Captain Beefheart – Trout Mask Replica ALBUM REVIEW


After all these years, Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica still stands as one of rock’s most challenging and boundary-pushing albums.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Trevor Barre says:

Decals was recorded after Trout Mask. Just to let you know not-nerd..

Trevor Barre says:

You clearly haven’t followed the well -known biography of Don which makes me less confident about your comments.

Insederec says:

I’d love to hear Melon’s thoughts on The Residents.

Paul Rixon says:

Oi Ants. Like your style m8. Review Sizzla “Soul Deep” ya wee bastard.

ospididious says:

There is no sense to be made of this album. I feel like there’s some secret album code that has gone unsolved for half a century, like that radiohead track that spans multiple tracks and has to be digitally put together by fans. Or it could just be a bunch of random madness… This is one of those albums you subject people to while you sit back and watch their reactions.

Darc Gibson says:

This is something you appreciate, not like.

Sup Kids says:

One of my fav albums of all time. Can’t​ blame a soul for not liking it though.

Erick Tello says:

Fuck you dude
You review this shit but blow over Conan moccasin

Color Bars says:

Every member of The Mars Volta must have spent countless hours inspecting this album. Especially Cedric, because it seems he could have wrote these lyrics.

ProtestSong68 says:

Anthony do a Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden or a Laughing Stock one or i will punch you in the face.

bsted use says:

Almost all the songs on Trout Mask Replica are laboriously worked out. It isn’t an improvisational noise experiment – although on first listen it could be construed as such. Subsequent listens reveal rigorously composed parts for all the instruments – the ‘noise’ is deliberate and thought out. There are patterns galore, you just have to pay attention. As far as the lyrics go – great surrealist poetry. Beefheart’s vocals may sound like an alcoholic, chain smoking street person, but that would only be the case for those who have never heard Howlin’ Wolf, Son House, and whole host of delta blues singers. Great album.

Aidan Blair says:

Listen to Jon Bap holy shit

Vinyl Music Club says:

i actually had no problem getting through it when i was twelve

Clown Prince says:

I know you think pink floyd’s the wall is a 10 (so do I) but it would be cool to hear you talk about it in depth

Kashmoney99 says:

Capthony Beeftano here!

Bing Sinatra says:

Please review ‘An Evening With Wild Man Fischer’.

ג'אני ניסים says:

Great review, I would compare the experience in this album with the free jazz album of Ornet Coleman, my opinion only

maceomaceo11 says:

The musicians hired as the band had no input on this album whatsoever. Neither did Zappa, he just kept an organized work environment. Beefheart (an untrained musician) wrote every note and all the parts for the other instruments on piano. He basically expected the impossible from his band, guitars don’t have the same range as a piano. Beefheart didn’t care, he expected what he wrote to be played. He was too ignorant to understand why they couldn’t. What Zoot Horn Rollo does on guitar on this album is not humanly possible and he did it anyway. The album is a triumph in what the musicians accomplished, but that being said I to this day find the album a difficult listen. I need to be in a mood to hear something different and I listen to it as a marvelous feat rather than as a pleasurable listen.

There are 21 different motifs going on in just the first 5 seconds of the album, and four different time signatures. This is not just some dudes trying to be weird. They spent a full year rehearsing making sure every part was just the way Beefheart wanted it before even going to the studio, where they did it in one take. It may sound random and unplanned, but it was the exact opposite.

Anton Puricelli says:

It is an album which is so horrible that it’s great.

Stony T says:

Troutthany Masktano

liquidpebbles says:

So basically OG Lil B

fuck you says:

He didn’t play any instrument.

james frazier says:

Wanna band that makes no damn sense? Calvin Heights Worst Calligraphy totally is for you buds.
Find some artisan in that and ill be shocked

Meowy mcMeowface says:

this was my first Beefheart album! first time i stumbled upon the album cover i was like, “wtf is this about?” but i liked it, it looked weird. i loved the background color (so pink!!) and i liked the bold, green corduroy jacket with the sherpa collar, so i was instantly intrigued lol. first time you play it, the opening track smacks you right in the face and you either like it or not lol. i was dumbstruck. i was like, ‘um ok?’ but i listened to the whole thing haha. it took a second time listening to it to really truly enjoy it because the first time through, some of it sticks in yr head. 10 yrs later this is still one of my fave albums 🙂

Dan Fitt-Palmer says:

I grew up with my Dad playing this album a lot. I find Lick My Decals Off, Baby way way harder to listen to. Probably a product of my familiarity with Trout Mask though…

Big Gargantuar says:

Go fuck yourself you ugly ass looking nazi

Neolithic Man says:

You got to listen the tracks on repeat to understand this album

Onkgopotse Sibanyoni says:


Magnificent Man says:

I loved this album on first listen.
This isn’t hard to get into, but it’s fucking difficult to understand.

joey novack says:

Review lateralus by tool

Raul Mejia says:

This album is… interesting.

Martin Herrero says:

Frank Zappa… who produced this record.

Leo OD says:

THE album of r/surrealmemes

john popper says:

i never realized that was a green screen oh my god

Jladimir Céroline says:

love you Anthony 😀

DeepSeaLugia says:

oii use a trash mask for your greenscreen masterpiece

Pablopax4 says:

I bought this 40 years ago,  Dada on vinyl, amazing it ever got released. The whole thing was designed to be annoying but I suspect it was to shake us up, and it did to me. I like his other albums better though….Someone should try this as bedroom music, if you get me, I’m bending my mind imagining how that might pan out.

tdunster2011 says:

I was not a fan of Trout Mask Replica until I’d heard it over 100 times. It took me a long time to acclimatise to it but once I did it all made sense. Now I give it a spin and it doesn’t sound anything out of the ordinary. The secret to it is to not try and make sense of it or analyse it. Instead just put it on in the background and let it slowly enter your blood stream.

Ben says:

One of my favorite albums

Ronin says:

Do Discovery by Daft Punk for classics week

richie downik says:

the weirdest album ever released …. by the freakiest, sickest R & R Combo !!! 2/3 centuries ahead of their time.

DexterousDiggs says:

I totally disagree with the idea that the instruments sound like they are all playing different songs. The music is sometimes polytonal and sometimes atonal, and the rhythms and grooves are wonky and off kilter, but they are absolutely still locked in with each other. Tense and unconventional yes (that’s what makes it fascinating in my opinion) but not out of sync or poorly performed. I personally enjoy listening to this record, I find it to be a cathartic and unpredictable roller coaster of wacky grooves and insane lyricism. I also disagree that the production is bad. It could be better produced and mixed yes, but I think the punchy tone on the bass guitar and the bright treble heavy guitars add to the albums sound perfectly. I’m not one of those people who thinks that because somebody else dislikes this record it’s because they don’t “get it” or that it reflects on their taste poorly, because the album is very much a take it or leave it proposition, but I absolutely love it and find it an amazingly satisfying listen. I will point out though, that you didn’t give enough credit to the musical talent on display om this record, one example can be heard in the drum solo at the end of Sugar and Spikes.

OVXX says:

it kinda fucking sucks, you cant just break the rules and tell everyone its unique

Mc Daniels says:

I beg to differ with you on this album receiving critical acclaim. Whilst reading what I believe to have been the first Rolling Stone Record Guide sometime around 1978 I saw this album was given five stars. On the basis of that, and having been produced by Zappa I shelled out $9.99 for this double album and felt thoroughly ripped off. Today I consider it a masterpiece. The Capt. is certainly an acquired taste. Thanks for the review.

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