Coltrane’s Lost Album: Jazz Release of the Decade?

Here are my thoughts on John Coltrane’s latest archival album and some of the hype surrounding it. (For the record, I’m talking about the 2-disc/streaming version.)

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Conor Lewis says:

Melon mentions Physical Graffiti <3

Will Hoste says:

Good review, but you didn’t have to call Coltrane the N-word repeatedly for the last two minutes of the video

Kraig Adkins says:

11386 was fire though

AbsoluteZero DME says:

This reminds me of every new J. Dilla release. Just because its Dilla doesn’t make it a quality release.

George Dutton says:

Went to a Jazz festival in the UK last weekend, the genre is definitely still thriving. Nubya Garcia, Alfa Mist, Tom Misch, Yazz Ahmed, Portico Quartet are all brilliant new artists/ groups

Orest B. says:

Unpopular opinion:
Coltrane is overrated.

John Rodriguez says:


Peter Hughes says:

hey melon, how about you shut up and do your research, could you give us some examples outside of sons of kemet, heaven and earth and r + r = now which are not underground or burgeoning at all, not to mention that this album is not a compilation, its an album just like any other coltrane album, thats what they went into the studio to do

Luke Ornish says:

Thoughts on Snarky Puppy and Cory Henry?

ststst says:

Hell no Kamasi Washington’s the Epic was far more important in the last decade to Jazz than this will ever be

Hallef Rodrigues says:

Please review this album Anthony.

Noah Jackson says:

My Favorite Things is still my favorite

AustinKDrummer says:

holy sheep

Fast Savannah says:

…The Soft One [Full Demo] …is jazzy

CO8izm says:

At the end of the day it’s JC playing the sax, Mr.Tyner playing the piano, Jimmy Garrison on the Bass and Elvin on the drums which is always a joy to listen to.

SJW 4LIFE says:

People would let past musical greatness go if we felt that the present was any good. I would love to put away my Ready To Die, Enter The 36th Chambers, ATLiens, A Love Supreme, Kind Of Blue, What’s Goin On, Innervisions etc in favor of newer music from those genres. But they have to come with it. Not on the level of those great albums I mentioned, just be good. I don’t think there are enough good albums from these genres that would merit me not looking to the past.

miJ ekruoR’O says:



Love u melhen

Le Grand Boche says:

Kamasi Washington’s new album is, for me, practicly as good as The Epic

Deanz Beber says:

More life is the most important jazz album of the decade.

mikekachowski says:

U should do a classic review of naked city self titled album

Lars Anger says:

i knew someone who kept complaining about jazz being dead, i later found out they never listened to any jazz past 1990. of course people think this is the holy grail, its old after all. ps i thought the album was neat

Cashew Chestnut says:

Drake’s Scoprion: Jazz Release of the Decade?

Doritos, cheetos and fritos, also traps ARE gay says:

I will take this lost Coltrane album over Kamasi Washington literally any day. Kamasi is so fucking boring, he’s just discount Pharoah Sanders nearly 50 years too late. He’s terrible at his instrument, his compositions are stale and unimaginative and no one would care about him if he didn’t have the spiritual gimmick and excessively long albums. He’s not doing anything that wasn’t done a hundred times better decades and decades ago and he is the furthest thing from innovation in jazz

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