Herbie Hancock Masterclass Review | Is It Worth It?

I don’t usually vlog but I definitely felt that this was worth talking about. Feel free to drop me a comment or shoot me a message if there’s any questions you have regarding the Herbie Hancock Masterclass. It would be a pleasure to help!

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Herbie Hancock Masterclass review Master Class


terri carroll says:

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Herbie Hancock’s Masterclass. He is an awesome musician, and I had been looking forward to taking his Masterclass since I first heard about it. However, although I am an award winning vocalist, I am a beginning piano student, and was concerned that this class might be above my skill level at this time. I have taken several master classes at the school of music at my university, and none of them have been about theory. All have been about philosophy, and how they got where they are, and of course they played their instrument. I think theory is expected, but not the norm from these classes. At least that’s been my personal experience. Thank you for sharing again!

Sara Gold says:

We know Herbie Hancock is a great musician. My question Is whether he is a good teacher? What is your impression regarding how well he gets across the content of the lessons — are they specific and focused so that the message comes across clearly? I understand that his approach is to help the individual uncover and reveal his/her own creativity and style but does he teach hands-on music, not just philosophy of music or abstract theory? Many thanks.

kzoorock says:

Phil – have you seen all the lessons? They just came on line Oct. 19.

Mark Ward says:

Very useful and helpful review. Think i might invest in it now.

Austin Harning says:

Thank you so much for the video! I just have two questions, if you have the time. First, I don’t play that much piano at all(I play viola), will I still get alot out of this masterclass as far as finding my voice/technique and what not? I saw that he has a lesson on piano exercises, do you think that they would help someone learn it, or at least start? Second, I was interested in this class because I’m into composition, do you think that he goes enough into music theory (I know he focused in the promo video finding your voice) and/or does a good job of showing advice on composing, arranging, etc? Thanks in advance.

MS Studio says:

Thanks for the valuable review!

Jabari Hunter says:

How long are each of the videos?

José Miguel Romo says:

So, just to get more of a clear sense of what your opinion is:
Is this class more geared towards beginner pianists, intermediate-level pianist or experts? I get your point about certain aspects being applicable to all kinds of people… but in my case, I’ve been learning piano for like 10 months (focusing on music theory more so than memorizing songs) or so and I’m trying to get more into Jazz, so i’d consider myself still a beginner or maybe in between a beginner and intermediate. Do you think I could benefit from this? Does he delve into music theory of Jazz? Any historical perspective on Jazz or is it more focused towards his own style of contemporary Jazz?
Many thanks in advance.

Diffrentvibes Talk2em says:

How well can a new piano player like myself translate his teachings to my own productions

joe b says:

Can you download the videos and workbook or is it only available online thanks

Michael Kaiser says:

Philosophy for $90. Meh.

Thomas Halbert says:

Hi, I found your comments not only interesting but quite useful. Like some other commenters, I’ve been looking forward to buying this when it comes out. My piano experience consists of playing 2 1/2 years with a teacher and want to delve more into jazz. However, if the course is pretty light on the instructional side and heavy on the philosophical side, now I”m wondering if I want to drop the $90 to buy it. I’m willing to “find my own creative voice” but I want some basic tools/instruction to make that discovery more likely to happen. So, I may just continue with my instructor for the time being and wait to see comments by others who have bought it before deciding to take the plunge or not. Thanks again!

Andreas Schmidt says:

hallo there and i am not too much involved in what where why in the www. so i am not up to date, why u post already infos on the masterclass. but sure i “bought” the masterclass some weeks ago. and not sure why u already “saw” it. so it is already produced i assume. sure it will b pure “gold” 2 have anything said from herbie about music. if u wanna post some answers …… that “company” will e-mail me i guess, when it will start with the videos !? and will there will b 25 days weeks with 25 videos ? and i think i can NOT have them for ever on my MAC ?! download ? cause it would make sense to have them for repeated watching. and as far as i understand from you ( actually on the masterclasswebsite it sounds, as if it is a kind of interactive materclass, with herbie´s assistent collecting questions etc etc ….. ) it i think will b a one way, we as students, watch what herbie tells us. what is great. ….. if u have time 2 comment …. THANX …. byebye from berlin, germany. jazzpianist andreas.

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