SMOOTH JAZZ REVIEW: Grover Washington Jr – Winelight

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Hey friends! In this video we’ll be reviewing Grover Washington Jr’s amazing smooth jazz album Winelight on vinyl record! If you love jazz and vinyl records, this album pressed by Music on Vinyl is a perfect addition to your collection!

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Tomas Pelaez says:

Hey! Im just getting started on vinyl, I bought an used turntable, and it sound great. I bougt with a mixer that has a pre amp function. But im strugling to get an amp, what do you recomend, I can expend max $80. Cause im from Argentina and shipping is expensive.

What do you recommend?


mrhoffame says:

I have always been a big fan of Mister Magic, but I haven’t heard this one (Outside of the Withers track of course lol).  Totally gotta check it out!  Thanks for sharing.  Are you a big fan of Rick Braun?

Adam O Leary says:


Blake Kersey says:

Now we’re talkin! That Grover album is bad to the bone!!

Adam O Leary says:

great video

Delvin Sims says:

One of my favorites sir!

AJ Gray says:

Hey Jarrett. I should recommend the new Bowie record Blackstar if you’re in to him. Great album with awesome dissonant sounds, and the overall artwork for the record is amazing too.

Andregrindle says:

My dad had this vinyl while I was growing up,I got the CD and also have the half speed master on vinyl. Which I plan to review. Grover was an amazing player! Such a melodic improviser and this album showcases what’s missing on a lot of pop today: STRONG SESSION INSTRUMENTALISTS! Ralph MacDonald is an amazing percussionist,Richard Tee is one of the greatest electric piano players around. And Marcus Miller? Luther Vandross,Miles Davis-played and wrote with both. So Jarrett,I recommend you check all of those people out!

Christian Sneller says:

After recently replacing the cartridge on my record player. I’ve notice that in order to get a nice clean sound I’ve had to put a lot of weight in the counter weight. If I put any less on it the sound quality gets fuzzier. But what I’m asking is having a large amount of weight on the counter weight exactly a bad thing if it is how the sound is coming out best? I don’t want to damage the groves because of the Weight but I don’t want it lighter and getting a bad sound, if you get what I mean?

Blake L says:

Great video.

Nolan Baldwin says:

You should probably go a bit more in-depth when it comes to review, but you do you. Great video as always.

Wax Toad says:

Please review my album “Ether Soaked Rags”
it’s instrumental jazz/world music
you can hear it for free on my YouTube channel, soundcloud, or you can listen to it in order on bandcamp

Psuedo stratisfied columnar epithelial lemon says:

what was that one jazz albuk you got from Europe? sometimes cafe lol

InternalCombustionGenie says:

“Jazz Hipster” 🙂

Double Helix says:

Am I the only one who thinks the baby with the big headphones Jarrett uses in his videos is Jarrett himself? Just a thought!

Kevin Sun says:

Man this album is GOLD!!

Finkardop says:

hey my tonearm won’t go down. it stays in the up position and i cant listen to my music. do you know how to fix this?

Richard Riley says:

7 out of 10, thats a no buy for me.

iago68 says:

this is definitely a great record to listen to while mellowing out. i recently watched GWJ concert vid. awesome stuff! i’d love to hear more about how this record made you feel, track by track.

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