Favorite Jazz Guitar Album Recommendations From Youtube

One of the most important ways to stay inspired and motivated to keep on playing and practicing is to check out new Jazz Guitar Albums or Jazz Albums. The main way that I get introduced to new music is from recommendations so I thought it would be a fantastic idea to ask a lot of Jazz YouTubers what their favourite Jazz Guitar Album is and get some great recommendations.

And since I expect that you guys are probably also interested in some good music, so I made this video!

You should check out these channels if you like my videos. These are the people I check out on YouTube when it comes to music and Jazz Guitar!

I would like to thank Brent, Bob, Rick, Nick, Chris, Jacob, Ben, Levi and Sean for being a part of this video. I am really grateful for their help and recommendations!

Let us know what your favourite Jazz Guitar Album is!!

Brent Vaartstra – Learn Jazz Standards – https://www.youtube.com/user/Learnjazzstandards
Bob Reynolds – https://www.youtube.com/user/bobreynolds
Rick Beato – https://www.youtube.com/user/pegzch
Nick Homes – Jazz Duets – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqimxUbWsE26KSpx2_OcmmA
Chris Zoupa – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5A0eJ-bgtJddy0rG_prVog
Quist – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEXDaXzYhqYdLCQ3Ce7U2Og
Uncle Ben – https://www.youtube.com/user/BenEllerGuitars
Levi Clay – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCySQog_SBfX4-CnR2hWVBOQ
Sean Daniel – https://www.youtube.com/user/seandaniel23
Jens Larsen – https://www.youtube.com/jenslarsen

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Jonathan Paul Garner says:

Jim Hall and Ron Carter – Alone Together. changed my life.

Kiko Tores says:

Summary of the video:

Brent Vaartstra: Wes Montgomery – Smoking at the half note

Bob Reynolds (sax):
1. Kurt Roselwinkel – The Enemies of Energy
2. Pat Metheny group – Speaking of now
3. Wes Mongomery – Full house

Rick Beato:
1. Joe Pass – Virtuoso
2. Wes Montgomery : Full House
3. Pat Metheny – 1984

Nick Homes – Jazz Duets: John Scofield – Electric Outlet
Chris Zoupa: Django Reinhard – Volume 5 (H.C.Q. strut)
Quist: John Scofield – Hands Jive
Uncle Ben: Jimmy Herring – Life boat
Levi Clay: Joe Pass – Virtuoso No. 2
Sean Daniel: Dave Brubeck Quartet – Time Further Out
Jers Jarsen: Lorne Lofsky – It Could Happen To You

Streetwise Guitar says:

Hiya Jens! I really enjoyed that. Nice work (I’m a friend of Rick’s). Please come visit my channel if you get a spare minute.

Ben Eller says:

Such a pleasure being a part of this video! Thanks for having me!

Brad S says:

John Scofield “Time On My Hands”, Pat Metheny “Question and Answer”, John Abercrombie “Characters”, Bill Frisell “Lookout For Hope”.

燚灏 says:

A Jazz-Fusion album influences me a lot.Extraction by Greg Howe with Dennis Chambers and Victor Wooten.That takes my view to a whole new level.I learn to appreciate groove transition by drummer and some unbeliveable polyrhythm playing,even start to realize the call&response between different instruments for the first time.And Greg Howe’s playing totally blows up my mind.His legato skill,hard rock/old school metal flavor,crazy groove and amazing vibrato sound made by his accurate slide techinique.You could check out his jammin’ on Sunny from his official channel,probably the greatest performance on this jazz standard on shredder’s aspect and the same on Proto Cosmos which was played by Allan originally in my opinion.

Obie Montellano says:

It’s cool how Ive heard most of those Albums. Never liked Pat Matheny or John Scotfields styles.

Phoebus-Delatte says:

More stuff like this plz!

deltadada says:

kenny burrell – the tender gender
just love kenny’s sound, soul and swing — a master of mood

Tormod Antonsen says:

I was introduced to jazz by a friend who took me to Oslo jazz festival long time ago. Halle, Eberson, Kjellemy and Thowsen played mostly from their album : “the eagle”, which I still listen to today.

bob wilson says:

The entire Djangology series

Jason McCoy says:

My favorite contemporary Jazz guitar album is “Gilad Hekselman – This just in”. Honorable mention – Rocky Gresset self titled album.

Francisco Javier Mejía Rodríguez says:

Thanks Jens, amazing and educational video. I would say that one that can be add to the list and nobody has mentioned yet is Ronny Jordan. Because he is part of the smooth jazz sound created by Wes and he was able to blend hip hop sounds with jazz .

Matthew Goldsworthy says:

I way too new to Jazz to even comment really, but the album that really caught my attention and made me want to pursue Jazz was None too Soon by Holdsworth, which is all Jazz standards… I didn’t know this until Brett Stine told me haha … Show’s how little I know. But when it comes to a true Jazz album I would say Rush Hour on 23rd, which is not guitar at all haha! It’s all music, red m&m’s Blue m&m’s.. they all end up the same color in the end. Am I drunk? Why, yes, yes I am, Jens.

Mister Yoda says:

The Barney Kessel Sound – Barney Kessel

Peter Schwimmer says:

I don’t know if this is my favorite jazz guitar album, but while browsing the internet today, I was reminded of it (I haven’t heard it in a while but I remember liking it and listening to it a lot “back in the day”). The leader on the session is organist Sam Yahel (who channels Larry Young as good as anybody), and Peter Bernstein is the guitarist. Here is a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxcEFBFYXys

I also really liked John Scofield’s first CD (among many others by him). It had Richie Beirach playing some great piano. Here is a link to one tune from the CD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUbK6lZdaWY&start_radio=1&list=RDCUbK6lZdaWY&t=34

Another one of my favorite jazz guitar albums is “Long to be Loose” by Wayne Krantz. It isn’t mainstream jazz (it is all original tunes in Wayne’s original style). Here is a link to one cut on that album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JBUDcojYHY

I like lots of other jazz guitarists and their CDs, but thought I would mention these 3 since they are not recent ones, and are very good.

Jens Larsen says:

A huge thank you to all the Guys for their channel! Let us know what your favourite Jazz Guitar Album is!!

David Gale says:

Inner Mounting Flame by Mahavishnu Orchestra , great story telling

Levi Clay says:

Will be transcribing a bunch of Virtuoso #2 on my channel for anyone interested! 🙂

Gustav Skaaret says:

Seresta- rosenberg trio
Amazing chops by stochelo

Will Waller says:

Wes Montgomery Trio? I feel like I listen to a lot of jazz and play a lot of it, but I’m so secluded from actual players that I’ve hardly heard of any of these records

Dave Kaplowitz says:

Can’t disagree with much that is said here: Joe, Wes, Pat, Sco…these are all favorites of mine. I’ll add Kind of Blue, Giant Steps, Coltranes Sound, and Love Supreme as favorites of all time. As far as guitar goes I would say that my introduction to Jim Hall was on The Bridge by Sonny Rollins and their interplay is sublime. I still love it.

Jeff Dean says:

RIchie Kotzen & Greg Howe – Tilt

Ross Martin says:

Mainstream jazz … Joe Pass – Intercontinental. Serious contenders… Jazz winds from a new direction -Hank Garland. The Django Reinhardt electric album recorded late in his career … vinyl double called Portraits…German pressing.

johnnypreset says:

Always loved Barney Kessels accompaniment on Julie London’s “Julie is her name”. Also the first Charlie Hunter Trio album (The one with the chicken legged freaky boy) still boggles my mind 20 odd years later. It’s his bass parts that get to me more than anything. Some stuff suggested so far I’ve never checked out, so that’s always good. Cheers.

Pretzels722 says:

the author of “chord chemistry”, ted greene, put out a single incredible solo guitar album. his knowledge of voicings on the guitar are bar-none. its the closest i think you’ll ever hear the guitar sounding like a piano.

Frans Van Oostrom says:

A Go Go – John Scofield

UnderwoodVoice says:

Julian Lage Group: Gladwell is high on my playlist just now. Also, a little off center towards the acoustic/bluegrass side, just about anything by Tony Rice. And yeah, just about everything everybody else has said goes for me, too.

Matt Birtwistle says:

Well that’s given me a load of new listening! Thanks Jen’s for pulling this together.

Jed Marsillo says:

Great video Jens. There are some really great albums mentioned on here and a few I need to check out. My personal favorite Jazz guitar album is Jim Hall Live. It is the album that really got my hooked on jazz. It is a great album right down to the clinking of glasses and hushed conversations in the background.

Matt F says:

Allan Holdsworth wrecked music for me. I love him and hate him for it.

Anthony Demitre says:

Oceana by Ben Monder is the newest style of Jazz guitar tunes and improvitaion I’ve heard latly that I like and I believe it to be bordering on the atonal without confoundinig melody. Great video Jens thanks!

ivo maassen says:

El Hombre by Pat M. blew me away

Trombonology Erstwhile says:

Great video and subject, Jens. Yes, it’s always good to get ideas from others. The question is kind of tough for me, though, as most of my biggest influences’ work came out in the pre-LP days; they’re of the 78 rpm era. A few albums/CD’s that I listen to often and love are Joe Pass’ Intercontinental and Summer Night; Hommage À… René Thomas; and, oddly enough for somebody who favors chordal solos, Grant’s First Stand.

Michael Brendzel says:

I’ve assembled a playlist of the recommendations from the video and the comments. I haven’t yet gotten through all the comments, so there will be additions as time allows: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3piAhNNbHBUMsB3QDv8mSX

Some, such as Lorne Lofsky and Jimmy Herring, weren’t available on Spotify. Other’s, such as Django’s HCQ Strut, I found decent substitutes. In other cases, such as Joe Diorio, I’m probably going to add a “Best of….”

Richard Sorice says:

Hi Jens, thanks for making this video. Lots of fun. I agree with most of these picks and Wes is my favorite and Smokin’ At The Half Note and Full House are at the top. You may not have heard of Dan Faehnle. This amazing guitarist has a CD entitled, My Ideal. He used to live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and I was able to get a couple of lessons with him. I believe he is still the guitarist with pop group, Pink Martini and he toured extensively with Diana Krall, although never recorded with her. Here is a video of a concert that happened and I missed attending because I had a gig. That was one gig I should have subbed, LOL. https://youtu.be/qX3-f5Jmd5Y

Eamon Russell says:

I don’t think I could pick a single jazz guitar album. Really depends on my mood.

My favorite Joe pass album is actually ‘For Django’. Just thought I’d mention it. I haven’t listened much to the virtuoso albums though so I’ll have to listen to them this week when I get the chance. Great video Jens!

docbobster says:

I’ll just list ones that may not be well known to younger players:
Gabor Szabo, “Spellbinder”
Mundell Lowe, “Guitar Moods”
T.J. Kirk, “Talking Only Makes It Worse”
Johnny Smith, “Moonlight in Vermont”
John Abercrombie/John Scofield, “Solar”
Paul Motian Trio (w/Bill Frisell), “It Should’ve Happened a Long Time Ago”
Terje Rypdal, “Descendre”
Ralph Towner, “Solstice”
Pat Martino, “We’ll Be Together Again”
John McLaughlin, “Time Remembered (Plays Bill Evans)”

WilliamTanaka says:

To swing or not to swing, by Barney Kessel.
Probably not his greatest on his discography but this one is so fun to listen.

Vlad Jones says:

Everything by Peter Bernstein is utterly impeccable as a leader and sideman. Scofield stole his amazing rhythm section in the 90s. Probably the best pure Jazz player alive.

Graham Bylmakers says:

“Blue Capricorn” by Eef Albers

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