Rap Critic: The Jazz Singer (feat. Lady Jess!)

Me and Lady Jess talk about a movie you probably weren’t expecting, but man is it relevant…

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J.S. Tama says:

i think that this movie being in the library of congress is a good thing
it was an important part of film history
it shows how racism operated at the time, even if unintentionally
this movie should never be forgotten. it should be remembered because it happened

RusMo Productions says:

I fucking hate when she is on this channel

Mr. pickles 69 says:

Dave Chappell smh

Morgil says:

5:48 talking about strong female characters in literature while showing Harry Potter and The Hobbit. Did I miss something?

Traivon Hall says:

Rap critic I think you should date Lady Jess y’all are perfect together.

DarthMorius says:

1:45 apparently Ben Kingsley is a time traveler.

9intheaftern00n100 says:

lmao Jess has no right to tell you to calm down?? he can be angry. we all deserve to be angry. a white woman doesnt have a right to tell a black man to calm down if he’s angry at literal racism

Aiden Nelson says:

Omg fuck that ending

RagdollAngelcat BTS says:

White people getting angry over white chicks when they have made countless movies about mocking black people till this day.
wtf lol

Randall Scott says:

Black musicians wore blackface too.

ECL28E says:

There was a short scene in the movie, “Be Kind Rewind” where the characters were making a movie about a jazz singer living in their workplace. Jack Black’s egotistical character wanted to play the lead role and came out in blackface. Everyone stared at him awkwardly except the two black leads, Mos Def and Danny Glover who glare extremely disapprovingly, who take him outside and explain why that’s bad

Annie Trinity says:

I can buy you not only as an opera singer, but as probably a very good one. If whatever company you work with ever comes to Sacremento, you gotta let me know. I’d love to support you.

geminikid609 says:

I really don’t like Jess she act like she don’t even get the black struggle she act so oblivious

Shawn Zamir FFXV says:

i think its cool that you were willing to review this.

p.s. Fuck this movie.

David The Zetta Nerd says:

“Fell and broke my ass”

Addison Drake says:

Ok I get what you were going for Lady Jess with the whole show a black persons modern day interpretation of Jazz Singer (which doesn’t seem like the most offensive use of blackface). It is funny/intriguing seeing something that was normal through a modern day lens but if you’re going to use it to bring up actually issues in the modern day world do you flipping research. I haven’t seen A Birth of a Nation and don’t plan to but what i heard is that from a TECHNICAL level it revolutionized cinema with the camera angles or something but i think that even back then people were like “this is a bit racist” but they study it in film school because of the history of film making not the thematic story. Another film that was technologically revolutionary Wizard of Oz from what i know it was one of the first films in color plus the effects were really good for that time period. And if what you said about this being the first talkie maybe that’s the reason this is appreciated it. I love history and study it so I know not to bring in my modern day opinions in sure I wonder why they did curtain things happen the way they did but i always remind myself different time period different standers.
Saying that right now is the same as 1927 on race politics (which i don’t even care about) and that we are similar to Stalin is a terrible analysis First off people say whites need to cheek their privilege how about America cheek their privilege because unlike other places we get to say whatever the hell we want i heard in Russia you have to get government approval to protest. In Russia there probably wouldn’t be a Dallas shooting because there wouldn’t be a protest to start with Secondly I know that if you make radical changes you upset a lot of people. From a business standpoint NOT AND ETHICAL STANDPOINT slaves are great economically because you don’t have to pay them for labor plus it was a way of life (and the north wasn’t so great either yeah they didn’t like slavery but they didn’t care about black people). What did you expect to happen that people will automatically say “Hey black people i know i grew up to seeing you as completely different but now i just woke up and thought why not make a respectful movies in the standards of 2017” Rap Critic even pointed in out with the rebellious music. if you take i don’t know Miley Cyrus’s Wreaking ball to 1812 England people will probably faint in shock but people evolve and are always teasing the waters

Adam Krinsky says:

what about robert downey jr. in pineapple express?

Sarah Sachiko says:

18:35 Dave Chapelle?


what anout Rdj?

Sean the Filmslayer says:

You kind of lose credibility when you call The Hobbit a young adult novel. And what are you talking about saying Harry Potter and The Maze Runner do NOT have a lead male character.

Big Dummy says:

I saw the fedora and I was like…


Chelsea Cooper says:

is this his girlfriend

ruthiehenshallfan99 says:

Also, Judy Garland, Irene Dunne, and Mickey Rooney did black face for a movie they were in.

amy clarke says:


RagdollAngelcat BTS says:

“I’m gone piss on this mans grave.”
ME: LMAO Same Honestly.

Loanshark1234 says:

11:35 This part freaks me out because the music just abruptly stops and That Smile! , I WILL HAVE NIGHTMARES FOR WEEKS!

Unown says:

Dave Chappelle

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