Killy is a new artist spawning from Toronto, Canada who comes through with a sound most of us have been familiar with for years but instead is combined into one person. With the sound of a Kanye West & vocals mirroring Trippie Redd does he perform well on this project or is it more of the same ol same ol?

Killy – Surrender Your Soul FULL ALBUM
1. Surrender (Intro)
2. Killamonjaro
3. No Sad No Bad
4. Starstream*
5. Distance
7. Never Let Up
8. D3adtalks
9. Pray For Me
10. Live Your Last
11. Fireflies (Outro)

Best Tracks – Surrender/Live Your Last

Worst Tracks – Everything else imo

Thanks for watching & have an awesome day.


Senal Wijeweera says:

Hold this L

junior de jesus says:

He didn’t even react to the album

Jay2theKim says:

you wanna act like you care about substance so much lmao its not that deep. killy whole project slaps and sounds like nothing out rn. how can you sit there and say a song like doomsday sounds like ” another artist i would rather listen too ” lmao L

katius4 says:

Lil Wayne Vizine review plz

pxrplejay says:

Oh damn, really love your videos man.
You stayed true to yourself. I might get some backlash but fk it, I agree a 100% with you.
Btw, I know you all here hate self advertisement lmao, BUT if anyone here finds just a spare second
or minute to give my music a listen, it would mean the world to me!
And I know for a fact you won’t regret it! because I put my heart and soul into every song.
Much love to y’all even if you don’t want to listen to it.

AkaNinjaAssassin says:

I wish producers get more credit. Without them most of these rappers are nothing

awesomemusic says:


The Gold Standard says:

Hah bitches are triggered cuz u stayed honest

0161FOT says:

Of course if you list 4 artists with very different styles he is going to sound like some of them. You could do the same with any artist. For once ive really enjoyed a project as a whole. The whole project works together imo. How can someone be unique if you compare him to so many people and soundcloud as a whole.

Jay Y says:

lmfao u a dud, always hating on the hottest shit out cause u wanna be “different”…wack, do better four eyes

KemicalKiddMUSIC says:

To be completely honest. Most of the new artist today make sounds for the suburbs. If you go to most of these new artist concerts its a bunch of suburb kids. The “hood” don’t really mess with these new artist. I rarely ever see anyone bump these new artist music in the block. You know what though? It’s OKAY. You don’t need a certain group of fans to be relevant anyways. I did skim through Killys album and he does alot of autotuning (a little bit too much imo). One thing I can give him though is that he has melodies. I also like some of his beats and the dark tone it had. I wouldn’t say it was anything special but for a first album it’s passable. If you just want to listen to music with melodies, hard beats, and don’t care about messages, deep lyrics, and all that jazz you’d probably like Killys album.

Julian Alfaro says:

I thought you would of liked him though

Ryan Ramos says:

Damn, y’all are really impressed by mediocrity, huh?

JH Music says:

You can suck my dick dude u a shit

Taha says:

2/10? I really like his music… Way too harsh.

Lucy Daisy says:

No shade ok Shawn but, and I say this with no shade – am not sipping tea ok, just saying, but I think I prefer these album reviews when you just talk bout the album and don’t react… BUT I STILL LOVE THE REACTION VIDS OK. No shade. I heart you xxx

Kanye East says:

shawn a confirmed pleb for this, and the intro practically foreshadows that he’s going to shit on this project which was so utterly disappointing. And the video itself just starts to stray away from the actual artist to go on some tangent.

but i get it, it’s your opinion.

Josiah G says:

Its not a project of the year contender but it definitely isnt a 2/10. I think you should give it another listen or 2

akadonavin says:

I liked the project, but wont complain because its your opinion and everybody is entitled to their own

ED47 says:

The album was so kid cudi and kanye inspired its the first concept album released since birds in the trap sing mcknight. You can actually listen to the whole album in order and not one song sounds like it shouldnt have been on the album. I think your just uneducated on how genius this man is and he didnt come from the suburbs either. The fact you gave it a 2/10 pisses me tf off.

GraveEndeavor says:

You should react to Lox Chatterbox. He has bars, but doesn’t get enough recognition

Samuel Appiah says:

Not gonna lie, this hurt as a Toronto man and a killy fam, but i rate your honesty styll

Noah Tremblay says:

you too old
Don’t call yourself a music reviewer after this

Michael says:

Nav is from Toronto also, he’s not an American artist

Slav Slav says:

He gave Lil Boat 2 a 3/10 but Surender Your Soul a 2/10…

Syrxen says:

Yes, the album is pretty mediocre but I feel like you judged it too hard. It felt like you were trying to look for all the negatives and left it at that.


Dude hate everything. Smh

Nick Munster says:

It’s more Travis Scott influence then anything I think in regards to the atmospheric production, guitar riffs and auto tune or reverb (even his look). Toronto is definitely fucking with it though, he’s getting big in Canada

Nanashi says:

Killy dropped the ball on this one. All the songs sounded the same and were weaker than all of his singles. It was ite but killy fans are sort of Twitter fingers it seems. You should be able to criticize someone even if you like them.

Tyler Cronin says:

Auto tune adds a different element and sound and makes you feel different. And if you know how to use it, it’s dope. I personally think Killy knows how to use auto tune and I love him

SLR says:

you just disrespected one of the best upcoming rappers,…..this album was good, and his best songs weren’t even on it (other than killamanjaro, doomsday, and distance) I honestly want you to listen to his other songs and listen to the lyrics more in depth, I’m sorry this is just a fucking disgrace considering you are giving shitty ass rappers better ratings….he has lyrics, flow, better than most rappers rn, his career has just begun, give him a fucking chance to develop and you’re just talking trash about artists for the sake of talking trash at this point

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