Queen Album Review: Jazz


ksfhhnfan says:

Jazz does have a reputation for having low sound on the mix, so you’re not alone there. I think Fat Bottomed Girls probably has this “effect” the most, and I always have to turn it up when it comes on.

Also, though I’m now a massive Beatles fan as well, the first band I really got into was Queen so I hope you continue to do more reviews of their work.

James Boyce says:

One of Queen’s more straight forward albums but none the worse for it, a really strong album overall and a particular fav of mine. I have a soft spot for Mustapha just because it’s so damn bonkers. 🙂 Apart from the singles the songs on Jazz have never been overplayed, so 41 years down the line they still seem fresh.

Glen Smith says:

Hi John I think my favourite 3 would be “Sheer Heart attack”, “News of the world” and “Innuendo”. Personally I think Jazz, except for the first 4 songs on side one, is not as good as the above 3. I would also place “Queen 2” and “A night at the opera” above it.

Shaun Smith says:

Love Jazz. Great album! In my humble opinion only bettered by Sheer Heart Attack & News of the World.

Pe Ke says:

Hi John.
Nice, you do a Queen review.
One of my top 5 British bands.
And since I saw the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, I play their vinyls quite often again.
I always like the Jazz album.
Together with News Of The World, they are my favorites.
And indeed……. this album needs to be played loud, but for a different reason. Because it is so bloody good.

Michael Blower says:

A very poor Queen album, as was News of the World after what had preceded.

Эй! Палыч says:

Jazz is #3 for me — right after Innuendo and The Miracle. Great songs, masterful sequencing. But very strange mastering, I must say. Or was it intentional? You turn the volume up on “Mustapha” and then it BANGS! Oh, Lord… Must be very careful)))

Nervo 63 says:

As a huge Queen fan in my teenage years this was the album were i slightly went off them a bit, found it a bit lightweight, my personal fave is News of the world closely followed by A Night at the Opera. After the recent Freddie movie it has re ignited my love of Queen but still wouldnt have Jazz very high up in my rankings.

Matthew Medley says:

Great review. Love fat bottomed girls, bicycle race, don’t stop me now and leaving home ain’t easy. Would make 7th in my queen top 10 albums.

Glen Smith says:

Hi John – Actually News of the world was from 77.

James Griffiths says:

Strange to report but I didn’t get Jazz at the time of its release, even though I was a Queen nut from 77 onwards. There are some good live versions of a few of the songs on Queen Live Killers, eg. Dreamers Ball. I’ve never owned ‘the poster’. I read somewhere that the picture was originally slated to be the cover of the album. Love the Halfords story, had forgotten that. The broadcaster Stuart Maconie has also called Queen a fascist-type band. Ridiculous. Great review John!

John Heaton says:

Just listened to the CD again: there is Nothing wrong with the CD production so the problem is limited to the vinyl for me

JaySinger says:

Thank you,John! Great review! Hope you do more Queen album reviews in the future.

Aweso says:

I bought Jazz on vinyl a couple weeks ago (I believe it’s the same master as your copy) and I have also run into your audio level problem with the album. Easily fixed by just turning the volume up but definitely annoying.
As for the music on the album, I love all of it. Jazz is my favorite Queen record and I expect it will stay that way until I lose my taste in music. I just really like the weirdness of the album and how many styles of Rock it nails perfectly without sounding forced to me. Favorites on the album are “Bicycle Race,” “If You Can’t Beat Them,” “Let Me Entertain You,” “Dead On Time,” “Don’t Stop Me Now,” and “More of That Jazz”

Kwenz Landah says:

Woof! Woof!

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