Queen Jazz Album Review

Queen Jazz Album Review

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Queen 7th studio album released 10 November 1978.
After the success of News Of World Album Queen we’re finally reaping the financial rewards.
Freddie Mercury had been to singing coach Benvenuto Finelli known as ‘the prince of high F’ who taught Bel Canto style ‘beautiful singing’ which gives a brighter lighter tone.
Queen were now competing with new wave bands like Blondie Elvis Costello and The Stranglers

The album production for me lacked sparkle but a great album none the less.
Mustapha start the album off with a great Arabic vocal by Freddie
Fat Bottomed Girls was a great tune by Brian May
Jealousy is a light piano song by Freddie
Bicycle Race was double A Side with Bicycle Race And was a top ten hit
If You Can’t Beat Them, Let Me entertain You and Dead On Time were the real rockers of the album.
In Only Seven Days was a John Deacon song which was a nice tune.
dreamers Ball which was also on Live Killers is a favourite among Queen fans written by Brian May
Fun It had a disco vibe and a prediscessor to Another One Bites The Dust
Dont Stop Me Now was the biggest hit and a firm favourite
Ending with More Of That Jazz

Video by James Rundle of Rock Licks Guitar Tuition in South Shields https://www.rock-licks.com


sky Zombie 777. says:

Problem with this album was. When a band got to big. And spend way too much time in the studio. And the local clubs… so the production is all over..
Roy thomas baker. Who yust had a ball recording the the cars. debut album.(which was done fast and Quick)
Bemused Roy taking forever in studio..
So yeah the album is in my its not great. But its good.
Cant beat em. Dead on time. Fat bottom girls. Leaving home and more of that jazz. Favs.

H Kay says:

It’s amazing how the brilliant singers smoked too.

Ferdinand Kämpfer says:

We should work together dear James. I know a lot of details like you too 🙂 so we can add facts maybe especially to this 40 years anniversary album

RONI says:

Love your videos on Queen! So much information. Just started getting into Queen in Jan 2018

hotspace82 says:

Let Me Entertain You is probably my favourite Queen song! I love the lyrics,the rif ,the drumming. Killer song! Jealousy was a single here in the U.S. I remember.. Hey James how come they never played Dead on Time live? Would it have been to hard to play?

xXGaBoXx012 says:

More that jazz

Captain Cosby says:

Brian May liked thicc girls before it was cool.

JojoChampion says:

I still remember the first time I played “Mustapha”. Turning up the volume on the HI-FI and thinking this isn’t sounding right. Then the stereo bit drops in – nearly killed my folks off. LOL.

Niels Chr Nielsen says:

This is a underrated album in my opinion! I love every song on here! There’s a lot of different stuff but it’s all great

LeftHandedGuitarist says:

My least favourite Queen album by far. Besides just not being too fond of the songs, my biggest issue is the sound of the album. The production (as you briefly mentioned) is horrible to my ear, with tinny little drums that make pops and clicks. It’s completely restrained and it takes away from everything. I really do like ‘More of that Jazz’, though.

I’d love to hear a remixed version with production more along the lines of News of the World or even The Game.

Mark Thorne says:

The Queen album, I think, with the most polarised opinions about it. I’d rate it in the lower half of Queen’s album catalogue, but it has many great moments, nonetheless. It was great that Queen survived this era with the change towards disco and new wave (in addition to there maybe not being such great interband harmony, and with the great inconsistency in the quality of the albums). Some of my friends are older than me – I’ve been trying to persuade a friend to swap my version of this album with his original version with the bicycle race poster – no luck with this yet!

agr78 says:

Not my favourite Queen album. The track listing is rather strange as well. Don’t Stop Me Now should have opened rather than closed the album, whilst Fat Bottomed Girls and Bicycle Race should have been paired together. Jealousy and Dreamer Ball are lovely, underrated tracks though.

Sebas Tian says:

‘History doesn’t remember critics; it remembers legends’.

Cor, that is brilliant!

Leo Jerčić says:

Hi James. Where from do you got this singing coach name that is very intetesting.

Harvey Abel says:

“Mustafa” had some kind of Persian(?) instrument in it – can’t remember what it’s called.
So, here’s what one critic had to say: “I hate Freddie Mercury because he knows what a
(Persian instrument) sounds like, and you don’t”. Talk about petty! :/

RONI says:

Quick question. I’m learning to become a singer and my voice type is like a medium baritone/tenor and i like all kinds of music from MJ to Queen but do you think in this time wear music like hip hop and all this edm are more in the charts music that sounds like Queen which i like making can be popular?

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