Solange – When I Get Home – Album Review

For my 1092nd review, Solange delves into a more impressionistic and varied project that doesn’t quite flow together.

Best Songs: ‘Stay Flo’, ‘Dreams’, ‘Beltway’, ‘Sound Of Rain’
Worst Song: ‘My Skin My Logo’


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Solange – When I Get Home – Experimental R&B / Jazz / Soul / Trap – Album Review

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Peter Fabietti says:

I feel like the lighting was a bit too warm (?) in this video. Idk maybe it’s just me.

The Germanic Language Branch says:

It’s just not for you dude

Алексей Al says:

Oh, it’s another “important” and “personal” album what gonna get a lot of critical acclaim despite it’s being boring and not really good in presenting it’s ideas? We just can’t have year without it, can we)
Also I love new lighting! Hope you gonna stick to it.

Manoodles says:

I love the new lights. You look gorgeous <3

Dalton Riser says:

Dont really have an investment in solange i loke some of her stuff but i watch a oot of your reviews cause i love your honest passion for discussing why somethi bgg works or why something doesnt for you
I think the new loght setup works but will take a little getting used to how it makes your arms look

Sam Sagins says:

came for the review

stayed for that lighting

Gregory Best says:

somebody’s been taking cues from PhilosophyTube’s lighting

OddMentalities 000 says:


Chris 9 says:

Nice review

Ryan Lepard says:

Lol at RTJ being “underground”

Samridh Anand says:

Am I the only one who freaking loves the new lighting???

Ethan Marston says:

Someone PLEASE add Sigrid’s debut ‘Sucker Punch’ to his schedule I know he likes her music and it would be really interesting to see what he thinks.

Grace90x Gracer says:

I told u to review this album, and u’d better! Great review. A seat was way better.

First Name Last Name says:

Hey, I don’t usually ask for reviews, but can you review Quadeca’s new album? It’s called Voice Memos. I would love to hear your thoughts on it

Jon Dials says:


J Morris the Review Guy says:

For my review, I personally gave it a 7/10, but I really loved this review! Keep up the great work, Spectrum! 😀

Marquis Toney says:

Lighting fits the review

Aria LeBlanc says:

It looks like you’re filming during a sunset (or sunrise.)

TheZooropaBaby says:

did Khelani threaten you or something

Lightningfast says:

I kinda brushed over this album because of Mereba’s and I’m not sure if I want to go check it out.

Hi Guy says:

U use ur hands too much like how I use u’s too much I’m sure ur annoyed by that, that’s how I feel when I look u flailing ur hands around like a pissed off italian

UltimateAwe says:

Mark, the album sucks…it’s okay to say it.

Max Please says:

I hope he reviews Sigrid’s “Sucker Punch” album!!!

Jay Choken says:

Mark should’ve started the intro in his car then cut to his couch when the review started

gelo gelo says:

I remember when you interpreted “don’t touch my hair” quite literally when you reviewed ASAT. It was a song about having pride in being black and embracing its beauty, in a society where black hair (Afro, dreads, cornrows etc) is often rejected as a form of beauty, and is neglected, tampered or appropriated by white people. That song was a crucial part of that album, and I think you missed an important layer there when reviewing it, just saying.

JohnnyZ Too Good says:

Do you have any vinyl records I think you should make a video and show your vinyl Collection like Anthony Fantano and myke c town

Enrique O says:

Ah, that’s bright

Jackie says:

This is the best album of 2019 (so far) for me

Dashie41 says:


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