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KANYE WEST YE REACTION/REVIEW : https://youtube.com/watch?v=CRqCmES4wVY&index=5&list=PL4OFZnQ3wLGkL3m_aCEqbYuOQvldUpgf5

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Aaron paul says:

Much love to the guy in green, he came out during FREEEEE atleast

Crazie Trazie says:

dont hate on the guy in the green too much, he needs to listen to this cudi and yeezy album the most out of all of the guys as I’ve noticed on the last few reacion videos he seems miserable and down on life atm so dont be too harsh on him. Stay strong, dont worry drake’s new album is coming out soon and no doubt be on the charts so until then just enjoy Kanye Season because whats coming out of that Kanye camp is litter than lit, boy.

Antony Diaz says:

That jesus walks comment is the same I thought too

Meriam says:

The last song- Cudi Montage- is arguably one of the best songs of 2018

Milk Money says:

I know after listening to it some more u guys love it

Chris Caveman says:

did the kanye verse in cudi montage sound different to anyone else ?

T.O T.O says:

Green shirt…nigga madder than the Hulk

HolyVega says:

I thought the guy all the way to the right was Kid Cudi

ricky says:

Ok dude in the left and in the middle gotta gooo, two dudes in the right and dude in the middle from the left side should just be the trio they were genuinely into it

Adan Ahmed says:

Nigga in the green still salty at Pusha for Killing Drake, the feature on the first song put him off hahaha

HumbleStyles says:

Kanye on Kurt Kobains guitar riff on the last song was straight dope!

Akin Ogunro says:

What’s the name of that song with Travis Scott playing at the beginning

luc nkou says:

think ye will make more to back to work now…
somebody give me the name of this travis track in intro ???

Leon Trotsky says:

What’s the song in the intro? I know it’s travis

rajifusama says:

guy in green has no real function from all the reviews why he is there?

Malcolm Jamal says:

Name of the song in the intro pls?

taj gosal says:

What’s the intro song ?

Remember Net Neutrality? says:

I’m new here, what’s up with the guy on the far left? He was like “Push…..er T.”

Junior Hernandez says:

dude in the green is canceled. vibe killer.

Damondric Jones says:

Freee was dope

Professer Finesser says:

Guy in the green is a bitch the whole video

SI- LINCE says:

This the one thing wrong with reaction videos I don’t like. When you listen to a album….. listen to the whole album all the way thru 1st and then do the reaction parts next. We used to get “ryte” 1st then press play and keep getting “ryte” thru out til the end of whole piece and then we had our initial reactions afterwards. This stop and go shyt is wack. The reaction vidz r cool and all but it’s that stop every 15 second ish that’s blowing these for me. Sorry just me expressing a thought iz all!

busymike says:

This album is trash.

Theodore Orencia says:

Green dude haaatingg hard lol. It’s a collab don’t mean Ye gotta be rapping half. I lowkey saw this as MAYBE the “Man on the Moon 3” that we never got. And Ye just produced this. Also, before goin into rehab, Cudi was criticizing Ye for not “fckin with him” so maybe Ye wanted the spotlight for Cudi for the project and wanted to do more production in the background. Just my opinion

Nakx95 says:

wtf is rob comparing KSG with WTT? Have you ever heard Gorgeous?

Surya Mallya says:

Guys which song is the one u guys play for ur introduction

Kris Jackson says:

4th dimension DEFINITELY reminded me of Jesus Walks.

R3JWAN says:

The fat fuck in the green needs a slap

TBD says:

Y’all too focused on the beats

Hector Sandoval says:

kid cudi is my fave artist….with that being said….i wish he wouldve done a solo album….give us that real deep shit

gti dynasty says:

delete the guy in the green lmao

Jrdn Aris says:

What was that Travis song in the beginning

ricky says:

Damm u guys seemed lit in that intro until the video actually started y’all bummd me out tbhhh

The Story Of Adidon says:


Dario Hall says:

This is the best out of all the music he dropped this month. God everyone loves 4th dimension i play that at work and everyone is about it for sure. Even my coworkers that dont like Kanye like that song. Also i like Cudis voice on the ” the i FEEEEELL FRRRREEEEE” i feel like that track reminded me of the gorillaz music.

Jeshua Yusti says:

Bro they be doing to much ugh it’s so annoying .

Jose Jacquez says:

Dude in the green is hating

_''The Therapist'_ says:

Guy in the green bitter as fuck. LOL

KosherKru says:

I think these guys are just not used to listening to music other then hip hop because people like cudi and kanye expand their minds a lot dipping into music culture of other genres with artists like pink floyd/nine inch nails/death grips etc. So left field sounds that appear on this album are just normal to the ear of ye and cudi.

icantthinkofafunname says:

Good video. Seems like you guys all got into the vibes of the album apart from guy in the green who looked like he just wanted to not like it. Also dudes point was irrelevant. Kanye and Cudi collaborated to make an album.. it doesnt have to be a 50/50 split it has to both artists mixing their sounds and ideas to make the album. This album works perfectly as a representation of a cudi kanye mixture.

Mathew Stevens says:

Reborn is fuckin fire

Ozzy Sanchez says:

This album is a straight 10. It’s better than Ye easily.

Aboood165 says:

Bro get rid of the bitch ass nigga in the green shirt he’s killing this channel

Crazy Swami says:

Y’all guys need to boot the guy in the green, adds nothing to your review except to kill the mood

Boredom is one hell of a drug says:

Kanye had explained himself at TMZ as well as Twitter.

Sagnik Mukherjee says:

green shirt guy is just drunk af i think, dude’s reacting slow to everything

XXILE says:

great reaction! and idk why ya’ll hating on greenie boy, maybe hes going through some personal turmoil, regardless his awkward presence is what makes this channel stand out from other reactors! pray for him, i think hes getting too much radiation from the laptop. pray for him. anyways keep up the good work guys!

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