Explorations In Music Matters Jazz

Interview with Joe Harley and Michael Fremer from last year:

Music Matters Jazz Website:

Acoustic Sounds (Analogue Productions) website for old Classic Records and Analogue Productions pressings of Blue Note Titles:

Interview with Bernie Grundman with references to Classic Records:

Kevin Gray mixing Blade Runner:


Tom Kennison says:

What kind of outer protective sleeves are you using? Thank you. Great watch!

tenor man says:

Great info . Thanks !

clint hildebrand says:

nice piece.  I’m a bit of a late comer to the 45 rpm reissues but have jumped onto the bandwagon as quickly as I could.  I’ll go ahead and pay up the full price for a few select titles but otherwise , like you, am hunting other venues for cheaper prices.

James Moir says:

Yea the 75th anniversary ones aren’t bad at all. Especially for the price. Those are the only ones I have, then again that’s all that’s available in the store in my area.

Ponas Kūdikis says:

Analogue Productions  – Quality Record Pressing Vinyl is now available in Europe. Please visit new Audiophile Vinyl Online shop http://www.qualityrecords.shop

Tims Records! says:

I just sold a few records on Ebay so i can pick up a few of these!

lovell andrew says:

Great breakdown on Music Matters and different labels reissuing Blue Notes. I just found a sealed copy of Grant Green Matador 45RPM  for a great price. I love those 45rpm releases but I do have a few 33rpms I love that Joe Henderson Page One I’ve been spinning the hell out of that. Everyone should buy Music Matter very detailed in the music and the record jackets. Your on a roll with these great videos I just watched your video you did earlier A Jazz Entry for a Curious Rock Fan  Great. Keep them Spinning buddy

dasbakon says:

Hopefully they’ll eventually move away from releasing exclusively Blue Note titles. The Prestige catalog is well-worthy of a similar treatment.

The Vinyl Word with Howlinblind says:

What do you know about The John Coltrane ,Blues Train album from Dol records in 2015?

Gabriel Martinez says:

is there a different john coltrane blue train vinyl with a different photo?

NeedleGroove says:

This is awesome. I didn’t get to watch it all yet. I need to sit down an really Absorb. I always hear you talk about these amazing pressings but don’t know anything about the really. I need to take a closer look at my store here because they have a bunch of blue note reissues that are 60$. I should see what they are. This is exactly
What I was talking about when I mentioned how much I appreciate all The knowledge you share with us in your videos. Side note, did you order a t-shirt?

HiViNyws channel says:

Great to hear your passion and knowledge on blue note and Music Matters!!! 😀 take care brother Paul! Best regards, Ian.

Andrew Blanton says:

are those all criterion dvds in the background? nice!

Music From Luquillo says:

Paul, In the video Blue Note: A story of modern Jazz. Herbie Hancock and Freddie Hubbard are playing a song, is that song Song For My Father or Watermelon Man? Did they record that song together in one of the Music Matters re-issues? Or is that a Horace Silver song and they played it for the video? Thank you for your time.

antshrike says:

Excellent video, I think you evaluated the quality of the Music Matters reissues relative to that of the other reissue labels very accurately. I own approximately 30 Music Matters reissues (mostly the double 45 releases, but also a few of the recent 33s) and just love them, they are stunningly great. I’ve also picked up a couple of the 75th Anniversary Blue Note reissues and sadly have not been impressed, I’ve found them to be flat and anemic sounding and the pressings are not the quietest. Another label that has been reissuing some Blue Note titles is a French label called Heavenly Sweetness, putting out some unusual titles (Sam Rivers, Grachan Moncur III, Duke Pearson etc.). The sound quality is decent, but they are mastered at a volume level that is too low, and I need to turn the volume up on my preamp to get them to “come alive”, which also increases the level of pressing noise and ambient noise, and that’s not good.

vinylsniffer says:

very informative,now time to open my wallet thanks!!

Michael Kem says:

Very informative and literate explanations- great work.

clint hildebrand says:

are you in the Houston area?

John Dark says:

Brilliant overview. Thanks – I run the Music Matters Jazz Facebook page and just shared this over on that feed.

Tims Records! says:

I feel like once I receive these I will need to buy them all and ultimately go broke..are these going to be around for a while or is music matters going to stop making these reissues soon?

The Vinyl Word with Howlinblind says:

Great airy of Jazz

Gabriel Martinez says:

did music matters ever made CDs

Jerry Jazzbo says:

Lots of other great jazz recordings (hard bop and other styles) not on blue note, impulse, and others you often mention. How ’bout some ECM recordings? Muse? Prestige? 70s Columbia? Verve? Or something more contemporary? I guess it’s true that more open jazz enthusiasts who value the music first and treat a good recording as icing on the cake are a different breed from audiophiles. I’m nearing 60, so I know what I speak of. I cringe whenever Kind of Blue is brought up as if it’s the only Miles album that matters, but that’s just me…a non-purist.

dixielandfarm says:

Another great video, Paul… Love that these companies did their best – one better than the other, obviously 🙂

mahler62 says:

Nice video. I’ve been buying three per month of the Music Matters releases for the past six months. Love the care they put into these releases. They sound great on my ADS speakers that I purchased back in 83 to listen to jazz on back then. Really enjoy your channel and the little tidbits you give on the musicians.

bumblesby says:

I just ordered my first 3 MM records – thanks, or no thanks to you LOL! I am excited to get these and thanks for making me aware of them. I am not a big fan of saxophone as lead (I will work on that, perhaps someday), so the 3 I ordered tend not to be that specifically. I ordered Dec 2015 current issues: Kenny Clarke The Golden 8, Horace Parlan Us Three, and Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue

Foothilla says:

Musc Matters has terrible customer service. I received an album that was far from perfect, because of the heavy plastic inner sleeves they use – and they wanted me to pay return shipping for defective merchandise. I can’t get behind a company that doesn’t give a shit about customer service and fairness.

VomaSaurus Rex says:

You’ve convinced me to buy a MM issue. Everything about them seems high end and we’ll done. I’m looking forward to hearing the results.

Richard Miranda says:

Where can I find Horace Silver – Song for my father 33-1/3 tried MM, elusive and Acoustics Sound. Also tried Amazon, EBay is there another distributor?

Simon's Vinyl Dimension says:

Great video. The Music Matters issues are simply phenomenal. Everything about them is quality, which your video aptly illustrates. And I cannot stress this enough – mainly for those of you on the fence – the minute you drop the needle….bliss. I remember once; it even made my wife (who, while immeasurably patient and supportive, is not as obsessive about this passion of ours) stop in her tracks and look at me wide-eyed, saying, “wow….that sounds amazing.” It was Mobley’s “Soul Station” by the way, in all its 45rpm splendor. They really are that good and really are worth every penny.

High Rant District says:

Excellent video, Paul. I had watched your Jazz Entry Point For Robert Z video a few days ago and since then kept poking around the internets trying to figure out what the ideal pressings were for under a million dollars. I ended up ordering two records from Music Matters, as it seemed to get the best accolades. Then I wondered to myself “you know, I wonder what Paul thinks about MM?” Before asking, I thought I should do a quick search of your videos, and lo and behold …. I also paused heavily when I came across all the 2-LP 45rpm versions, thinking I don’t want to have to flip the records every 7 minutes or so. The quality of the MM 33s according to what I read reassured me – and my listening habits – to stick with 33s.

I figure if I’m going to dip my toe in the water, I want to hear quality sound, to give it the best chance possible. And, if I decide it isn’t for me and I don’t want to hold on to them, I should be able to get most of my cost back on resale. Thanks for talking about all this stuff!

Cheers, Tom

Russ Knize says:

After several failed attempts to wade into jazz, this video helped me so much. Thank you!

Dan iel says:

I enjoy your channel very much since im into Jazz but never so deep to knew about the Music Matters releases. I would love to pay 35 USD for such releases but over here the 33 go for 60-80 EUR (65-90 USD) without shipping, so its quit expensive. Would love to own a Gil Melle – Patterns in Jazz but I can get it only from Discogs and than cost of custom taxes add. So its quit heavy to collect them. I never knew about Tina Brooks – Back to tracks, saw it in one of your last videos, and I enjoyed it so much. I found a 4 LP Maxi Set of this release for 50 EUR sealed in Austria. Just waiting for the parcel to arrive. Hope the quality is good of it but I saw the price was really fair since they go sealed for much more. Thanks for your effort and passion with the videos, really appreciated! Greetz from Germany.

The Vinyl Word with Howlinblind says:

Me again The Coltrane Dol isn’t bad. check out my new vinyl channel , the vinyl word

oldestgamer says:

Thanks for the vid, are the MM 33 1/3 also gatefold?

Steven C1970 says:

While the Rega Mod video was most helpful, this one was probably my favorite. You’re making things expensive for me… Started with Empyrian Isles and Art Blakey “Moanin'” and am on the hunt for Grant Green “Green Street”, Coltrane’s “Blue Train” and Hank Mobley’s “Soul Station” (2 of those 3 from watching this video.) Saw a copy of “Soul Station” on Music Matters today at a local shop called Rasputin’s. It was priced at $45.99 though. I’ve never seen this discounted and couldn’t tell if it was 33 or 45. I may have sprung for it if it was guaranteed 45 rpm.. But no one could confirm and I didn’t want to overpay for the 33. Thanks for the education. Is the Speaker’s Corner the best edition of “Getz/Gilberto”? Heard it was the only release with the channels that matched the master tape..

My Analog Corner says:

Darn it!.. A Music Matters pressing of “Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers” costs $64 around here :0/.. don’t think I’ll be getting one anytime soon 😉

SirMeatwad says:

How do you know whether to buy an old jazz record in mono or stereo? I’m noticing most of them I look into are available both ways. I just bought Charles Mingus – Blues & Roots for example and my record store had a mono version and a 180 gram stereo version. I was also looking at John Coltrane’s Giant Steps and saw it available in both formats. Is there any kind of rule of thumb? Does the year the record came out matter? A guy at the record store I was at yesterday told me I should get that Mingus album in mono because, according to him, the year that album came out (1959-60) they would have recorded it in mono originally

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