Josh Homme on ‘Villains’, Jazz & working with Mark Ronson

QOTSA frontman and all-round legend Josh Homme sat down with Danielle Perry to chat about the new album, listening to jazz in the morning, and the creative process behind creating new music.
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Gonz Wouldgo says:

Let’s talk about our red hair.

NickB33 says:

I gotta see this Reggie Watts + Josh Homme sketch!

Daniel Robichaud says:

What a champ.

R K says:

I hope Josh is down with the God Emperor lol

Ben CW says:

Josh homie everyone

WaaDoku 【和ァ独】 says:

This is some green screen stuff right? Josh looks like a giant next to the host!

Gustavo Drachenberg says:

Jittery Homme

LCC722 says:

Slightly bent.

timothy790110 says:

He totally looks like a young donald trump

Philip Eckstein says:


Alan Carroll says:

Time to get a haircut to suit your age Josh……..Even my 10 year old has moved on from this!

Melanie Trodella says:

Love it/him


He’s so fucking large that it looks like her chair is about 4 feet further back from the camera.

GamesWithBrains says:

3:30 literally donald trump

Bobban says:

gosh I love this oversized man. What a beautiful and talented giant

Jb88 says:

new them crooked vultures material plz!!

that dude says:

this guy is amazing

Rob says:

Boom Boom = Yes

Advantageous Mutation says:

Its to much.

Linus Wärn says:

Two gingers

Flashbulb Memory says:

its TRUE ahahahaha

Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams says:

me likey reggie WATTSSSSS

Kyle Benson says:

Josh is one of the true rockstars of today, he’s just a fucking badass at everything.

Joe Smith says:

It just hit me watching this I wanna see QOTSA do a cover of strange brew…………

Trace Podder says:

Today while I was listening to “The Way You Used To Do” I thought about how it reminded me of “Big Noise from Winnetka”. Makes sense now

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