Dominique Fils-Aimé – Stay Tuned! – Album Review

For my 1094th review, I finally discuss an strong low-key sophomore album from this Canadian indie R&B/jazz/soul artist.

Best Songs: ‘There is probably Fire’, ‘Gun Burial’, ‘Some Body’, ‘Revolution Serenade’, ‘Free Dom’, ‘Joy River’
Worst Song: ‘Magic Whistle’


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Dominique Fils-Aimé – Stay Tuned! – R&B / Soul / Jazz – Album Review

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Dominique Fils-Aimé says:

Thanks for the review & for taking the time! ♥️

Dalton Riser says:

2 reviews in one day hell yeah

Another Jones says:

Love the album. Nice find Marc!

TheZooropaBaby says:

Her features on Mouse on the Keys album was fantastic as fuck

Aiden Lenhart says:


OddMentalities 000 says:

Scores so far (excluding Resonators):

10/10: 0
9/10: 2 (SUNDAYS, Saor)
8/10: 7
7/10: 8
6/10: 7
5/10: 1
4/10: 3
3/10: 0
2/10: 1 (Juice WRLD)
1/10: 0

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

TheDuffyMSGR64 says:

Any relation to Reggie Fils-Aimé? 😛

duke86fan says:

dat red lighting

Adam Hochberg says:

You should check out the album Santa Barbara by After Funk, they’re another Canadian funk/jazz/R&B band

Jack Ging says:

I was gonna comment something bout Reggie but everyone else beat me to it

Adam Daniluk says:

Oop come on dramatic lighting! Enjoying the experimentation

HØødime says:

Someone seems to go to the Dark Side!
This album was pretty good,maybe Great In The future!

ARTV says:

First lol

Aria LeBlanc says:

Surprise double upload!

Dashie41 says:

I miss Reggie Fils Aime now Bowser is taking over Nintendo

Jeddi says:

Atleast he’s saving on electric bills to review music more instead of worrying on money

Jordan The Music Man says:

New AJR album coming in April. You gonna review that surrounded by fire?

Thomas Stremfel says:

My body is ready

Captain Kon'Doriano says:

*reads Fils-Aime*

My Body Is Ready!!!

Алексей Al says:

Damn that’s a great lighting!

Amy Nero says:

Lighting looks great in this vid – well done!

20Brendan Ho says:

that lighting doe… looks like its radiating from the album cover. very cool.

Max Please says:

Please do Sigrid’s Sucker Punch album!!!!

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