Essential Ten Blue Note Titles [Re: 150 Subs Contest – Pick A Jazz Label]

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NeedleGroove says:

Lee Morgan is also my favourite trumpeter of all time and I agree with y about search for a new land. He switches it up on that session and it’s incredible.

NeedleGroove says:

The albums are so good I want to comment on each one. So much to say. Such amazing music. Midnight blue. Can’t say enough about that. I have never heard the Stevie version of chitlins. I have to hear that. Idle moments amazing. Blue train goes without saying. A night in Tunisia of course. These are all among my top blue note albums. The ones that made me fall in love with jazz. Essential.

FlipSideCT says:

Thanks for this video and insight. I am a wannabe collector, but just seem to fess the $ up now.  I mostly like the bluesy and slower jazz. I can appreciate the hard bop/bop/free but it is just to fast.  This helped me.  I checked these out:….I really liked Cannonball Adderley, Kenny Burrell,and my goodness Grant Green was so beautiful.
I know the other cats. Now these you mentioned were not what thought hard bop is, fast and chaotic.  Steve

Localbandography says:

I have 18 Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers original pressings and A Night In Tunisia keeps escaping me somehow. It will come off the want list here soon enough.

Matthew Smith says:

Great selections, “Songs for my Father” being one of my favorites. Loved your input on each album. I’ve yet to hear Grant Green, though I’ve heard of him. I have Kenny Burrell’s Christmas album, which is great, but not the album you showed. Looks like more albums for my wish list.

Alan Thomas says:

You are dead on with this list.

William A.P.M. says:

That Lee Morgan album is out of this world.

seqouiaflame says:

KILLER!!! I got lucky last year and scored 6 OG Blue Notes at a thrift for a buck each!!! That doesn’t happen often!!! 
I would have added in Eric Dolphy’s Out To Lunch and in my opinion, No Room For Squares is my favorite Hank Mobley, but that is just my thoughts!! Lee Morgan really shines on that LP!! Need Search Of New Lands like yesterday!!! HAHAHAHA!! Do have Sidewinder, though. One of the records I scored for a buck!!

Danny Jarvis says:

Larry Young’s album Unity is without doubt the finest modern Jazz record of all time it’s a pity not many people acknowledge this masterpiece.

Luís Moutinho says:

Hey Paul, great video and very nice selections, congrats!

You seem to be very fond of Hank Mobley’s Soul Station, and that’s a great album for sure. What do you think of Workout, another Blue Note album of his?

AudiophileLaws says:

Great response! I enjoyed your video a lot! 
You showed all the important classics. 
Thanks for sharing 🙂 

Georgie Padilla says:

As a Grant Green fan, I notice that Idle Moments gets constantly mentioned as his best. My favorite of his is Street of Dreams. I think Wayne Shorter & Horace Silver’s style is the best way for people to understand jazz. Their compositions stand out while the improvisations stay clearly connected so the new fan can have an idea of what’s going on. There are some artists that have cheap 10 second intros & then even they don’t know what’s going on after. Sometimes they even start improvising on other standards, like if they were telling the leader, “See what you made me do with your crappy composition”.

James Moir says:

Wow my amazon and eBay shopping cart filled fast! This video was perfect for me right now just getting into blue note. So far all I have is cannonball adderly and one piece of a 3 piece blue note compilation set. Keep up the videos man. By the way was your a night in Tunisia an original or re issue. I see originals on eBay but very pricey, just wondering.

Tojazzer says:

Somethin’ Else makes me angry. What should have been Adderley’s album turned into a showcase for Miles Davis. Cannonball is a mere guest on his own record. Shame.

Vince Guarnere says:

Great video!!! Im with you on the hard bop from the 50’s and 60’s. I was weened on jazz from my dad and he had around 300 LP’s mostly jazz he used to play every night after he got home from work. i unfortunately have very few Blue Note and no OG’s unfortunately but love the ones I have. Love horace and jimmy Smith especially!!!

HiViNyws channel says:

Brother Paul,
You are such a natural genius at giving superb accounts of musicians, music genres and labels!!! I am always glued to the screen as your video starts playing, and any thing that made me pause will invoke my impatience as I wanted to get back to hearing what you are going to say next in the course of your video!!! Thank you for all that effort at sharing all your opinions AND information to us, in your sincere and lively manner.

We all enjoy your videos and effort.

Thank you Paul!
Your friend,

NeedleGroove says:

Thanks so much for doing this. Before you even show an album I can say that I definitely gravitate towards the blues stuff as well. It is what drew me to jazz and blue note in the first place.

Andy Glover says:

Interesting video! Are many of those Music Matters pressings? I’ve thought of getting some but I always see the 2×45 instead of 1×33 pressings and I don’t like getting up so often.

zaxmaxlax says:

No Wayne Shorter and no Herbie hancock?

JorgenS says:

Hi Paul,
a very interesting video about Blue Note! I was happy to see a Jimmy Smith there. I’m hoping to find at least one Jimmy-album a year and i hope that one will be one of those i find this year!
I haven’t got any Lee Morgan-albums yet, but i got interested in “Side winder” a couple of months back. He’s really a great musician! 
Great respons! Take care! 🙂

dixielandfarm says:

I’ve got a few of these on vinyl, most digitally… great choices, Paul!

Russ Knize says:

Hey Paul. Thanks again for these Jazz videos. I listened to all of these titles on Tidal and ended up grabbing several from Music Matters. They are fantastic pressings. You really should make a playlist for the Jazz curious!

Is your Music Matters “Midnight Blue” record slightly transparent? Out of the MM LPs I have, this is the only one that is like that. It kind of reminds me a little of the early Mofi/Quiex pressings in the way it looks black until you shine light through it.

johnk TechHead says:

dont know how i missed this one! great video brother, just realised that i have to fill a couple of blue note holes that i have 😉

Michael Jordan says:

Thank you mate!

William Now says:

Just started getting into jazz collecting about a half year ago. Your suggestions really helped me out. Thanks for pointing me in the general direction. I am having fun finding my own way now. Like you, I love hard Bop the best and Blue Note is my label of choice. I am getting a lot of the Blue Note 75 Series. For $16.99 at Best Buy You can’t go wrong…..Excellent channel and like the Deadwax Series also.

TheBonjela100 says:

Wow – stumbled upon your channel – as I step back into vinyl world I am so grateful. Excellent work. And needless to say musicmatters got some orders because of this video. Thanks for an excellent channel.

Raphaël L says:

Great edition ! Search for the new land is the jam. Bad cats cookin’. All these album are masterpieces. Respect from France

Chris4127basket says:

Great video!  the blakey is still on my wantlist; you are right I think about people wanting to get into jazz….blue note is probably a great place to start with!

mahler62 says:

Enjoyed your thoughts on these albums. I’m another Lee Morgan and Art Blakey fan. I was in NY for the weekend and purchased lee-way and Lee Morgan on Classic records. It’s great to see Music Matters releasing  these great albums with such care.

SublimMedia says:

Fantastic video! I have been going back, watching almost all your videos thees past two days and i have to say “well done sir… well done!” Great blend of records with the biggest bulk being jazz and very informative. Just what i seek in VC. Even continued yesterday evening with watching the BN doc. Iv seen it before but i got such a urge after this video! Keep doing what you do and talk soon. //Jonas

Alan Becker says:

How about emarcy?

Chris4127basket says:

midnight blue…superb record! what version do you have? idle moments is also a want/ thanks for sharing! ps: In search….amazing I agree/

Gabriel Martinez says:

do you have the sonny Rollins album called saxophone colossus,I have the Rudy van gelder remastered CD of the album

Michael Greco says:

Very cool. I love that Kenny Burell record. I need to check out the Cannonball Adderly. He’s such a great alto player

Douglas says:

I just picked up a Desmond Blue original Mono for 2 bucks. beautiful music and sound. Some of those old RCAs are pretty good

Iwan Andringa says:

Great suggestions!

Ole Rocker says:

I know it’s two years later, but I got to this video and am glad! You mentioned a couple of artists I am not familiar with and will pick them up. Thanks!

Thomas Simmons says:

Good entry level record Sonny Rollins’s Saxophone Colossus, Lee Morgan ” The Sidewinder” Kenny Burrell ” Midnight Blue”

Gabriel Martinez says:

the blue note documentary has been blocked by youtube

Paneeks1960 {Rob/Boston} says:

Hi Paul,
You showed some essential and fantastic albums there. 
Question for you: Have you ever heard Dolphy’s ‘Out To Lunch’ 45 rpm from Music Matters? I was thinking on grabbing a few of these and I was wondering which ones are upbeat and funky?
Thanks for sharing these and all of the info behind them. Always interesting~

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