Is Rock Becoming The New Jazz?


Bsmiley333 says:

There is a big financial win for smart artists to NOT block live performance video’s. The win is this: it increases exposure to a wider, untapped audience, of which, some will purchase concert tickets to go see them for the first time. Anytime I go see a new artist live, I check their YouTube concert videos to make sure that they don’t suck. If they play great on their live video’s, then I go check them out. The result? A new fan.
YouTube is the probably the best way for artists to gain new converts.
An established legendary band concerned with prolonging their legacy would be wise to encourage the sort of educational music appreciation videos you do. These bands (or record companies) blocking your videos are foolishly losing out on gaining new fans, plain and simple.

TV by Tom says:

In the year 2070, both rock music and testicles will be non-existent in our culture.

Andrew James says:

1. It’s up to parents of our generation to pass it along – especially on road trips. My kids (now 9 and 11) fight about whether Highway Star is better than Smoke on the Water. From about 4 and 2 years old, they were exposed to :She Loves You”, and they immediately loved it and started jumping around. Now sure they listen to Drake, Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Adele and Ariana. But I have to believe I’ve planted a seed that will germinate when they stop worrying about what’s popular and start caring about what’s good. I’m teaching them to play (and record), which should help with developing that discernment. With the internet, it’s now so much easier to find people who agree with your personal taste.

2. I think you’re wrong about the extent of blocking (except for Hendrix, in my experience). There’s a lot of Floyd out there. I was working out the bass and guitar for Taxman the other day, and had my choice of videos. (Of course, I have it on CD and vinyl, but who has time to dig it out?). But, definitely Spotify and Youtube are not paying enough. Your story is heartbreaking. Obviously the blocker bands benefit from exposure, and maybe they are playing chicken with the online conduit companies. Do we know what deal the Beatles cut?

3. Hiphop that will survive: probably Kendrick Lamar, Tribe Called Quest for sure, probably Public Enemy, Beasties. Not Kanye. Not Jay-Z. Not Biggie. Not Tupac. IMO

4. Classical orchestras in North America are really suffering. Thank god for Asian female players (and their Tiger parents!) to keep the flame burning. Yuja Wang, Yeol Eum Son, those gals really rock. And in Central Europe, string quartets are everywhere.

5. Jazz died with Jaco. I wish more people would pay more attention to Hiromi. She rocks, too.

Mike Wagner says:

But Keith Richards will still be alive…..

John DeF says:

Sdrawkcab si oediv kciR.

Michael Robertson says:

The culling has already begun. There’s a litany of musicians that nobody knows about anymore. This happens with every type of cultural artifact. 95% of hanna barbera cartoons are garbage and nobody remembers them.

doug marcus says:

23:00 so you are basically saying that the youtube model is worthless?

Lord Stompy says:

Jazz blocks too. I uploaded some Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson tracks, he isn’t particularly well known…all blocked in one day. These people and their promoters kill themselves

Eric Fisher says:

Take it from another 50-something, your age is showing. Oasis is much bigger than Yes. Yes has always been one of my favorite bands, but even back in the day, Yes was niche. Oasis was pop.

Jonathan Johnson says:

I just found a clip of David Gilmour playing guitar in the studio from circa 72.

msmith2016 says:

Rick – if you go to Berlin make sure to check out the Hansa studio and Funkhaus Berlin. I think you can still get tours at both.

Danny Varga says:

There will always be musicians who seek out complexity in music rather than the 3 chord stuff of rock . Some people drink coke at dinner while others have wine . As long as there is some media of the past then people will find a style that best suits them otherwise we will have marxism and all history will be erased .

Wildes Tonini Junior says:

thats why i have a hacked copy of the spotfy app, so i can listen to music as premium without paying

doug marcus says:

charts? what are the charts today?

Kosio Varbenov says:

Super intelligent video! Enjoyed the whole half hour 🙂

doug marcus says:

it was not even the whole song, just snippets. it is like a series of samples.

Michael Price says:

I watch them all, even if I don’t particularly like the band or the artist. It helps me keep my mind open (because the radio doesn’t). Alice In Chains and Beastie Boy fans are 50 now! !!!W-T-F!!!

Brandon Midlane says:

Rock is already been established as a fringe degree. Here in England, we have comtempory music universities/institutions – the most well known being called BIMM. At BIMM, styles of music are studied (academically and practically for instruments) chronologically from early blues up to modern trip-hop. There is a class called ‘cultural perspectives’ where music history, especially rock, is studied, and essays are indeed assigned where you choose an album from the mid 20th century and discuss its impact.

Very interesting video, Rick.

azdh85224 says:

I am your age and have to say, you sound to me like the old guy telling the kids to get off your lawn. Why should Pat Metheny be ok with you posting his music for your personal benefit? You sitting in front of 4 amps think that makes you an authoritative to use any artists music or videos for your benefit??? You guys and your YouTube channels going for the # of views off of free content to get a few more pennies. Come on Rick – THAT is absurd.

musiclistsareus says:

Chuck Klosterman wrote a great chapter in one of his recent books about which rock musician will be the last rocker remembered in 1000 years ( I’m paraphrasing). He contrasts Elvis and dylan as the 2 most likely candidates. I enjoy his music writing so much.

stkaris says:

From hip-hop: Hip hop changed when “Straight Outta Compton” dropped. All that went before was forgotten. NWA will be “conservatory rap” They owed a great debt to Public Enemy who SHOULD be “conservatory rap.”

mikemb123 says:

at 17:11 you say “rock has been around for 50 years” so are you saying that there was no Rock before 1967? You really should put a little more effort into the content you are putting out here if you want to be taken seriously.

Scott Sakurai says:

They’re eating the seed corn, which means they don’t think there’s a next generation to feed.

Christian Goergen aka AstraOovier says:

What goes up must come down. The canon of great artists works is getting bigger every year. Nothing to worry about. No generation before had our , may I use “huge”, bulk of opportunities to explore the rarest forms of music ( and other arts). Go look for it, ask older folks.
The question is: what will become the new rock?

Pj Slattery says:

I’m so disappointed in my generation for not likening better music. I’m 17 and some of my friends have never even heard of Yes or Steely Dan…Sad. But they all know who these talentless SoundCloud rappers are.

doug marcus says:

comparing music models between the analogue and the digital days is not practical. when you replace physical property, an album or a cd, with a digital stream that can be distributed with close zero cost, then you need to look at how much the content maker, not the musician, should earn?

Ernie Mathews says:

Ugh, wonderwall is worse than Born in the USA by Springsteen lol

misterjohn john says:

There are allready some crossovers!

Brett Pierce says:

I don’t really see how age could effect what music you like. With the internet, anyone can easily listen to any music from any era. No one makes music like YES nowadays, so young people must listen to old music if they actually like good music.

Steven Pape says:

We old guys don’t stream, that’s the reason the figures are low on Spotify. In my youth I bought vinyl. Vinyl sounds better than MP3 and streaming. If I want to listen to Roundabout I put the record on. The analytics of what is actually listened to is flawed from Spotify are flawed because people with vinyl listen to vinyl.

Yes, I really am that old.

Paul A says:

This video is the musical version of “white people’s problems”

Thumper baby Bambi says:

Good job!

Tom Wimsatt says:

My oldest daughter went to see Mike Stern and Eric Johnson in concert in Annapolis, MD a few years ago and she stood out to Stern because of her and her boyfriend’s age. They were the youngest, by far, in the audience. She and her boyfriend were jazz majors at UMBC and I bought them the tickets. My daughter knew Stern’s music because I played it in the car and at home. Her boyfriend, studying jazz guitrar, could not believe she was familiar with their music. I don’t know if Stern and Johnson control their content as tightly but it does point out that those interested in that music are aging and dieing off.

Michael Dennis says:

I saw that Yes episode and I’m only 22!

Doruk Denkel says:

Dominant music genres are expressions of the worldviews of their time periods. Classical music resembles continental rationalism and romanticism over centuries. Jazz is an expression of modernism with its measured intuition. Rock has its 60s psychedelic kind which resembles the escapism of the new left. Rock from the 1970s forward doesn’t resemble a worldview other than individualism by its blues roots. Most of the rock music is about a sensation of the moment for the listener. This describes several generations until the 21st Century having no dominant worldview. The 2000s were kind of post-modernism for a short while and now we are back to another no dominant worldview era. Because now the Internet doesn’t allow music producers to control who is in the limelight, it is very difficult for any genre to be more popular than others anyway. Although unlikely, if any thinker produces a formula to describe the world better than others, that may meet with a musical genre to make it dominant for a future generation. Only then prospects would be significant enough for talented people to invest their time into music and to create memorable works of art. Rock may very well be the last genre to study until then.

Emerson Brandstrom says:

You should analize cold water by protest the hero!

Derek Irons says:

Pete Thorn big whoop another dime a dozen guitar player. The day Pete Thorn creates a great original song. Then I’ll give him props. Until then big whoop he’s On YouTube with his following of more sheep dime a dozen guitar players.


I ran the analytics and your hair is stupid

godbyone andy godby says:

Awesome vid, what are your thoughts on Jeff beck,In the 80s he was elusive but he has had a huge come back now and I wondering is it that because he has let his videos play. He is touring more now than ever b4 and he is tearing it up with zappa s drummer and a lot of zepplin s live bootleg s are playing now and they are unreal

Lucas Pereira says:

I don’t know for sure about this, RIck. For instance, Bach wasn’t that famous in his time. Today he is way more famous, for instance, so …

Derek Irons says:

Exactly!! Thank all the people who support Spotify n Pandora who made the owners half a billion that are NOT musicians off the backs of hard working musicians!! So applaud yourself people for being so cheap that you’re now part of the problem contributing to the downfall of present n future great music that will never be created.

Michael Robertson says:

Rick is discussing the addition of Rock to the western canon. I think that Frank Zappa will enter the canon even through the legal issues. He’s far too important as a musician for musicians. He will always spread by mouth.

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