Rejjie Snow – Dear Annie ALBUM REVIEW


This debut studio album from Irish rapper Rejjie Snow is a bit too low-key for my liking.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Giorgio Devez says:

Something a biiiit alternative from Rejjie is his song Sunny California and Rain but if you want to listen to his pure style then listen to Loveleen

Polish Vodka says:

0/10: 0
1/10: 0
2/10: 0
3/10: 2
4/10: 2
5/10: 2
6/10: 6
7/10: 8
8/10: 6
9/10: 2 ( Ion – Portal, A.A.L [AGAINST ALL LOGIC] -2012 – 2017) 10/10: 0
Not good: 1 ( Fall Out Boy – Mania )
dime-a-dozen/10 (Lil Skies – Life of a Dark Rose) 5/10
solid/10 (Ravyn Lenae – Crush) 7/10
It’s solid/10 (Gucci Mane – El Gato: The Human Glacier) 7/10
Disappointing/10 (Kero Kero Bonito – Totep) 5/10
lukewarm/10 (Rejjie Snow – Dear Annie) 5/10

Maxime Zimmer says:

I’m disappointed with this review. I’m a Rejjie fan since Rejovic and this new album has many great vibes!
I’ve been listening to it over and over again.
As many people already said, LMFAO isn’t one of the best tracks at all so if u believe that I honestly think that you simply didn’t get what Rejjie’s world is about and why people love him so much. No offense.

LaLaGrunge says:

The album cover is oddly similar to Helmet’s “Betty” (1994). Great Alternative Metal album. It’d be thrilling for Mr. Fantano to review
some Helmet records.

Animal Mother says:

something realllyy gross on your upper lip

Slame333 says:

The album artwork is so captivating. The pop of color. The smoothness of the grass and flowers. The little girl and her expression. I love it so much.

Pasha32511 says:

Dear fat people

Matthew Flach says:

i miss depressed rejjie snow

Mulberry says:

hey anthony, watched this review, is everything okay at home? did youtube demonetize your videos or some shit, cos niggas this album is fire

Noah Ferrari says:

Rejjthony Snowtano

Luciano Carazas says:

yoooo vinyl update man!

Йося Джугашвили says:

React to new Breeders album, please.

Laith Zalatimo says:

ur late asshole

KenichiDC says:

Can you do Jamie Isaac next? He’s a friend of reggie and king krule

Craic Fiend says:

up the ra

Jak Ryan says:

As an Irish person I find that when people say Rejjie Snow puts on for Ireland (like you said yourself) I don’t feel it. Rejjie doesn’t appear to be Irish in his music (i.e make much mention to Irish culture, rap using Irish slang, rap about Ireland itself, or rap in his very distinctive North Dublin accent) like he does on his social media. Like I mean look at Mon Amour on this album, he literally raps in French! It would be so fucking sick for an Irish hip hop head such as myself to hear him even have one word of Irish in one bar of one song!He used to bring up some mention of being Irish in a few of his tracks but he really does very little for Irish culture besides being a rapper in the underground hip hop limelight that just happens to be from Ireland.
If you’re looking for a rapper who feels truly Irish and puts on for Ireland in all the ways Rejjie doesn’t or refuses to, check out Kojaque.

Ella Hughes says:

wow wrong again

Mr. Flister says:

Smh melon reviewing rejjie but didn’t do the new ocean wisdom album what is this

tiernan drasdo says:

V harsh

LigerChrist says:

I give this album a

L M says:

Room 27 is the best thing on this even tho it sounds identical to Tyler the creator’s last album. Still good

theDey says:

Is that king krule on the cover?

SaltyUrs says:

this album really gave back rejovich vibes and had some really chill songs in it I liked, but youre right, it gets pretty monotone if you listen to it track after track

akira shyles says:

dear amine

Harold Carlson says:

YUNO review Dessa?

FernandoFlynn says:

Glad to see you review more Irish artists Anthony. I hope this & the EDEN & Bicep reviews are just the start.

Reptilien Déter says:

Enjoyed the album overall, very nice to chill to.
Except for the really cringeworthy songs in French.

Ato says:


being of light says:

yikes this is easily one of the best rap albums of the year already.

benway123 says:

came her for betty.

T UGNA says:

*Irishthony Raptano here*

abbyooooo says:

review michael seyer and mt. joy!!!

J P says:

fuck a review us fans are eating

Keelan Murphy says:

Eye er land

*H* P says:

Ayeeeee Rejjies my boi . North side massive

Liam Curran says:

Never was a fan of his more chill stuff,love songs like blakkst skin, flexin and lost in empathy

Matt McGinnis says:

Here’s the problem I have with this review, Fantano. You’re trying to put Rejjie in a box that you’ve made based off all of the other music you’ve listened to. His sound doesn’t fit like that. I get it, you’re a music reviewer so you’re inevitably constantly thinking of and comparing sub genres. That’s probably why you dug LMFAO- it sounds the most familiar to other music you’ve heard, so you’re inclined to like it. As someone who’s also followed Rejjie and the whole SLC / Krule crew for years, I’ve gotta urge you to re-listen. Forget the lyrics. Forget the sound quality of the instrumentals alone, and let it merge with the vocals. A lot of these tracks are down right beautiful, even in their simplicity.

Standouts for me are 23, Mon Amour, & Désole.

Conall Mc Manus says:

Kojaque – Deli Daydreams. Probably Irelands best talent

Trevor Farris says:

You should review the album Rips One into the Night from Petite League. It’s been out for 6 months but hey I wanna see it

Sir Meshy says:


Grant Flores says:

Do yellow days when his next record comes out

Mischa Tombal says:

Review Yellow Days!

Ricky Bolo says:

0/10: 0
1/10: 0
2/10: 0
3/10: 2
4/10: 2
5/10: 2
6/10: 6
7/10: 8
8/10: 7
9/10: 2
10/10: 0
solid/10: 2
lukewarm/10: 1
disappointing/10: 1
Classic/10: 5
NOT GOOD (Hit targets): 1

suppositionstudios says:

his style does get a bit boring after a while. Dissapointed when i found out he’s irish because it just comes across like any other rapper we’ve already heard from america.

HOME says:

Ngl I thought it was really boring at first but something changed up and I caught the vibez. Charlie Brown is amazing bro

Shoey says:

He’s a lot like Evidence but very quiet

yout ube says:

At 2:50 he mentions artists he enjoys and I can’t here what he says be interested to know what he says anyone ??

Sir Thomas says:

Big fan of his earlier work, it was a bit more grimy, his DOOM inspiration showed more, he kinda sounded like an Irisch Earl but then with his own twist. Nowadays I think he tries to hard to appeal to a more mainstream audience, which has made him loose some of the qualities that made him so great to begin with.

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