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Peter and Mick join us again to to have a chat and look at the DV Mark Jazz Amps

You can find out more about the guitars they are playing here –

And all the pedals they use can be found here –

Thanks as always to Mick and Peter, we’ll see them again soon.


Bill Hayes says:

I have the D.V. Mark Little Jazz and it sounds great. Perfect for smaller gigs – and you can simply mic it for larger – or run direct out. Very nice jazz/blues amp.

CrownRoyalSociety says:

This is the best show on this channel. NEED MOAR EPISODES NAW!

Brazen NL says:

I wish they’d also switch amps to really compare …

Sterling Pound says:

I’d be a fan of my DV Mark Jazz 12 if it weren’t for the fan – it’s bloody noisy in a small studio and you can hear it whirring away in the vid like an ever-present ghost. I’m assuming it isn’t essential in a transistorised environment so why’s it in there?

dave Robinson says:

Too much yap and not enough playing.

andycc231 says:

Can you do a DV Mark Multiamp review please? Really want to see a detail review from Andertons!!! THANKS!!!

Umziky says:

Peter looks a lot like Nils Landgren!

Dennis Johnson says:

I really liked the Jam out, nice one boys

OverSlyZed says:

Well 327 Pounds for a clean amp is not too affortable…

Gianni Chiarello says:

is the jazz 12 and the guitar friend clean channel the same thing (same sound and speaker so to speak?) I see you have both in stock

Jurgen Houwers says:

Has the little jazz been updated recently? On recent pictures I can’t see any fan.

fogthehedgehog says:

I think about buying a Little Jazz for home recording. Still not sure about 8′ speaker, if it can bring enough depth and width into the sound of my solidbody Framus. On the other hand, I’ve read somewhere that in some cases for recording smaller speaker is better.

But thanks for this overview anyway! Sounds cool 🙂

eduardoritos .. says:

At 4.04” you play Asturias, Patria Querida 😀
Check it.
Nice and informative video, as usual. Obiously, you enjoy that thing.

Christopher Medina says:

Just a comment on that “cliche” jazz guitar tone. That isn’t how it’s achieved. It isn’t the tone rolled all the way back. That muddy sound is frowned upon by most jazz guys. A lot of them prefer a warmer sound that isn’t so bright. That’s achieved by lowering highs depending on what amp, bringing mids to about 12 o’clock, and having a bit of bass. From there the tone knob is used primarily for micro adjustment. Most guys leave their tone about half way because otherwise they get a very muddy tone.

motokev says:

I’ve played both of these amps and was pleasantly surprised how good they sound. I almost bought the 1×12. But, then I tried the 1×8 and I thot what a great couch jamming amp. Well, time has gone buy without a purchase. But, I’m now tempted to get the 1×8. By the way, the digital reverb sounds amazing.

Tom Black says:

Hawai shirt with grey T-Shirt underneath is EXACTLY JAZZ Guitar Player Style.
Thanx for adapting, Danish Pete. You hit the spot.

bebertease says:

Hello, would you say the Little Jazz is enough powerful for small gigs (cafés, bars, small jazz clubs with 100-150 people in the audience) ?

bluesy6string1 says:

..what about the “feedback” when using it with the ES175 at the volume required to match up to a sax.. Amazingly, absolutely nothing said..! Noticed you demo’d it at hardly any volume/bass or mids..

John Lennon says:

Fun watching you guys playing together.

Danielle Muscato says:

Hey you mentioned in the video that these amps are 40 watts (solid state). They are actually rated at 50 watts RMS at 8 ohms. It also has another speaker output so you can run it into another cab, and it can run SIXTY watts RMS at 4 ohms if you do it that way. The amp guts are exactly the same for both the Little Jazz 1×8 and the Jazz 12 (1×12). The enclosure design and loudspeaker are obviously different.

Also, I just wanted to say, I’m a jazz/fusion player and I use the Little Jazz for cleans and a JHS Sweet Tea for fusion leads. The Sweet Tea is a dual drive pedal with a TS808 circuit on one side and the JHS Angry Charlie circuit on the other side. I use a custom made chambered two-humbucker guitar, so the rig on the left is pretty much the EXACT same setup that I actually myself. It sounds FANTASTIC and you guys represented it well except for a few tech specs that were off as mentioned.

I would also point out that the weight on these is ridiculous. The 1×8 combo on the left is 15.2 pounds.

Craig's says:

At 5.50 – Actually, most contemporary jazz guitarists use a lot of pedals.

Brian Petersen says:

Nice playing and a helpful review!

Jill Corbett says:

Anyone know what year the 175 Pete is playing is from?

Reriiru says:

I’d like to see 12 inch one up against JC-120 for example. It sounds absolutely lovely for jazz, and I am considering getting one for the studio. This one seems actually better then JC, but JC is so damn prominent. I just need to see comparison to be at peace.

sora the keyblade Master789 says:

Question do anybody know what he was playing on 2:38 or do you have the tabs on what he was playing

Joel Crow says:

Beautiful sound guys…making me wish I had a spare $6,500 laying around.

Miguel Pessanha says:

Pete has some very tasty licks, outstanding playing!

yarbgreat1 says:


Maciej Gabriel says:

Is “hum” when reverb knob is more than 12 common in this amp?

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