Karen Jonas – Butter – Album Review

For my 966th review, Karen Jonas delivers a more varied slice of experimentation in country that’s still leverages her strengths.

Best Songs: ‘My Sweet Arsonist’, ‘Oh Icarus’, ‘Kamikaze Road’, ‘Dance With Me’, ‘The Circus’, ‘Butter’
Worst Song: ‘Mama’s First Rodeo’


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Karen Jonas – Butter – Country/Jazz – Album Review


Devious_99 says:

Hope you’ll review Snail Mail!

Ethan Tone says:

He was Number 1

flop says:

i thought that said Kevin Jonas i was so confused lmao

Audio Redux says:

Hmm… An 8? Wasn’t going to listen because her last album seemed pretty boring but I guess I’ll go ahead and give this a go.

Tyler Klay says:

Hey, Mark! I’ve been watching spectrum pulse for a few years now! I am a huge fan of your work, and I am also a huge country music fan! I was wondering if you planned on covering Jason Aldean’s new album? Plus, new artists, Kane Brown and Luke Combs, might highlight the next decade in country music IMO… would love to hear your input! In 2000-2010, you had Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley lighting up Airplay… In 2011 – as of now, it’s been FGL, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Thomas Rhett… etc… I find transitions like that interesting! When you say “pop country”, are you referring to more of the writing or the instrumentation or even both? Thanks Mark!

Louisa Twain says:

Better than Country Songs not as good as Okaholma Lottery. I really like Mamas First Radio, Butter, Yellow Brick Road, My Sweet Arsonist, and Oh Icarus. She needs songs with more of edge, which is why some of the sappier love songs did not work for me.

Zachary Wellner says:

I know this is late to ask but why haven’t you reviewed Jason aldeans new album? It’s not good but better than his last…

Naos says:

Hey, it’s the good musician named Jonas.

Zachary Wellner says:

And Dierks Bentley’s new album is really good!

The Negan Guy says:

Meh gets a low 5/10 my opinion it’s boring

Aron puma says:

This is exactly the sort of album I love that I would not have known about if not for this channel. I’m so happy.

Hey Melon says:

Drake still the G.O.A.T. no matter what you say “I’m Upset” is fire.

Vercingetorix king of the Arverni says:

Oklahoma Lottery > Butter > Country Songs

All great records though. Her consistency so far is something to admire.

FuckBitchesGetMoney says:

Nick Jonas outsold

AP Testing Casualty #74902839 says:

She looks like Flo from the Progressive commercials.

WushuKnight19 says:

I just smiled with laughter after hearing “My Sweet arsonist.” Holy shit, that never happened to me before.

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