Herbie Hancock Teaches Jazz | Official Trailer

Herbie Hancock Teaches Jazz MasterClass
Learn more at: https://www.masterclass.com/hh


AllisBarknWoof says:

you like jazz?

David Mohr says:

Awesome to see you share your gift with so many this is what the internet was meant to be for good things 🙂

The Impotent Show says:

Now if Masterclass can resurrect Frank Sinatra and get him to teach singing Jazz, that’d be great.

Нейтральный угол / Кайрат Ибраев says:

I love that blues part!

Alan Artin says:

whats the song he starts playing at 0:07? its litty

Sebastian Elytron says:

Masterclass is overpriced and overrated

M Fu says:

2:04 Whooaaa! Is that the world’s first asian jazz drummer!!??

Wyldwolf says:

Ya like Jazz??

DJ NIXAR says:

what’s the song on 0:32 ?

TheSoundbar says:

Fazioli, what a great Piano!

Tforce Sims says:

0:02 when people react to you in csgo

Vincent Jacobs says:

OMG I need this class.

Lord Triad says:

What’s the song he’s playing on his Korg Kronos


1:57 song?

James Glass says:

can someone tell me name of track in background starting at 0:32? with flute and cuica in it

ray charles says:

Herbie is like real life yoda

Maliq Mendez-McGillivray says:

What song is at 1:54??

Matej / _Psilopylot_ says:

Damn these Masterclass dudes are killing it with everything they got

fajar ahmad setiawan says:

I have taken this class, and actually this is not a class for a newbies in music. He taught about the mindset, not a basic keys, put that it mind. Otherwise, the class is AMAZING and his theory of improvization is not just about wisdom, the technique is really helpful. This class is 5 stars

Nathanael Bennett says:

“You’re probably wondering, how did I do that?” No not really. You practiced the piano for 50,000 hours?

Milesgatman says:

Just saw this ad while listening to Herbie Hancock – Maiden Voyage full album. The marketing team at YT decided to show up today.

TheFuglyChannel says:


Modia Nefer Ra says:

absolutely incredible!

Toyss says:

His voice is so majestic and amazing 😀

Dildino says:

“you’re probably wondering, how did I do that?”


This was the first ad I didn’t click skip on 😉

Roberta Capodicasa says:

me too

aloo mushi says:


Odin's temple says:

whats the name of the song at the end of the video? ( when the trio plays)

lifestraight says:

Brilliant. Appreciate ya Hancock!!

EnderNintendo TM says:

the song at the beginning sounds awfully like the gamecube startup

GaborBartal says:

“just start”
applies to everything in life (y)
the biggest obstacle is getting started. do it and the process follows, you get motivation, feedback, etc

blebee Bin says:


rillloudmother says:

If I was really curious about how you just did that I would transcribe it myself, Herbie Jeff.

jessen torben says:

Its really nice

Matt S says:

0:35 what song is this?

Top 10 Central says:

Masterclass is amazing! I’ve taken this Jazz course and trust me, it’s 100% worth it! The only thing I wish is that they would make more! Every one is inspiring and worth the money. The trailers alone are legendary. Subscribed instantly.

Niall Crichton says:

Does anyone know what he’s playing from 1:26-1:53? I saw someone say that it’s ‘Maiden Voyage’ but it’s not

CheckMate Productions says:

oh yes

Robert Vandenberg says:

Can’t believe he’s already 77!

Isabel Ward says:

id just like to say i clicked on a video called ‘Scientology’s music is crazier than Scientology itself’ and for a second i thought this was the video

Carlou Espedillon says:

Hancock and Fletcher might have a disagreement.

Oscar Macedo says:

Am I the only one here that rush to a Herbie´s masterpiece after watching this video?

Arthur Hakhverdian says:

Dear YouTube, could you please show me more such relevant, precisely targeted ad impressions instead of those stupid, vapid WIX ads?

Quenched Gaming says:


Pax Paxterra says:


Gonçalo Lima says:

what’s the name in 1:55?

Burbing Berries says:

Somebody give me 90 bucks

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