Brian May & Roger Taylor discuss the Jazz album – Queen – Day’s Of Our Lives Documentary

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In this clip Queen discuss leaving the UK and recording the ‘Jazz’ album in France. Roger and Brian go on to discuss the success of the album launch and the ‘Bicycle Race’ and ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ singles.

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FreddieMercuryIsThicc says:

I think if Roger was at the filming of Bicycle Race, well….

Pine Rocks says:

Jazz was for me, their last great album, after Live Killers it was down hill, still some great songs but albums were patchy and disjointed.

DonnyOsmosis says:

Is the JAZZ album a “jazz” album? No. Is it a PERFECT album? Yup. Everything F***ing song is GOLDEN. Mustafa, Jealousy… ALL OF IT. They don’t make ’em like THAT anymore !!!

Guy Otaku says:


Matt Smith says:

I think the band were overly harsh on the Jazz album here. It was only a step down because the albums before it were pure genius. You can’t get an “A” every time. Sometimes you’re going to get a “B-“. There are still a lot of great tunes on that album. “Bicycle Race” in some ways is even more extravagant than “Bohemian” because it was played live without any tapes. So many chances to fuck up due to the insane time signatures. I still cannot believe the British tax laws at that time. 98%. Are you kidding me? That’s outright insane. Obviously at some point these tax laws were repealed because British musicians started living in the UK again in the 80’s. In some ways I blame the death of John Bonham on the UK govt at the time. The taxes made it to where he would’ve been almost impoverished had he stayed in Britain. He loved his wife and kids, but were forced to live apart from them.

Carolyn N says:

That was a bit strange

Leonie S. says:

okay so the thing is: I am not a big queen fan.. no wait, wrong. I think queen are incredible, but I’m not really searching for the facts or listen to their unpopular songs (please tell me good ones though). stillbirth enjoy interviews and stuff. but whatever, I do have some queen records and I formed them into MP3 and put them on my phone and for some dumb reason the jazz album cover appeared on every record I put on my phone that day. and it’s really fucking annoying because that’s not Eric fucking Clapton so I don’t wanna see it on a Eric Clapton record LMAO

Maxim Volodkin says:

great band, great music, great hair video. dot
excuse me is bicycle race from jazz? though it was quite about written in opera

salud y riqueza says:

El mas grande! Que gran grupo!

Brooke Williams says:


Valentina Martucci says:


Jörg-Detlef Rockefeller says:

98 % to taxes? Can somebody with proper tax knowledge explain if this is a valid statement?

Billy Hill says:

That party in NOLA would have been epic.

virusbebola says:

Look at Rog and Bri’s faces. They are sad and/or angry, like they just had an argument. Didn’t you have the same impression?

George Martin says:

i would love to lick the bicycle seats after those chicks sweaty poontangs were riding on them,,,i get rock hard at the sight of those hot chicks nude on the bikes…i want to smell those bike seats

Anonnymous #23413525 says:

who is the girl at the minute 2:06?

Thom The King Of Hell says:

what is this?

Mysterywhiteboy78 says:

“I shall think of Freddie Mercury every day – maybe for a moment, maybe for longer.” ” I loved watching him work the crowd. He was the best – no one could touch him.”

-Roger Taylor

“When Freddie died, it was like losing a family member, and we all handled it in different ways. For a time, I really wanted to escape from Queen”
“I think about Freddie all the time, really. There certainly isn’t a day where I don’t have some sort of thought about him.
“I have been to the extremes, where I have found it very painful, and I couldn’t talk about him. But I don’t feel that any more.

“He’s part of our lives, still, in a very real way. I’m not saying there aren’t moments when I don’t get tearful, because there are, but most of the time it’s a joy.”

-Brian May

ElpequenoVolador says:

I would know all of those lady’s names, my dog just asks me.

Elissa Schornstein says:

Love Queen but only like a few if the songs on this album. However, compared the best music of today the album is glorious. Love Freddie Mercury always amazung.

Vincent Locollo says:


Interesting Things says:

These hot girls. They are in their 60s now.

gabrielle hatton says:

i bet the rest of the band didn’t realize how precious the time with freddie mercury, the vocal angel, would be when they were recording albums. if only a real time machine took them back to the recording days, i bet they would cherish them like crazy…

Luz Rojas says:

Boobies on youtube OMG 😮

Helen Golod says:

When ever they talk about how he got into the gay scene.. i keep thinking if he was just more careful about his partners he might be alive today.. but i guess safe sex was not really known back then nor did people know to much about STDS so… just wish he was still alive today.. just say Adam Lambert with Queen and it was amazing.. proof that his legacy still lives on…

Joejoe Whitmore says:

La da da da da da da daaaa da da da da da da my favorite part. So beautiful

IrenaMV says:

Nov. 24th will be 26th anniversary of Freddie’s death. R.I.P. Darling. You are still loved.

Yoan Pantchev says:

I closed porn for this video


Genomizer says:

Even though “Don´t Stop…….” is one of the most popular song by Queen I think that songs like “White Man”, “Ogre Battle”, “Mustapha” etc. are sooooo much better. The list would go on and on!!!!

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