Jazz ’64

Taking a trip in the jazz time machine back to 1964…

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dixielandfarm says:

The Granchan Moncur III sample you played sounds fantastic.  Never heard Freddie Hubbard sound like that, very interesting!  I have been listening to that Herbie Hancock album a bit lately… The Elvin Jones is right at the edge of what I like, and what the wife hates 🙂  .

paco maldonado says:

Hi Teddy. Thanks for this and the others videos. Your are a Jazz critic reference. I learned a lot with you.

LastBankJob says:

Yes, ’65, please.

jjislaw1 says:

Great video, very interesting.

Alan Shulman says:

Boy, there’s so many here that I didn’t know and now want to get. A terrifically curated list!

tbw3100 says:

some great choices Teddy. None of them miss the mark at all.

AndersInStockholm says:

Brilliant idea with a top ten from ’64!
I got Destination… Out! just a few days after last time we spoke, I really like it! Evolution is great, we talked about that one 😉 I agree, Williams was fantastic in the mid 60’s. I still need Black Fire on vinyl, I’ve been listening a lot to Andrew Hill lately, great band leader and yeah he had some awesome sax players on his Blue Note albums. 
I haven’t listened to the Gil Evans, nice recommendation, I will pick it up, I thought it was recorded later, great line up on that one, sounds like a must have! “Breaking Point” is an album I’ve seen but never listened to, will check it out, I do like Freddie Hubbard!
I will grab a Music Matters 33rpm of that Hancock album, classic!
Illumination is a very good album! Great pick, I met Simmons and have a couple of albums signed by him 🙂
Crecent is mind-blowing, my friend Emil (fantastic trumpet player) who also is a Coltrane freak have been talking this one as his favorite Impulse! Coltrane. I also love it!
Really need to revisit Town Hall Concert, I also have the OJC pressing. 
So many interesting thoughts about all the albums Teddy!
“Out To Lunch” is a ten!!!
Fantastic video my friend talk soon!!

a1artist says:

Thank you so much for always sharing your knowledge of Jazz, this time relating the cultural, social, and political statements a 1964 Jazz album would make. As always I look forward to your vast knowledge and information of jazz and other genres of music. Can’t wait to see your 1965 Jazz records. Note the great art/photography that can’t be reproduced today from the Blue note and Impulse eras. Thank you so much!

DigDugDrum says:

Loved this video. It sometimes feels overwhelming that music from 50+ years ago is still waiting for me to discover and attempt to understand…I need another fifty years to get hip.   I truly appreciate the reminder I’ve still got a lot to learn…

BarakaPDub says:

Teddy – As always great stuff!  Even though your on a different Jazz path than my own its still wonderful to hear you reflect on the different albums and give a little historical nugget or two.  As for Out To Lunch, I think I dove into that one a little too early.  I do recognize it for what it is but can’t connect with it.  That said, I have been able to work my way into the great Trilogy…Destination Out, Evolution, and One Step Beyond.  Hope your on the upswing in life…so many downers for many members of the VC these past several months.

Localbandography says:

Hi Teddy, I think you will appreciate the story in this video. https://youtu.be/i6qQmh8nAKc

John Kieffer says:

Great video Teddy. I got here via Mark drrhythm I do the joint posts with him
You showed about 6 of my favourite records here – McLean, Grachan, Gil, Andrew H, Dolphy, Crescent
Looking forward to 65. Will ‘John Coltrane Plays’ get a look in…?

33rotations says:

I could listen you talking about records during hours.

twitmatey says:

Hello Teddy, I recently purchased the Andrew Hill Black Fire, vinyl. It is absolutely sublime! Myself and my older brother love it. Every track mesmerizing and musically rich. Regards Matt


Just a fantastic video Teddy, i watch all your videos with huge interest although not in the VC myself ( yet) and your passion & knowledge and in depth analysis of each Jazz album is a joy to behold and one that many of us can relate to i am sure. Of the ten you showed ‘ Crescent ‘ ( a firm fave) , ‘Empryean Isles’ & ‘Out To Lunch ‘ are in my vinyl collection and all the others are either in Discogs/Ebay wish lists or always on my radar for future purchase – Wonderful passionate jazz video , thank you from one jazz fan to another !

jaymarka says:

Teddy, please keep these coming.  I’m just getting into jazz and you have been my guide to the good stuff.  Thanks so much!

X junkie NL says:

Excellent video! Very educational. Enjoyed it very much. /Paul

Zeek the Vinyl Geek says:

I have always said that your videos are the very best in the VC. Hands down! Have a fantastic summer Teddy!

L. Caddell says:

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your deep knowledge of jazz..for a relative newbie like me, you offer insightful , intelligent reviews that lead to a greater discovery of all of this fantastic music! Thanks Teddy. My best, Larry

sid vicious says:

I have all that you mentioned, except Gil Evans and the Charles Mingus and I agree with your analysis.  I love the Coltrane, I have an original pressing.  You are right Out to lunch is a master piece and a great listen after you have listen to Avante-garde Jazz.  I appreciate your passion, it matches mine for these truly great works.  You won’t begin to understand Ornette Coleman until understanding the basics, good job Teddy.

manixpc says:

Your reviews are so refreshing in the sea of vinyl videos! Love the track samples and your reviews are like a deep dive into jazz history!

Localbandography says:

So I had always loved Eric Dolphy’s Outward Bound from 1960. Truly one of my favorite jazz records. Picked up the Out to Lunch offering you recommended this week along with the Newport Rebels 1960 release. Going to have to explore more Dolphy. This stuff is amazing indeed sir. Man I just keep coming back to this video.

turntabillist says:

Wow. Incredible. Some very interesting choices and a valuable music history lesson for me, particularly the Blue Note titles which as you said, may have fallen off the radar but deserve to be reexamined. I’ve always found the Blue Notes kind of perplexing with all of the constant reissuing of some titles and extreme rarity of others. The easiest way to acquire Blue Notes in my experience is just to grab any of them that I see on CD! My only rule of thumb is I try to avoid the remasters as many of them tend to sound shrill and brittle. Even with that philosophy, I still don’t have Destination Out!, Breaking Point, Black Fire, Evolution, etc. Gotta get my ass in gear.

DP522 says:

Very informative… great video – great music. Subscribed!!
Crescent is a personal fav!

Localbandography says:

Jamming the Grachan Moncur III Evolution record I picked up today as we speak. Loving this. I played Trombone for about 7 years. Just learning about Moncur III. I feel like I am making up for lost time. Any other albums of his on Blue Note you would recommend sir?

dereckvon says:

Superb video, Teddy.

twitmatey says:

Hello Teddy,

I’ve just this second ordered it! I am also awaiting another LP you recommended from an early YouTube video: Cannonball Adderley, Something Else. 
I cannot thank you enough!! Hope you are well.

You might like to know I do the odd show on:
Under the name of the Mac, there are two programs currently looping around. The other is Rick Moon, you might find it interesting.



twitmatey says:

Hello Teddy, your passion is infectious! The music and artwork on those LPs just incredible. Definitely going to explore these records. All the best to you, Matt

elvistheripper says:

Great episode man!
Basically if Tony Williams was on it in the middle 60s it’ll cook eh?
Keep em coming!

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