Andrew Jackson Jihad- Knife Man ALBUM REVIEW

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With an almost unmeasurable poetic bitterness, Andrew Jackson Jihad are as sharp as ever on their new album, Knife Man. As usual, the music here is about the lyrics. The chord progressions are familiar copies of folk songs and punk tunes. Hell, some of the songs even sound similar to tracks from the band’s previous album.

Still, the lyrics here throw me into fits of laughter and depression. These tracks make me swing back and forth like an emotional pendulum. That’s the show of a great Andrew Jackson Jihad album. Well, to me, anyway.

What do you think of this album? Love it? hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?





Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


princess curbstomp says:

seeing them this weekend in austin!! theyre on a 10 year anniversary tour for people who can eat people are the luckiest people in the world, and i couldn’t be more psyched! for sure my favorite band of all time lmao

simon dantzic says:

This is one of my favorite albums of all time

Dan Abnormal says:

I’m pretty sure this video is responsible for the huge increase in AJJ’s popularity after Knife Man’s release.

Tha Swami says:

I’m so glad you reviewed this, but so mad I just found this review… I love AJJ!!! This album was like a collection of short stories.

Friskky_ says:

I loved back pack

Tuggy Buggy Sr says:


dontchewglass says:

You should review some music by Pat the Bunny, whether it be his solo career, or any of his other projects, like Ramshackle Glory, Wingnut Dishwashers Union or Johnny Hobo

Asjfkng OK says:

Guys who get offended by American Tune are hilarious.

Electric Owl99 says:

My favorite song is definitely big bird

Chloe says:

Never going to watch music reviews again thanks

Madvillainy91 says:

Tat-thony Too-tano

Luke Peabody says:

Who in the fuck watches a review on music.

SlunkMonke says:

Can you send a new link for the “on the rise contest”? I haven’t voted yet

Cult of Deer says:

It’s funny everyone always forgets or dislikes backpack on their first listen but it seems like it just grows on everyone like crazy the second and third time around

RancidHobo says:

Yeah I understand why this band gets hate but honestly I love them. They’re so bitter and whiny, but poetic and life affirming at the same time.

Rick Sanchez says:

This is not related specifically to this album but I just can’t understand the point of listening to sad lyrics beyond observation? Why would you want to continue to make yourself sad?

johnnyv725 says:

I dont think this guy really gets andrew jackson jihad this album alone has a standing theme he is solitude in the michael jordan of drunk driving it says “his laziness built the pyramids snd his solitude was a knife” and again in the ending of BigBird he screams “i am a knife!” All these things he thinks about keeps him standing tall this is merely a reflection of not only who he his but who the world is and an album being capable of obtaining as many faces as this one does is a remarkable feet something ive only see musicians do twice ajj of course and nirvana some people are born artists and some are made artists

Pirans says:

wish i wouldve found this band sooner, discovered it in 2016, its so good

stan clooney says:

3:57 fuggin drobbed :DDDDDDD

InsertCleverNameHere says:

I only found this band thanks to this review and when he mentioned it in his Vinyl Collection, so thanks for the recommendation, Anthony!

Joseph rivas says:

The message I get from a lot of AJJ albums is “humans are shitty, but I’m a human too so let’s be shitty together and try to make the best of it.”

Float says:

I love this album a lot but MAN is hard to be “people who eat people” for me. That album makes me listen to the entire thing every time I hear any one song off of it.

Spencer Marchewka says:

I fucking loveeeee back pack

akari chon says:

american tune is bait and antoine fandango bit hard.
muh privilege.

Slade Woodward says:

What do I think? Best band I’ve heard in a long time! Clever, poignant, and easily able to listen to it again. I especially like Big Bird and Brave as a Noun (though it is not on this LP).

xlr8877 says:

The instrumentals on Big Bird gave a super Pink Floyd-ish feel, i wish they kept in the direction they were going, I feel like a lot of the obscene but believable grit that gave this band it’s uniqueness got unacknowledged in the last two albums.

MirumExMachina says:

I had no clue he had a tattoo

filbo says:

No One is such a good song

Finn Homan says:

I would’ve never pegged Anthony for a tattoo person

Sean Schumann says:

I love fole-k music ;^)

Scary Bird says:

I was liking the track “American Tune” until I heard him say “I get paid more than a woman with a degree” and it made me cringe. Hasn’t this proven false numerous times.

lettuceshredder says:

I find it funny that you used the phrase “a tear in your beer type sad song” because in Sad Songs(Intermission) Sean sings the line “could you please sit over there I dont want you cryin’ in my beer”

bakerbrown6 says:

Good review and I agree with you pretty much on everything… I would give it a solid 9 though. This was the first AJJ album I ever came across, and it remains my favorite… the others are solid though.

TwistedUnicorn1 says:

I loved back pack. It’s not the best track musically, but there’s something to be said when a song can inspire a visceral emotional reaction in the listener, which that song did, in fact, I found the imagery to be repulsive and nauseating,

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