Miles Davis Jazz Records Vinyl Collection – # 64

See my rapidly building Miles Davis Jazz Vinyl Record Collection. Hear which albums are my favourites and what I recommend if you are interested in starting your Miles Davis record collection.

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Cheers, Craig

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PearlJammer07 says:

I got into Miles Davis in 2014 and the first album and CD i bought of his was Kind of Blue (2CD Legacy) and 2013 RSD 33 RPM mono LP. I like a few of the later Miles Davis albums the acid jazz as some call it. I call it funky jazz lol. Looks like some of your records are 70’s represses. Miles Prestige albums are great too. I now have about 7 or 8 Miles Davis LPs. Steamin on SACD along with Kind of Blue Mofi SACD sound very good. Cool Megadeth shirt!

vinyl79 says:

My Miles Davis collection is lame.. I think i have 2 albums. Not easy to find originals in great shape at stores anymore !

Grandma's Handbag says:

Craig! Great to see you back and if chasing down 16 albums of one artist in the few months you’ve been away doesn’t explain everything, I don’t know what will. What an artist to obsess on – there’s a lifetime you could spend on his work alone, let alone his band members. Lovely Japanese presses you’ve scored too. Seriously, you need to visit Japan for record shopping – quantity, quality and above all TONS of Jazz there too! Great episode, looking forward to more! Cheers, Dean

Jimmy M says:

Holy hell, 16 miles davis albums! Great to see you back in the VC by the way. He is one of my favorite jazz artists as well. Its a 3 way tie between him, art blakey and john coltrane currently. Im a big fan of his bop , hard bop, and some of his early post bop era. Lift to the scaffold is my favorite album of his! Fantastic album, and the film is quite interesting too. A good noire film. My funny valentine is another fantastic one as well. Someday my prince wil come is one I have to get but have not picked up yet. You have seemed to pick up all the great albums of his. What a score! Round about midnight is also great in my opinion. That is a cover of miles ahead I have not seen. Mine is either the U.S. release cover or something odd as I have not seen yours before. Sketches of spain is my second favorite of his after lift to the scaffolds. I wonder if this will be leading you down the jazz line and you may expand into john coltrane or herbie hancock, cannonball adderly etc?

Nazz Nomad says:

Great artist to get obsessed with! I’ve been picking up Miles and a lot of John Coltrane over the past year. Haven’t been disappointed yet. The Japanese presses are sweet! Jealous over those Craig 🙂
Cheers mate…glad to see you back

daddysensei Silver says:

Hey Craig, great Miles collection. I have much of what you showed on cd. Miles is my fav jazz artist. I’m envious of your pick ups. Well done. The french soundtrack Lift To the Scaffold is my fav.

Steve Whitty says:

Great Miles Collection Craig. Only have Sketches of Spain so it is an artist I need to work on.

First Name Last Name says:

Thanks Craig! I find that very few people enjoy all of the various Miles Davis’ personas. I love his bop period… up till Bitches Brew, at which point it just isn’t my cup of tea. I did get to see him live in Albequerque, New Mexico in the early 1980’s and ducked out after an hour or so. I am sure it was great fusion, the bassist was quite gifted, but the trumpet emitted not one single note, just brief squeeks and squauks, which induced a headache. The point being that the trumpeter and sage had morphed into a band leader/composer/impressario, which I had been too naive to appreciate.

Spotify is a great tool for previewing albums before purchase. It can help you focus on the records that you really want to spend time with. Note the mono remasters and repressings on CBS from a few years ago. The mono master tapes have seen less use, and are in better condition than the stereo masters. Some people prefer these mono remasters to the stereo. Stereo consoles first hit the market in 1958, so mono is how his early recordings were listened to by most people.

I recommend Miles at the Blackhawk, recorded live in San Francisco, 1961. I typically avoid live recordings. This is an exception. Go kick it around on spotify or youtube. Enjoy.

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