5 Albums to Get You Into JAZZ FUSION

Today I’m doing 5 Albums to Get You Into JAZZ FUSION, some really fantastic albums talked about in this video.

Come discuss in the comments section!



1) Miles Davis – Bitches Brew (1970)
2) Mahavishnu Orchestra – The Inner Mounting Flame (1971)
3) Return To Forever – Romantic Warrior (1976)
4) Weather Report – Heavy Weather (1977)
5) Vital Tech Tones – Vital Tech Tones (1998)


5 Albums to Get You Into JAZZ FUSION- https://open.spotify.com/user/deepcutsplaylists/playlist/3QF9yRlee2lXNA9ogPRJDQ
MORE Albums to Get You Into JAZZ FUSION – https://open.spotify.com/user/deepcutsplaylists/playlist/5Qzqpj7byGntvmQsiGN17Q


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Chirag Chittar says:

I am so glad I discovered this channel even though it is relatively late. This is so informative and I love the fact that you are so articulate too. I would love to include al Di meola’s elegant gypsy though. I just feel that it is a record that was so essential in the fusion moment when it gained prominence and also really ahead of its time. I also liked the fact that you chose romantic warrior instead of light as a feather which I thought was an unusual choice. It’s a damn good record nevertheless.

Roffbist says:

Just a short correction, you said that Pharaoh’s Dance is the second track off of Bitches Brew, but it is actually the first.

Art Raz says:

Good list! Some other fusion albums that I’ve really enjoyed: Jean-Luc Ponty – Imaginary Voyage and Cosmic Messenger, Santana – Caravanserai and Borboletta, Al Di Meola – Elegant Gypsy, and Gabor Szabo – Mizrab.

Ben Luben says:

Maybe an avant-garde and/or free-jazz video?

Reid Smith says:

I really enjoy your channel. Thank you for spending your time to dissect, educate, and bring us along side in your musical journey.

Filip Šak says:

okay, so can someone explain to me, how is jazz fusion enjoyable ? yesterday i heared bitches brew, and i dont get, none of the notes make sense

evas em morf lleh says:

I haven’t given VTT a listen, but Victor Wooten is constantly at my school

Kevin Nenkov says:

Thank You Scientist – Maps of Non-Existent Places

llamapie24 says:

pshhhhhhhh these are the whitest fucking fusion recs I’ve ever seen, aside from Bitches Brew which is amazing
If you prefer your fusion funkier here’s some essential listening
Herbie Hancock – Flood
Herbie Hancock – Sextant
Miles – Agharta
Miles – On the Corner (+ complete sessions)
Miles – Bitches Brew Live (which is the Isle of Wight performance)
Joe Henderson – Multiple
Sun Ra – Sleeping Beauty (+ Lanquidity)
Billy Cobham – Spectrum
Pharoah Sanders – Black Unity
Eero Koivistoinen – Wahoo
Embyro – Rockession (krautrock but whatever)
Joe McPhee – Nation Time
Julian Priester – Love, Love


Eric Boyd says:

albums to get you into black metal?

iamoutofideas1 says:

Outurbo by Azymuth is pretty good

Lemwell7 says:

Good list, good words.

Andrew Edwards says:

A guide to CAN would be great

Sztermel says:

Brand X – Masques

Matt Warner says:

As far as I’m concerned, Heavy Weather is THE album to get you into jazz fusion.

Jack Baker says:

On a side note, a guide to Tom Waits would be INCREDIBLE

Biopath says:

5 albums: AFROBEAT
NEED sum William Onyeabor Mention on dis channel

kristof bergé says:

I don’t understand that phrase of the drummer being ahead or behind the beat. Isn’t the drummer the one that sets the beat? So isn’t it better to say that the rest of the band is behind rather than the drummer ahead or vice versa?

waves 000 says:

i like hiatus kaiyote

Felipe Syderas says:

Great vídeo as always. ALL those reccomendations are fricking killer(inner mounting flame is actually my favorite fusion álbum Ever lol).
Do you have any plans to do a discography Guide video on Miles Davis? As a jazz artist from that time he had a fuck Ton of records but i think people get stuck in only praising kind of blue and bitches brew and forget he has heaps of amazing albums(get up with It, Miles in the Sky, agharta, on the corner, Miles smiles, Hell i even have a soft Spot for doo Bop actually. Plus as of late, im seeing the popularity of álbuns like round midnight or birth of the cool are dropping sadly). Your vídeo format would be great for guiding people over this amazing discography

Louis GREEN says:

What no Shakti.

Mitchell Kaminskas says:

Gotta include Bruford’s One of a Kind, technical mastery meets jazz-rock beauty.

Jackson Coleman says:

Jesus man, you’re turning me on

Against Memes! says:

What about 5 albums to get you into dungeon synth

Nick Clark says:

“Inner Mounting Flame” is better than “Birds of Fire” except “Birds of Fire” has the track “One Word” which is my all time favourite Mahavishnu Orchestra song!

jonathan cole says:

Richie Kotzen is pretty good

Hercules Rockefeller says:

Nice list, Oliver! Any list with early Mahavishnu on it has to be on the right track. I am lucky enough (and old enough) to have seen Mahavishnu on television as a teenager, when they were new. Here is a link to that appearance : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqfjMDOr-tU
I saw this broadcast debut, and when the re-run came around, I was ready with my tape recorder (ther were no VCRs in those days). I wore that tape out.
This show completely changed my life, because it started a musical journey which I am still on today, seeking the best in music, which is how I would up here!
I would also recommend to your viewers Brand-X, from the seventies, and Elephant9, Hedwig Mollestad, and Bushman’s Revenge, some young Scandinavian folks that tear it up in jazz-fusion.

Don't Know says:

Hot Rats is the best jazz fusion album

Creator Beats says:

I don’t know why, but I get a really unconfortable feel from Bitches Brew. I love In A Silent Way though.

Dustin Clark says:

I always love Snarky Puppy as well – very listenable!

FSBass says:

Dudes complaining that their favourite album isn’t in the 5 ALBUM LIST ?
Seriously !

Elliot Shute says:

Listened to The Inner Mounting Flame on your recommendation, and it’s one of the most frenetic and exciting things I’ve heard in a while. Thanks a bunch 🙂

Asaynine says:

I’d add Elegant Gypsy to the list

Brandon Burroughs says:

No Hot Rats?

daan pauwels says:

I’m not really a jazz guy but Bitches Brew is genius!!
Believe it or not but my top 15 albums of all time are Bitches Brew alongside albums by Linkin Park, The Offspring, Weezer, Beach Boys, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Guns n’ Roses (yes, i like catchy (cheesy) shit and i don’t believe in “guilty pleasures”), David Bowie, Nas, The White Stripes, Green Day and Bruce Springsteen.
Hehe, not joking!

Tiberius Gracchus says:

Avant – Prog

Eliza-Victoria Batrin says:

Can you do “5 albums to make your music taste not shit”.

Group Hug says:

Like Nevermind, Bitches Brew created in its wake a decade-long glut of lousy rip-offs, cheap imitators and soulless music industry cash-grabs. I don’t think I can name any other albums besides Davis’ and Nirvana’s that left such an enormous effluent of toxic garbage as its legacy. We’ve finally buried the post-fusion crapocalypse and its greatness successfully revived by Flying Lotus, Thundercat etc, but we are still treading stemming trash in the open cesspool of the repercussions of Smells like Teen Spirit.

Oliver Jaques says:

Great video! How about 5 Albums to Get You Into Psychedelic Rock?

Twitty TV says:

Just stumbled upon your channel and subscribed right away! Love the videos and great lists with a few albums I have yet to give a go. I would love to see you attempt to do a Guide to the Legendary Pink Dots as they are a highly prolific band that has been going since the 80’s. They seem to fit right into your musical style if you haven’t given them a listen.

Crazy prayingmantis says:

That cover of the last album is possibly the worst album cover ever

nickname2469 says:

40% of the reason I watch your videos is your accent and voice tbh

Cyrus Wirth says:


rockkiller124 says:

Now do 5 Albums To Get You Into Experimental Rock

Panera Bread And The Enema Connections says:

No Soft Machine – Third?? WEAK

Brian Smith says:

I just got Bitches Brew last week in Quad. I loved it.

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