Saba commendably tries to do something of depth on his sophomore album CARE FOR ME, but drowns in his influences.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Korona ples says:

I do agree that his last project was pretty meh, photosynthesis was the only track i found special. However this album is really awsome, not a single bad song. So much feeling and love went into this, i can literally feel the passion that went into this. 9/10 for me.

Bobby rackz says:

I listened to the album. Everything that melon said about his influencers can be debated, but broken girls IS not a good song. And this record is not mixed well. It’s very catchy and it’s a good record let’s not think this is the holy grail.

Cashew Chestnut says:

where’s da score? weres da melon??

Kronuslegacy says:

Jeez you’re so pretentious and up your ass for specific artist sometimes. Meanwhile some artist get a free pass for most of what you’ve complained about this album. Bad review bad opinion. Long time viewer.

Israel Lopez says:

The only thing that Chicago rappers have in common is their production, but other than that Saba’s vocals and flows are nothing like Chance or Mick Jenkins

Tucker DeBord says:


Donovan Simmons says:

U on your own with this lmfao this my AOTY so far. Wtf u mean u don’t connect to the emotion and ish…RIP Walter

DonPabloe says:

BUSY/ SIRENS is a mooooooodd

Ty Harris says:

literally the only saba influence that is clearly apparent is Bone Thugs N Harmony sabas rap style beyond that sounds like nothing else. chance the rapper? come tf on yeah they’ve been associated via a few tracks but the two are so different.

skiprodigy47 says:

dude you’re so off base with this one. You also seem to forget that he’s also a producer. He produced most of the last album, then this sophomore project was all produced by him and two others on the pivot team. UR TRASH FANTANHOE

T. Stamp says:

I can already tell he’s boutta shit on KOD

TheNoobOverThere says:

Quickie treatment.

Laurens Goethals says:

If this gets a meh I can’t wait for the NOT GOOD video for KOD

kevin scotton says:

Where’sthony Waldtano

Brandon Gee says:

I know everyone has different taste in music, but damn melon, I don’t know if I’ve ever disagreed with your opinion on an album more. Care for Me is one of the most authentic and powerful hip-hop albums I’ve heard in a while, and even if you didn’t necessarily vibe with it, I think we can all agree that Saba is extremely talented and certainly deserves more recognition than he’s gotten. It’s downright criminal you didn’t even give the album the validation of scoring it.

nomoreheroes93 says:

This is some Vince Staples – Big Fish kinda shit.

Donovan Simmons says:

It’s just not for u…

Luc Vitagliano says:

Real mad about this one melon

ItsJustLamar says:


JoeFortuna56 says:

You really fuckin suck man do you only care about top 40 shit and meme music now faggot?

Ty Harris says:

“I didn’t connect with it” man I sure am tired of black artists pouring their heard and life experiences out on tracks just for white dudes with no musical talent to end up bashing them lmao this is bullshit.

josh says:

you are one brave melon for giving this a meh

Hilary Dube says:

M done with this guy

Aye Bro says:

you didnt even rate this album but u look like waldo smh

Christian Mendoza says:

I know that’s your opinion, but sometimes
your opinion affect the minds of some dumb rym users.
The same happened with The Ooz.

“Oh yeah this album is awesome, let’s check theneedledrop review!
Oh shit, theneedledrop review is negative, maybe it’s not that good… I’m gonna give it 2 stars” (a random rym idiot)

jojox1733 says:

Do the new young thug please thanks

naim tate says:

I can’t believe you’re crapping on Saba’s album. This one really hurts Anthony smh. Lol

Ipeleng Thobejane says:



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