John Coltrane – Both Directions At Once The Lost Album | 1st Impressions

This week The Vinyl Geek reviews the latest record by John Coltrane, Both Directions At Once. This album hasn’t been heard since it was recorded in 1963 and includes two brand new originals. This episode is sponsored by Impulse! Records. Support the show through Amazon Affiliate links

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John Coltrane is by far my favorite Jazz artist. A Love Supreme is one of my favorite abums

Papa Burgundy says:

Still probably digital transfers 🙁
Do you know where this was pressed?

Mark Williams says:

hey do you have any funkadelic

dixielandfarm says:

Any album once its mastered is put on 1/4″ tape – so basically ANY record you have is from a 1/4″ tape… but I get what you mean. Very exciting that this was found and you told the story/history of it wonderfully, Eric.

Ronnie Roddy Jr. says:

Was the recording of impressions the original take to what we know now from his later album with impressions we know

Mark Williams says:

very good review I’m going to have get that soon

Monogimp says:

If I may ask, what turntable do you use? I kind of want to upgrade to a better table. Thanks. (I love your channel)

theabstrakt84 says:

here in Europe we have the Deluxe version with additional songs.

Ed Marra says:

Thank you for this review! I preordered this and its now on the way! I can’t wait to get it!

TheNorliss says:

Thanks for this: good to hear some opinions on this new release.

P.S. Having recently re-watched “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” it’s dawned on me that you look like a young Chris Isaak!

Kacper Uminski says:

It’s a shame that it’s not in stereo…

vinyl City 2 says:

I have no jazz record’s, need to change that! Have almost every genre , except jazz and hip hop! Hip Hop is not going to happen with me, but I’m open to jazz!

Monarky says:

You are so underrated! Please keep the videos coming, you help me battle aniexty.

Mike Roeder says:

Nice job! Such an exciting discovery and Impulse! did a great job with this release. I posted about this release on my blog and I include details about how Impulse! came to get those tapes from the family. Also, the liner notes include writing from Sonny Rollins, who was on Impulse! around the same time as Coltrane.

Ceazs Hernandez says:

How can I be down with Impluse Records? I have the entire Impluse Record catalogue on vinyl
Lets talk buddy!!!!!

Alan Elam says:

Excellent review, Sir! Let’s just say that, after seeing this review, I REEEEAAALLLY want the new ‘Trane album more than EVER!!!!

people says:

love your channel, man. so much better, than fantano’s (in my opinion).

Leo of Red Keep says:

I have been listening to Coltrane since the early 1980s. I want this!

BarakaPDub says:

Wow! This was a nice surprise to catch before work this morning. That’s killer UMg (Impulse) sent you an advanced copy. Mine is supposed to arrive today.

colt morris says:

Im just really happy whenever i see a new upload from you!

Jeff Shigematsu says:

Great review. Mine is arriving tomorrow. Really looking forward to it!

Rakib says:

Do a review of arctic monkeys

Tom Shepherd says:

Thank you for this! This serves as a great companion to the Complete Quartet Recordings. Great sound.

Fernando Gómez says:

Great video ! Just remember that the 1/4 inch tape was the format of choice for The Beatles and most bands of the 60’s. (Not a bad format at all).

Larks' Tongues In Aspic says:

Now while you are in Jazz atmosphere, You really should check out and review the new Kamasi Washington album!

slybear525 says:

Excellent Job VG. The record sounds so good!

Darkclops says:


Rowan Blue says:

Definitely gonna check out this album, would it be available in the Netherlands?

The Vinylverse says:

Excellent review! I was already sold on picking this up but your video sold me even more. I’d be right there with you in the late hours in that smokey jazz club with a scotch and cigar! Take care. -Bill

hamburger helper says:

You’re a good dude.

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