A Jazz Starter Kit On Vinyl / 10 Jazz Albums For Beginners

Hello Friends,

I am back with a new video.
It’s all about Jazz, Jazz, Jazz.

My aim is to show some easy albums, that might be a good
introduction for Jazz beginners.

Let me know what you think about my selection.

Thanks for watching 🙂


Aleksandr Radzivliuk says:

Hello! What external Sleeves do you use for the records?
Thank you for your reply!

audiophile man says:

Art Tatum’s Tiger Rag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaPeks0H3_s. This is more pure gold.

Iwan Smith says:

Save yourself some time and money and buy these on CD.

knobber420 says:

The single best Jazz album I have ever heard is… The Meeting of the Summit with Louie Armstrong and Duke Ellington. A must hear for any true music fan.

flmvdvsrg says:

Did you mean to say it started in the early 20th century?

Duncan Mackintosh says:

Superb video and great advice. Went to charity shop this morning and was fortunate to pick up Getz/Gilberto LP, which I never knew about until I saw your video. Superb record, loving the mix of jazz & boss nova. Thanks again 🙂

Marko Soininen says:

great video, thanks

Blake X says:

I’m a long time vinyl collector but new to jazz. Which sounds better on vinyl: jazz in stereo or mono?

Culture Fan says:

I can’t argue with any of your picks. I have some of them, but not all, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for those I don’t have. I’ve never heard of that book either, so I’ll have to see if Amazon carries it.

Sankalp Lama says:

That was such a lovely video. Loved the songs playing in the background. Thank you for making this!

Pete Townshend says:

Hi Armien, need more Records like ” Chet Baker Sings”. What can you recommend?

Thomas Fogelvrei says:

Hallo Armien!
Sehr schöner und emotionaler Beitrag. Ich habe deutlich gefühlt, wie viel dir daran liegt… Du hast sehr deutlich betont, dass es alleine deiner Meinung nach, die 10 besten Alben für Jazz-Beginners sind. Ob ein Starter mit Mingus Ah Um gut bedient ist, stelle ich mal einfach in Frage. Um z. B. dieses Album in seiner ganzen Komplexität zu erfassen und daran Gefallen zu finden, bedarf es (meiner Meinung nach) schon etwas geübte Ohren.
Wenn jemand ohne Jazz-Kenntnisse und -Erfahrungen diese 10 Alben gehört hat und ihm das Genre nichts sagt und keine Emotionen auslöst, dann kann er noch so viele andere Alben hören, da wird nix passieren 😉
Deine Liebe zu Miles Davis’ Kind Of Blue teile ich. Nach vielen Jahren des Sammelns besitze ich nun 125 verschiedene Vinylversionen und als Ergänzung rund 35 verschiedene CD/SACD.
Bei der MFSL-Version bin ich auch etwas zwiespältig. Zum einen gebe ich dir dahingehend recht, dass sie “soundet”. Andererseits waren die einzelnen Instrumente (vor allem der Bass von Paul Chambers) nie besser zu hören, ohne aufdringlich zu wirken. Die Bühne ist breit und tief, der Klang sehr warm und dennoch absolut klar. Aber: Das Remaster hat nicht viel mit dem “Ur-Master” von 1959 zu tun. Für Puristen natürlich ein no go. Für audiophile Klangfetischisten ein Geschenk.
Auch wenn du schon 4 verschiedene Versionen von KOB besitzt, so lege ich dir noch eine der japanischen Pressungen sehr ans Herz.
Ich freue mich auf deine nächsten Beiträge und wünsche dir bis dahin eine gute Zeit!
Viele Grüße aus HH,

A Rem says:

Man vs Vinyl?

Pipestud3 CorncobPuffer says:

Other jazz albums that should be in your collection: Henri Mancini-Mancini Touch, Herbie Mann-Family of Mann, Yellowjackets first album, Ramsey Lewis-Goin’ Latin, Cal Tjader-Soulburst and Soul Sauce and Latin Kicks, Wes Montgomery-California Dreaming, Gerry Mulligan-The Concert Jazz Band, any Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66 including Fool on the Hill, Tom Scott-New York Connection, Jimmy Smith-Bashin and finally my all time favorite jazz album Ray Bryant’s Lonesome Traveler.

Artur Berg says:

what a nice channel

Rebecca T says:

Wonderful! I was a young woman during the Golden Age, daughter of a jazz fan (yes, I still have a lot of my dad’s vinyl) so I heard the music when it was new. Your choices for a NEW listener are spot on! Commenters who take exception and want to see a “Top 10” of jazz greats aren’t quite getting the point. I wouldn’t have picked some of these, but you really gave this some great thought. Excellent all around.

Riyad Movlazade says:

haha i remember danincanada too

sfbdotcom says:

I enjoyed the middle bit with the recommendations, but I think you could easily have trimmed about 5 minutes off the whole thing. I already have the Miles Davis BTW, just not on vinyl (yet)

Coleccionista PR says:


audiophile man says:

Audiophile Laws: If you want to find out just how glorious jazz is, watch the Ken Burns Jazz Documentary. The stories about the musicians are just as interesting as the brilliance of the music. It’s a multi-part series that will take you on a historical and musical magic carpet ride. It is this documentary that got me enthralled with everything jazz.

michael kaiser says:

Speak No Evil, Wayne Shorter.

Pedarius says:

Ich mag deine Videos, aber leider machst du zu wenige 😀 Welche Hüllen nimmst du für deine Platten (aussen wie innen) ? Wechselst du manchmal deine Cartridge?

Isabelle Sleutel says:

Serious I want to have an vinyl of Chet Baker …. I NEED ONE

Autumn Aarilyn says:

To add to your list this baker’s dozen: Booker Ervin’s “Structurally sound ” with the definitive version of Stolen Moments, Lou Donaldson’s “Blues walk” with Ray Barretto on congas, Cannonball Adderley’s Best of on Capitol which includes live recordings and features a young Joe Zawinal.  Jimmy Smith’s 4cd Bluenote Retrospective, Wes Montgomery box on Riverside, Clifford Brown’s Brownie: Complete Emercy recordings featuring Max Roach, Hank Mobley’s The Turnaround, Herbie Hancock’s Maiden Voyage, Art Blakey’s Moanin, Milt Jackson’s “Bags and flutes” on Atlantic, John Coltrane’s Blue Trane which is his sole Blue note album, and Ray Brown trio Bassics on Concord featuring Gene Harris on piano and live dates, and Jackie Mclean sextet’s  “Fat Jazz on Jubilee with Ray Draper on tuba.

Manuela Martins says:

Tolles Video! Welche Außenhüllen verwendest Du?

kenji drake says:

You should do a classic vocal jazz vid too

jjsteeg says:

I love your enthusiasm. Keep up the good work!

Ahmed El Assy says:

Henry Mancini – The Pink Panther
The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Time Out
Kenny Burrell – Midnight Blue
Chet Baker – Chet Baker Sings
Bill Evans Trio – Waltz for Debby
Cannonball Adderly – Something Else
Sonny Rollins – Saxophone Colossus
Stan Getz / Joao Gilberto – Getz/Gilberto
Horace Silver – Song for my Father
Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

audiophile man says:

Audiophile Laws: I know that you may be somewhat new to jazz, but there are some fabulous records that were made before the 1950’s an 1960’s. You haven’t heard jazz until you’ve heard Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Art Tatum, Jelly Roll Morton, Bix Beiderbecke, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Charlie Parker, etc. There are too many to list here. There are many swing bands that are outstanding. Don’t sell yourself short. The ’50’s and ’60’s small group jazz musicians would not have been possible without these great jazz artists. If you want to be blown away, start out with Armstrong’s version of West End Blues and then listen to Art Tatum’s version of Tiger Rag.

Tee Dee says:

Any jazz collection that does not include a Jimmy Smith / Jimmy McGriff / Wes Montgomery / Carmen Mcrae/ Thelonious Monk or Sonny Sharrock record album in it, ain’t no jazz (or otherwise) collection at all.

Iñigo Acedo says:

I would suggest you also Ben Webster’s “Warm Moods” Easy listening and out of the mainstream.

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