Björk – Debut (Album Review)

My in-depth review of the debut record ‘Debut’ by Icelandic powerhouse Björk (1993).
Highlight Tracks:
Like Someone In Love*
Venus As a Boy
Come to Me
Human Behavior
One Day

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Calan Campbell says:

It’s my fav Bjork album

Charles Daussin says:

Great job and well-spoken as always.

I always perceived One Day as her singing to herself about being a future mother before she had her first child. It talks about how her life will change, ‘the atmosphere will get lighter’. She even, in a way, prophesies the outcome of the ‘aeroplane that curves gracefully around the volcano with an eruption that never lets you down, as the sex she has as the catalyst to her pregnancy. Strange because the following track is ‘Aeroplane’ itself.

I think my least favorite track on the album is There’s More To Life Than This. It just sounds a little too dated for me. I understand what she was trying to do but it doesn’t age well. I think that is why this album, overall, is rated lower than most of her other albums due to that song, Big Time Sensuality, and Violently Happy. They are particularly dated and don’t showcase her innovative nature at all.

I love her subtle poetic innuendos in songs. Thanks for your commentary and take on her songs. I hope it helps others to get more excited, understand and think about what she sings and the music and sounds that she chooses intricately and purposefully.

As a side-note, she has one last track that’s only included in the international releases of Debut, Play Dead from the movie The Young Americans.

Ryan Collins says:

Sadly, the baby in ‘One Day’ is just a stock sound sample. The first time I ever saw or heard Björk was when she performed ‘Aeroplane’ live on MTV’s 120 Minuets – I’d never heard anyone sing like her was immediately hooked.

Do you plan on reviewing The Sugarcubes’ albums?

Madison Brown says:

Glad you reviewed Björk’s first album Debut! Pretty much my favorite song on that album is Human Behavior! Looking forward to your other stuff soon

Rafael Aguayo says:

Great review! but Like someone in love is not her song is a cover 🙂

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