know what is so appealing about keeping yourself oppressed- which is what the hip-hop culture ultimately leads to and subliminally promotes. Music that influences its listeners to call women bitches and hoes, to do drugs, to sell drugs better than the next guy, to pop bottles in clubs, to be “gangsta,” ultimately leads to the self destruction of an individual. That’s why I have specific views on the hip-hop culture. And if you don’t grow out of it atleast by the time you’re 22, then you’ll soon be a 30 year old crying about a wasted life. It’s reality my friends.

DeeDiZeL says:

Bro KiD CuDi Immortal- Album Review DO IT!

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