Jon Benjamin – well, i should have…* ALBUM REVIEW


Jon Benjamin delivers jokes and, uh, “jazz” on his new album here.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


BassbaitGG says:

Jon Benjamin has a… album?

Henry Soults says:

Listening to it right now, the intro with Kristen Schall, and Aziz Ansari is pretty funny.

lumburgapalooza says:

This shouldn’t be reviewed or listened to as anything but a comedy record. Personally I cracked up at the whole damn thing, especially moments where Jon would do some cat-in-a-blender quality improvising and then the other guys would try to save it only to be dumped on yet again in the very next measure. Also parts where you can hear Jon yelling in the background like he’s really feeling it but it comes off so condescending like yelling “You can do better” during a Sax solo. It speaks to why I love Jon as a comedian. He really has contempt for peole who get paid to do things that they’re terrible and clueless at but his execution is so heartfelt that it comes across as unironic and genuine. I guess in a way it’s the opposite of Bob’s Burgers where he’s a great, competent, creative chef who markets himself as a hole-in-the-wall burger shack not to take some moral stance against pretentiousness but because he really doesn’t understand what he has.

crowcade says:

mitch on home movies is the best thing to ever come out of television

NANCY Noise says:

Take it OUT of the garbage Fantano. This is comedic GOLD AND it holds up musically. I know it seems crazy, but there are stylistic aspects to this album (albeit unintentional) which warrant it to be taken seriously as a LEGITIMATE jazz album. If not, a decidedly Anti-Jazz album. Whether or not he knows it, Benjamin is playing in an avant-garde style known as Free Jazz. Additionally, the dichotomy of his strange atonal piano playing set against the tight generic jazz tunes create an atmosphere akin to Experimental or Avant-Garde Jazz. Like you said, you REALLY COULD put this album on and convince unsuspecting hipsters that it is a legitimate jazz album. Because stylistically it actually can make sense if you want it to.

Jazz is a WIDE ranging genre with MANY sub-genres that have many varying styles and concepts associated with them. This album just happens to touch upon a few of them: Free Jazz, Experimental Jazz, Avant-Garde Jazz

I know H. Jon Benjamin did NOT intend for this to be taken seriously as an art form. If anything, I think maybe he was making fun of Jazz. (Yes anti-jazz is a sub-genre of jazz too) I am just pointing out the stylistic similarities.

I think it’s that conceptual dichotomy which makes for an interesting and fun listen with this album. It makes us question the nature of Jazz by examining these two extremes. I think you should read up on Free Jazz and how controversial it is and then give it a second listen…

So don’t throw it in THE FUCKING GARBAGE!!!

Ben Aaron says:

Coach McGuirk made an album?!?!
This is gonna be good.

Hentai says:

this album is funny

would recommend

Richard Wielgosz says:

Referring to what Benjamin does on this record as PLAYING isn’t really fair, since the very title to the record admits he doesn’t know how to play. He’s doing something else here. Performance art… something….

anonomyous65 says:


chbrules says:

This is an amazing album. Honestly. It sounds like legit freeform jazz.

ipwnukazu says:


miaowmiaowchowface says:

lol, got a kick out of this review. nice

Josh Valerio says:

How can you not mention ARCHER? What the shit!?

Reptile estrin says:

This shithead doesn’t understand jazz at all. Keep listening to death grips. LOL

Victor Cooper says:

he’s archer

Angela Parrish says:

Accurate! 😀 😀

Billy Poynter says:

I thought he said “let it go” not “play it joe”

jjforyomama says:

fucking archer bro cmon

Ramon Sanchez says:

Yesterday I had the first male Pap smear.

Nate Homolka says:

YES! Thank you so much for bringing up Home Movies!!!

Jacob Recht says:

peep trans europs express. respect

Preston Dow says:

i love that it’s getting analyzed

droneforever says:

Isn’t it double pretentious of you to say that anyone who could find genuine delight in someone playing piano “wrong” pretentious? Here’s a fun trick, get a bunch of people together and say “Hey I just found out about this really great rock record” and then play them SYR1.

Alcaeus89 says:

“famed jazz penis”

Angrous Jeffries says:

I was excited when Anthony said the bit about Duke Ellington.. And equally disappointed when I realized he was kidding.

Nick Finlayson says:

That was great.

SirSponge941 says:

didnt mention archer. edgy

Joe Vargas says:

I wanted to buy this on record but the only one available online $150 USD on Discogs.

David 666 says:

Ok I’m curious to see how many people here including Anthony (if you happen to be reading this) are actually jazz heads. So trivia challenge: What is the standard song the title of this album is referencing?

MovieHound17 says:

For me knowing him as a median and being a big fan…and then randomly find this shit out? I first saw the “making off” about this album and it through me for a loop because they make it seem like he had done it for years quietly….and then the very first 4 sec of him slamming the piano makes me laugh so fucking hard….Everytime he bangs on the keys makes me laugh…whats wrong with that? atleast he is doing it on purpose.

Ian Mugerwa says:

I think you should’ve given this a serious score. As silly as it is, it’s a very creative album, and it does a great job of eliciting emotion in the way any good album should. It’s just really really funny.

guck foogle says:

mother fucker I paused the video in the beginning right before the “im kidding!” and searched to find Jons hidden Jazz past.

Чинам не чинам says:

I can’t remember the last time I laughed as hard as when I first heard this album.

Nathan Brown says:

thank you for mentioning home movies thank you thank you.

anonomyous65 says:


Daniel Plainview says:

But I don’t have friends, Anthony. 🙁

jjforyomama says:

this is 10/10

Garbage Media says:

I was pretty sure this whole thing was a satirical masterpiece. *Tips fedora* I disagree that its trash.

Dustin Kline says:

This is pure gold.

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